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Tomyallen chapter 65 . 5/18
I knew it! I knew he wasn't dead and I KNOW that's not the last we will hear of him. This makes me kinda curious though...does Eiraki end up being Sosuke Aizen's mother with this turn? It would certainly make sense. I worry for Hirata though now with this development. He'll have to face her in the future and that won't go over well.

The scene in district eight was nice though. It's cool to see everyone getting together and speaking of the future like that. And it was hilarious to watch Mitsuki tell Shun to Shut absolutely perfect moment haha.

Overall this has been an amazing read. I absolutely loved all the character development and all those twists and turns that were in there for the plot. I really enjoy your OC's and how they interact with and change alongside the Canon characters. I'm looking forward to reading more! Amazing job!
Tomyallen chapter 64 . 5/18
I kinda feel bad for Nagesu...he's got quite the burden to bear on his shoulders because of the decisions and actions of others both in the past and now with Keitarou. I imagine it's quite unsettling to be in his kind of position...I wouldn't be wanting to meet Keitarou again either if I was him.

I'm glad the council is being as helpful as it is as well. Now both the Shihouin and the Endou can start their rebuilds with each others support. It's been really cool to see all this council stuff here...typically that's background stuff so it's good to see it here more in this story than others.

I'm also really excited for all the academy kids to get back together and start training. Especially because I want Shunsui to get his swords so him and Juu can train together!

One more chapter to go! I'm excited to see how you wrapped this one up.
Tomyallen chapter 63 . 5/17
I love how your AN indicated this may conclude Meifu...and then your profile tells me otherwise and I get really excited for more after this! I am enjoying this immensely.

Super serious chapter though. It was important to have though considering what the three boys have gone through in these last few chapters. I really am glad to see Hirata stepping up to the plate the way he has though...its good to see him grow and accept responsibilities for his actions and his clan.

Shunsui and Juu on the other hand have a lot to work through. I have no doubt that Juu will be understanding about what happened but I do worry a little about Shunsui. I'm sure things will work out but things like that don't ever entirely leave you...he'll carry a burden on himself for this.

Good chapter though! Loved this progression for the characters.
Tomyallen chapter 62 . 5/17
That was an emotional chapter. Tokutarou really needed to relax...that's not the way to check on your brother after what he just went through. I get he's concerned but give it a minute before you ream into him. I'm glad Unohana was there to calm him down a little...Shun has enough to worry about without his big brother giving him shit.

And yay Hirata got his father back! Atta boy! It's awesome seeing him step up like this. Truly growing into his own now.

Awesome chapter. I feel like things are wrapping up now for this adventure...though many things are unanswered its coming to a good closure.
Tomyallen chapter 61 . 5/17
Ya know I didn't even consider that...I totally thought Shikiki was just connected with Orihime. It makes sense though...Hachigen's powers had to have come from somewhere considering how unique they are.

This chapter really gave old man Yama a good background of emotion. Makes him seem more human...not just the intimidating persona that he puts out there as a person of authority. I liked it. Its really cool to see what he thinks of his students and things that are happening around them.

And oh boy! What will happen with Hirata next? If he can feel her power I don't imagine she's a powerless lady of the Endou. She could cause serious trouble for Hirata. What's going to happen? I hope his father is okay.

Good chapter. Nice tie up of a couple loose ends and leads to further questions. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Tomyallen chapter 60 . 5/17
I knew he wasn't dead for real...but poor Shunsui. To be the one who had to do that to his best friend. That's going to leave a mark on his soul. I knew Shikiki was going to be the one who saved him though. It's a good thing Shun had enough to fire off that Kido blast though...they need help still. Im sure now that things have calmed down the old man and maybe even Unohana will come rescue them.

As for Keitarou I wonder what happens with him now? He's alive...but will he remain hidden or will we see him again? If he finds out Juu is alive I think we will see him but Im not sure.

Greta chapter. Very emotional. Looking forward to the rest ahead.
Tomyallen chapter 59 . 5/14
I know hes not dead for good...considering you've written this as a "prequel" to the canon...but damn. That hurt to read. Poor Shunsui...could you imagine having to make that decision yourself? As far as Seimaru...well that was a long time coming. Im thinking its a good thing Shikiki is around. Though I can only imagine Juus emotional state when he comes back and realizes what hes done. Incredible chapter. Great action and lots of emotion to back it up.
Tomyallen chapter 58 . 5/14
Please tell me hes getting his swords! This is a perfect moment for it! I feel kinda bad for old man Yama...he knows whats happening with his students but can do nothing to stop it. Awesome chapter!
Tomyallen chapter 57 . 5/14
And the real battles begin. I don't understand how Aizen thinks he can control Juu...I dont think he realizes just how much sway and meaning his friends have particularly Shunsui. he just putted him against the one person whos probably his only true equal in life. And things are heating up with Seimaru...I dont think he'll win but the question is how badly will others get burned before he drops?
Tomyallen chapter 56 . 5/14
Well I was correct in assuming Aizen's influence over Juu wasn't over but what exactly is he planning? He has genuine concern over Juu but why? What purpose does he expect him to serve and how? Very intriguing. And then there's Seimaru...hopefully someone just ends this mans life...his bigotry and hatred need to be cleansed.

These are some very interesting developments. I wonder what shall happen next? Particularly for Aizen and Juu.
Tomyallen chapter 55 . 5/14
I was right! Raiko was more than she seemed...and though I doubt he will ever be acknowledged its cool to think that Juu has that connection with the Kuchiki. I don't feel like Ukitake is entirely okay just yet though (minus the whole still in district seven thing)...I'm not sure Aizen just let him leave like that. It seems unlikely. We shall just have to wait and see though. I hope Hirata survives this...his actions are noble and he doesn't deserve to die.

I wonder what Aizens actions will be next? It would be foolish to reveal himself when the council members get close. However he still has a part to play I'm sure.

This is getting sooo good. Loving it!
Tomyallen chapter 54 . 5/14
You and you're cliffhangers...just when things are getting REALLY good. Poor Juu has no idea exactly what he's just gone and done. I hope the council actually makes head way against least that will be one last bad guy for everyone to deal with.

Short review because I just NEED to know what happens next.
Tomyallen chapter 53 . 5/14
So Juu is going to learn a little about his Zanpaktou...that's good. I imagine he will need it in the coming chapters. And the council is officially mobilizing. Hopefully not to late. I like how everything is coming together all at big clash of a bunch of small issues and the big ones.

Question is though...will everyone make it out okay? This is certainly not a situation where you can assume they will. Things are dangerous and with Seimaru being the angry aggressive guy he is and Aizen having a Bankai that almost no one knows about makes things very unsafe for all our academy friends.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the council will do and how Shun, Juu and all their friends hold up in this situation.
Tomyallen chapter 52 . 5/14
BOOM! And the old man is officially involved. I love old man Yama. District Seven is not escaping this unscathed...the Endou might actually come to an end though I wonder what that will mean for Hirata and his family. I'm glad the old man is stepping in though and that he's prepared ahead of time. Not to mention if it even came about...he's the strongest there is and even though Aizen has bankai Im sure he wouldn't be too stupid as to try and mess with him.

Now I wonder what Shun and Juu will do? Although the clans will start mobilizing soon for now those guys are on their own. I feel like Shun is going to NEED his swords for whats coming next but we will have to see. At least Juu has his...but he still needs to be mindful about his captor.

Awesome chapter. Really loved the development in this one...things are accelerating at an exponential pace towards the peak of the crisis and Im excited to see what it all results in.
Tomyallen chapter 51 . 5/14
Stupid...that is exactly what their decision making skills are right now. Don't get me wrong I understand the motivation behind their actions but they should have stayed in district eight (though Im glad they at least had the sense to leave the letter behind). Now they've put themselves into a trap. I wonder if a situation like this will help Shun get his blades? Certainly foreshadowed it a little by him bringing that name up in front of his friends.

And Juu needs to be VERY careful right now. The only reason Aizen is 'helping' him is because he intends to use him. HE will be the clan revenge if he's not careful...Aizen is a convincing character but Juu shouldn't let him cloud his thoughts or change his views.

I like how this is going though. Lots of changes and lots of questions. Plus plenty of suspense and risk right now...keeping me very engaged.
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