Reviews for On My Mind
MidenianScholar chapter 1 . 3/17/2010
"At least the real Ben wasn't a witness." Haha!
DaggerQuill chapter 5 . 7/12/2009
This is really really adorable, poor Bea and her teenaged awkwardness.

The “curious” line made me laugh out loud and I can totally see Liz as a packed lunch kid, good call.

And the wedding fantasy complete with doves a carriage is amazing!

So listen, I e-mailed and got us a The Dreamer category in ‘Comics’ so our stories don’t have to be buried in misc. anymore. You should move this one there so I’m not the only person in the category! I think it might be showing up as just “Dreamer” I don’t know what happened to the “The” :(

Really great job!

Angie (DaggerQuill)

P.S. Why is everyone writing about her brushing her teeth before “the first kiss” is that in there somewhere? Its not a big deal but yours is at least the second fanfic to mention it, and I don’t know why.