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breadbutterpudding chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Hope you have enough room for my OC ;;
I'll get reading into this right after submit:-

Name: Lowell Knight


Gender: Male

Specialty/Position: Swordsman

Race: Human
Devil Fruit/Weapon/Attacks: An apparent “cursed” sword named Beninorou (Crimson Curse), it’s extremely long and heavy and is usually just swung like a hammer.
Beni no Ame- Crimson Rain- Done in midair, he slices his opponent into pieces in five swings and so when he finally lands on the ground, a rain of blood comes down from the corpse and usually hits him.
Beni no Bakuhatsu- Crimson Explosion- slices at the main arteries and causes ‘explosions’ of blood
Beni no Jigoku- Crimson Hell- Does a major slash of compressed air or energy wave that can reach at an extremely long distance
Beni no Odori- Crimson Dance- takes three fancy steps back and swing his entire body away from his opponent, this is his fastest attack since then he throw all his weight forward and the sword travels very fast and then makes a slight turn with it to make it seem as if he attacked two places at once. (If that made sense…)

Physical Appearance: : One heavy-lidded dark blue eye and long, waist length black hair which covers the left third of his face (he's got a terrible burn there and can't even see through his left eye- it's pretty much a white empty space), he wears a black wide brimmed hat, overcoat and trousers, the only other colours he wears is his white shirt and his leather boots.

History: Taught to use a sword at a young age, Lowell’s family expected him to grow up to become part of the Marines, unfortunately, the day he did become a soldier at 18, his family threw a party, but an accident occurred which consisted of barrels of wine and a little fire show. That was where Lowell got his face burnt.
Since he lost everything Lowell was forced onto the streets, he was on the brink of death at the winter but 13-year-old Carmen Hatter nursed the life back into him at her hat-shop with her grandfather, Harold. He first was rather distant with them but eventually grew exceptionally fond of Carmen as the years went by, his feelings are however unrequited.
When Harold came down with arthritis, Carmen was absolutely distraught, they had no money and so Lowell secretly joined a pirate ship and lied to her that he was now a merchant, he makes regular visits with money and clothes for the two and so they now live a comfortable life. He found his sword in one of the raids he made.
Harold actually found out Lowell turned to a pirate but promised not to tell Carmen about it.

Personality: A very soliditary, cold, down-to-earth, serious, merciless person who's facial expression and voice hardly changes. He is not good at understanding jokes. He pretty much acts the same way around Carmen, but cares more for her and is quite protective. His ability to stay calm in most situations had kept his alive for most of the time.
Since Lowell doesn’t look at other women and buys lots of trinkets and such, some members of his crew consider he may be gay (lol), he also doesn’t have a lot of hobbies; he frequently writes letters to Carmen he won’t send, just to pass the time and maybe to keep his sanity in check, (well, he IS with pirates- insane ones no doubt). Lowell has zero ability in any form of arts (music, art, drama and all) and the only interest he has is… romance books (?) He is sometimes seen reading a hard-back plain book, but no one knows what he’s reading about though. Lowell is quite a fan actually.
Ever since Lowell’s fire accident, he tends to stay away places which have a lot of alcohol around and especially fire (it DID just kill a part of his face), he can’t really hold his drink anyway and would either start talking whatever is on his mind or start throwing up somewhere.
Lowell is also fiercely loyal towards his Captain to the extent being called a ‘dog’ behind his back; that is because he has absolute faith in the Captain that s/he will help find treasure, not matter how evil s/he may be. So really, I don’t mind Lowell playing bad guy. He however, keeps his life with Carmen a secret for her safety.

Likes: Romance novels, Spicy food, Summer season

Dislikes: Alcahol, Fire, Music, Dance

Dream: None really, just to keep Carmen and her granddad happy

Other: Carmen (currently aged 21) is has a bright personality and likes to express her emotions outwardly, whether they be related to frustration, or happiness, she isn’t very diligent with whatever she does and tends to drop out in problems she thinks are too difficult. Carmen has short amber hair and blue eyes; her favorite colour is red and would be wearing something of the colour on her clothes. She lives happily with her grandfather; the two no longer need jobs anymore with all the treasures Lowell brings them, and so she spends most of her time taking care of the ill Harold.
She cherishes Lowell a lot but her feelings aren’t as deep as his, whenever he’d visit, she would take him out shopping or have a picnic with them. Carmen’s and Harold’s favorite type of food is seafood.
Sliver Wolf Demon chapter 5 . 2/8/2010
I was wondering when you were going to update this. I understand as a writer if you want to remake this and I'm not mad at you for cancelling the story. I'll offer my charaters again in your new story. I wish you luck with the new story.
Firefx56 chapter 1 . 1/6/2010
Here's a villian for you to use.

Name: Whit Freedman

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Specialty/Position: Marine Lieutenant/ Bounty Hunter

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Weapons/ Attacks: Whit has eaten the Kumo Kumo no Mi.(The Cloud Cloud Fruit)

The Kumo Kumo no Mi is a Logia type fruit, which allows the user to turn their body into a cloud. Solid attacks phase right through Whit’s body, and with concentration, he can thicken his body to cause attacks to stick to him. He can manipulate body to change size, usually his fists, but as a result his attacks are much softer then normal due to his body being made of more of clouds. He can also shoot various forms of precipitation from his body, such as hail or rain, and can turn himself into an actual cloud to fly, at a low speed. However, he dislike heat, as it causes his body to evaporate, so he somethimes looks like he’s steaming on a hot day, and can be blown away easily by a strong gust of wind.


Vapor Shot: Whit launches a cloud of water vapor at incredible speeds, causing many tiny cuts all over his foes’ body

Cloudy Fist: Whit enlarges his hand and smashes it down on his opponent

Condensation: Whit turns into his cloud form, looking like a small cloud in a vaugly human shape, and drifts upwards

Precipitation: Rain: While in his cloud form, Whit emits a large amount of water in the form of rain.

Precipitation: Deluge: While in cloud form, Whit sends a colossal amount of rain down, washing away anyone underneath or near him.

Precipitation: Hailstorm: While either in his human or cloud forms, Whit sends tons of sharp ice shooting out of his body, crushing and cutting anything.

Precipitation: Blizzard: While in either his human or cloud forms, Whit sends a blast of snow at an opponent, freezing everything it touches.

Cloud Cover: Whit’s ultimate move, Cloud Cover traps himself and his opponent in a large box made of cloud. He can control the terrain completely, doing things such as sending spike or hammers bursting out of the wall or having the floor sprout cloud swords he uses to slice his foe.

Physical Appearance: Tall and spindly, with wild light blond hair and green eyes. He looks weak, but is actually much stronger then he appears. He usually has a deep scowl on his face, but whenever money comes up, he gets a enormous, crooked, crazy grin. He wears the Marine jacket like a cape, with a T-shirt and long white pants.

History: Whit had used to live on the streets, in poverty and squalor, with his older sister. She taught him how to lie, cheat and steal in order to survive, and he loved her dearly. She became sick, and Whit didn’t have the money to get her a doctor, so she died. Because of this, his mind became twisted, and he became obsessed with money. He joined the marines in order to be able to hunt pirates freely, as he viewed them as an easy sorce of income. With an almost sucidal determination, he advanced through the ranks simply by bringing in the most dangerous pirates, managing to acquire his rare devil fruit along the way. He refuses a crew or a ship, his only purpose to get as much money, as fast as possible.

Personality: Whit is obsessed with money. He views other people only as potential sources of it, and has little regard for lives in it means money. However, he dislikes fighting girls, and acts uncomfortable around them because they remind him, and will occasionaly try and strike up a conversation about them with ones he likes, acting almost childish around them. However, he is extremely no-nonsense when around men, and will usually only grin creepily and talk about the money he will get for bagging his target.

Likes: money, women

Dislikes: men, not having money

Dream: to have all the money in the world
hangman1 chapter 4 . 10/7/2009
Awesome chapter! Please update soon!
hangman1 chapter 1 . 10/7/2009
Awesome! I love these stories! I've been searching high and low for new ones, so thanks SO MUCH!

Here's an OC ya can use if you like!

Name: Toma Kyoya

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Specialty/Position: Thief (Pickpocket, safecracker, etc.)

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Weapon/Attacks: Uses Templar Knight weapon known as Demi-Mallet. It's a thin, small metal hammer, which can etend from 30cm to 3 full meters.

He served as a templar, thus learned moves following the holy religion of the order of Kaazan.

-Kaazan Seppu: (Kaazan Whirlwind) SPins around rapidly, with hammer fully extended, used for when surrounded.

-Kaazan Genkaku Me: (kaazan Illusion eye) Pulls off bandages around arm, revealling eye like tattoo on right palm. Closing both his eyes, he cicrcles the enemy, leaving afterimages, moving at great speed. During this point, he barrages the opponents with hits from the mallet.

Kaazan Storm-Simply an allout attack, regarding no safety, and attacking the foe at close range with mallet at full strength.

Kaazan Impact-Thrusts mallet into air, then slams down with force of a boulder, smashing anything it connects with.

Doki no Kaazan: (Wrath of Kaazan)Swings fully extended mallet over shoulder, and walks past foe, avoiding eye contact. After proceeding three meters apart, he swings the mallet down. The foe is bombarded with attacks, issued in a spilt second, cuasing massive damage.

Physical Appearance: Toma wears a grey fedora cap, and baggy black jeans, with a skull buckle leather belt. Bandages cover his entire body, from head to toe, leaving only a gap for eyes, and certain gaps for shots of hair, visible when he doesn't wear his hat. He also wears a blue trench coat, with eep pockets, and a rosary cross stitched onto the right shoulder. HIs eyes are emerald green.

History: When Toma was 3, his father left his hometown of Tsukiwan, to go find One Piece, claiming he'd come back, and grant them a better life. He never returned. Toma grew up loathing his father, and seculding himself from the island. At the age of nine, a mysterious fire spawned, burning down his house... And his mother. The flames horribly scarred his body. A chruch following the religion of 'The Order of Kaazan', known on the island as 'The Sanctuary' took him in and healed him. He grew up from then on as a templar knight, serving and protecting the chruch from any threats. He made money by theiving from rich travellers to the island, and soon became a skilled thief. He had never been a fan of religion, and planned for a long time to escape. ANd on one dark night, he stowed away on a ferry, and escaped the isalnd. He was going to surpass his father. By finding One Piece.

Personality: Toma is, and always will be, a hardcore alcoholic. He addores rum, and keeps a bottle on his person at all times. He likes to laugh, and occasionaly makes fun of team mates, the n laughs at their anger. He is very touchy about his bandages, and if someone calls him something like 'zombie' he will dop everything in his power to beat them to a pulp.

Likes: Rum, his coat, jokes, laughing,

Dislikes: His father, religion

Dream: To help find one piece, and to surpass his father

Quotes: 'GIVE. ME. THE. BOTTLE.'

'Gimme the rum, or I'll break your neck!'

'The dead need to be remebered... Ortherwise they'll fade away...'

Hope ya like him! I'm really enjoying the stroy! See ya next chapter!
blacklightningwolf chapter 4 . 8/13/2009
awesome! update soon
My5tiC chapter 4 . 8/12/2009
The story is well written. My only gripe about it so far is the similarities with Will and Luffy. How "he lost an arm and saved me" and how the story line for some of it has been pretty much the same.
Sliver Wolf Demon chapter 4 . 8/5/2009
damn those marines...*mutters* Anyway, Awsome chapter, you captured Tora's past perfectly! Please post more up soon!
Kisdota-The Freak Gamer chapter 4 . 8/5/2009
Dthehalfdragon chapter 4 . 8/5/2009
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see the fight.
Sanjiandserea chapter 3 . 7/23/2009
Here's Amaya's neko kenpo move's.

Right straight:A straight punch.

Left straight:A straight punch from the left hand.

Right block:A block using her right wrist.

Left block:same as right block using left wrist.

Right straight kick:A straight kick.

Left straight kIck:A left kick in a perfect line.

Blood dagger:if she has an open wound sinks her claws in it which makes survival instincts kick in(survival insinct makes her even faster)and leaved deadly results.

Killing claw: jabs enemy with claw on one finger.

Rotation: A diagonal round house kick.

Cougar:A flying flurry of kicks from above.

Wildcat:A flurry of claw jabs from above.

Bob cat:A kick to the lower backside.

Lynx:used after bobcat in the lower spine.

Ocelot:A high jumping uppercut.

Jaguar:A low punch aimed at the stomach.

Panther:A running punch to the stomach then fallowed up by a kick to the spine.

Tiger:A series of acrobatic backfilps close to her opponent aimed at their jaw and can send them flying upwards.

Lion:A sneak attack when she's in a tree pounces on her enemy and hits them with one of her straight punches.

Leopard:Used when an enemy has a long range weapon jumps over it and lands on the jaw and slams them into the ground.(very painful)

Cheetah:A speedy run at her enemy and impaled them through the gut with her claws.

Amaya is most notably seen wearing a black spaghetti strap dress with blue rose embroidery coupled with geta.
Sanjiandserea chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
Here's a some of Amaya's attacks I'll post more on chapter 3.

Dance of the twin dragons:an artful maneuver using Amaya's twin sai being twirled around on her hands and as spun can tear bits of flesh off her enemy.

Reversal:if an enemy has her caught by the front she stabs her sai into their bicep and backflips over her opponents.

First claw:A powerful tear at her enmy leaving five streaks wherever she hits.

Twin Claws:A lot like first claw but using both her hands leaving an X on an enemy works best on chest.

Hind Claws:Using her feet she pulls her feet across her enemy's chest with smaller less dangerous claws if man has her pinned on the ground.(she mainly uses this technique on perverts that tackled her to the ground)

Paralyze:Uses her twin sai to attack her opponents hamstrings or achilies tendons if their exposed leaving them unable to move without excruciating pain.

Kiss of Death:This can only be used on men she kisses them on the temple and jabs her index claw into their jugular while their stunned.

White rose whip:A straight jab with her whip the name comes from the rose she attaches to her whip in a range of colors and the petals are seen flying.

Yellow rose whip:A curved shot at her opponent with a fast sideways flick of the wrist.

Orange rose whip:Twirls the whip over her head and gets the whip around her opponent and sends them flying into a heavy object.

Red Rose whip:Similair to orange rose whip but twirls them above her like a cyclone and tosses them down with a flick of her wrist.

Green rose whip:A toss at her enemy's wrist and pulls on it sending them flying closer to her and kicks or punches them backwards.

Blue rose whip:Grips her opponent with her whip and moves her wirst up and down giving her enemy multiple slams to the ground.

Black Rose Whip:The most deadly of the rose whip and is sure to give serious damage to enemy twirls her whip around her her body then stops and not a split second later flicks her wrist which delivers enough force to go through a brick wall.

Bloody(color of rose) Rose Sai: Picks her sai up with her whip and jabs it at her enemy can kill when paired up with the colored rose whip attacks adds some serious damage.

This is most of Amaya's weapon attacks.
The Neo Productions chapter 3 . 7/23/2009
Will's so enjoyable albeit he's an idiot at times.

Woh! A new power-granter thingy: Angel Dew. I wonder what it is.
Kisdota-The Freak Gamer chapter 3 . 7/23/2009
Sliver Wolf Demon chapter 3 . 7/23/2009
YAY, tora's in! I really like the chapter! Looking forward for some more.
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