Reviews for Generation it has slipped away A BTVSTribe story
animefangirl0219 chapter 2 . 2/28/2010
this is good hope you update soon
Zoe-eoZ chapter 2 . 8/25/2009
okay... first off, it's sad to see that no one got anything to say to your story thus far. so here's me making an effort, just coz you deserve at least some feedback, right? :)

alright. so I like your idea, bringing Dawn into the Tribe world and stuff. though it does seem kinda weird to me to introduce the whole vampire thing into the Tribe universe. oh well... I'll have to wait and see how you're going to continue from here.

as for Dawn/Lex? interesting concept...

gotta admit that I don't quite get your title, so if you'd find a second's time, I'd be happy to get some sort of explanation :)

speaking of eating disorders... oh yeah. kind of a been there, done that thing here as well. so. Salene's bulimia? huh, I remember how they locked the fridge. if I'm not completely mistaken there... I won't be sorry not to see you dwell on that in your story.

as for the overall story development? it kinda feels like you're still working on finding an acceptable pace-or story flow here, but I'm positive that eventually thing'll unfold just right. :)

(aw, and since apparently I'm a meany today I can't do without saying this: you might wanna check your grammar once more before posting... but rest assured that others-and I deffo prominent among that group-always manage to overlook tons of stupid mistakes too...)

so there. still sure you want some feedback? *apologetic grin*

take care