Reviews for Revenge of the Fallen Reboot
Starfire201 chapter 33 . 12/26/2011
Hell of an ending you gave this. Not a bad one.
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 33 . 9/22/2011
Wow, there is so many thing that I could comment, but this story is amazing! I understand that's your last fanfiction, but the cliffhanger could have made space for a great fanfic, I mean, if there is any chance of Hasbro take a look... But, again, good work!
The French Dark Lord chapter 33 . 7/24/2011
Nice end!
Shadir chapter 33 . 7/14/2011
O.O Wow! Great final! But poor Ironhide :(
Parzival vi Britannia chapter 33 . 7/14/2011
wow, this is really good. i mean really good, better then the movie!
Sincerely Tiffany chapter 28 . 7/10/2011
Great Chapter!
ha chapter 33 . 7/8/2011
ohh shhh! Galvitron
GenericSpider chapter 33 . 7/6/2011
Hooray for Sequel hooks.
Second daughter of Eve chapter 33 . 7/6/2011
Woah, nice ending for the chapter.
9aza chapter 33 . 7/5/2011
The ending of this chapter screamed sequel to me, but I know there won't be one and strangely enough, I'm okay with that.

The fandom is losing one of it's great writers for greener pastures, but it was an honor having you write for it along with the rest of us mediocre/novice writers. You are one of several talented fans who gave the rest of us inspiration to strive to become better writers.

Good luck with your novels and thank you.
GenericSpider chapter 32 . 7/5/2011
This fic has been awesome so far, and I can't wait for the next chapter. That said, I think Megatron's death was extremely anti-climactic. Though it'll probably set the stage for him to become Galvatron, so no complaints here. Update soon!
9aza chapter 32 . 7/4/2011
After watching DOTM earlier, the part about reanimated Ironhide was especially depressing to read. But still, the chapter was excellent. The fight scene between Optimus and the Fallen was pretty entertaining.

I can't wait to see the next chapter.
Shadir chapter 31 . 6/22/2011
O.O Ironhide... *snif* Nooooo *cry*
The Fox Familiar chapter 2 . 6/19/2011
...I love you.

And Miles! You included him!

I'm on the second chapter and I love it :D Well done for creating a story that is better than the crappy movie!
AlienKittenwithClaws chapter 31 . 6/15/2011
The story is pretty good
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