Reviews for Art School Confidential
scarlson31 chapter 24 . 9/20
Gaaaaaahhhh! I'd love if you'd finish this, but if you won't, can you please tell me how it ends?
lissaboss1993 chapter 24 . 9/15
wtf this never got finished six Years to complete this and nothing
jk chapter 20 . 7/26
bella said to Emmett that she should hate Edward...and I dont understand that at all!
it was clear from early on that Edward was leaving soon, and is was also clear that he was not only in love with his x girlfriend but he was also running from I don't get why bella would even bother in the first place, or why she would expect it to end different..
bellas really fucking stupid in this story
jk chapter 17 . 7/26
jk chapter 14 . 7/26
funny how bella talks about people getting tattoos just to be edgy but she has a couple friends die and she gets a wounded deer tattoo like she "really knows" what pain is... bellas a fucking fake too or the writer is ...
jk chapter 12 . 7/26
I really don't understand why bella is subjecting herself to this bullshit...not only is Edward leaving fucking town but he also loves fuckin gross by the way
jk chapter 5 . 7/26
bullet proof my ass bella is already falling all over Edward. and Edward? wtf is he doing? he supposedly LOVES Tanya yet he runs from commitment with her? so either he doesn't really love her or hes just a piece of shit.
minnie2112 chapter 24 . 6/2
Trying to be patient while waiting to see how this story ends. I always get sucked in to good fanfiction
JayNahNah chapter 24 . 5/16
Hope you update soon
harkie5 chapter 24 . 4/11
Loved it!
starsmina chapter 24 . 3/23
oh I really hope you finish the last 2 chapters.
fashionalici chapter 24 . 3/14
First, let me tell you that I love your story. It could end it like this : Bella's letting go Edward (and her past) in order to start a new life as a prodigious artist. But, I know it's not what you plained and I hope you will succeed to get to the bottom of your story
ficfangirl chapter 24 . 2/2
Excellent story. I really hope you finish it.
Fernii chapter 24 . 1/5
Great fic! ;)
rosegolden chapter 24 . 12/30/2015
I cannot believe I spent all those hoirs reading this story for Edward to turn out to be nothing but a massive flake. I felt this story had lots of promise, but throughout there were so many missed opportunities that could have thickened the plot and made edward as a character more dynamic. I do love how knowledgeable the author truly is concerning art, and that helpped make up for some of its mishaps. Overall, I had high hopes, and i just felt like the story didnt meet them. Of course it would probably help if it was actually finished...
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