Reviews for The Kitsune's Urge
BartWLewis chapter 13 . 4/14
Good story. Had me laughing quite a bit.
llazo4108822 chapter 13 . 10/6/2013
I love this fanfiction.
maxridelover chapter 13 . 3/13/2013
aww this was nice!
maxridelover chapter 7 . 3/12/2013
lol this was hilarious!
maxridelover chapter 5 . 3/12/2013
lol hilarious!
datgirl chapter 5 . 12/22/2012
dis is seriously funny...
Hakazu chapter 13 . 11/4/2012
Love it! laughed my ass of many times. Keep going with great stories!
ranneal chapter 3 . 11/2/2012
Another funny chapter...I love Hiashi's reaction to having both daughters out of the house:) Good ideas.
ranneal chapter 2 . 11/2/2012
Cool chapter...the arrival back in the Leaf Village was a little confusing to follow...but makes a good story. Does this mean they live together right now?
ranneal chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
Interesting first chapter...I think Naruto completly lost his head here? Hinata was not even upset? Wow! I can't wait to see where you go with it now.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
The SnKo chapter 5 . 8/8/2012
ha tig ol bities yourfavoritemartian is funny as hell
ZyiareHellsing chapter 13 . 7/11/2012
I love this story! it's so funny, so it's now i think going to be the first naruhina added to my fav list! AWESOME JOB!
BRD man chapter 13 . 6/18/2012
Congratulations on a rare event! LOL

Thanks for the stories and I hope you don't get deleted!

may the scourge of fanfic. net die and the deletions stop!
hydraslayer123 chapter 2 . 6/11/2012
this...was a slightly disturbing chapter to start, confusing to end. who's talking and when? i can guess on sum of em, but the rest...
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