Reviews for Anderson Meadows
Aine k chapter 8 . 10/2/2012
Hi I would love to write for you I sent a story to pony mag last July 11 pages on one foal and 3 yrs ago I wrote 35 PGA on the Tudors in history I think ur story really interests people nd I really enjoyed wel done !
TheSonador chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
Hate to sound rude but... This isn't a fanfic. Post it on Fiction Press. It's exactly like fanfic but it's for authors that write their own stories.
Mackenzie Lubric chapter 2 . 12/31/2009
Very good, it could use a little cleaning up to make it flow a little better, but otherwise, it is very good! Keep on writing! :)
Spots on a Pony chapter 2 . 9/4/2009
The only thing this story has with Black Beauty, is that it's about horses. As it's clearly not in the Black Beauty universe, you should move it to the site's origional fiction section.

There is a writer's saying that you need to keep in mind, Show don't tell. Devoting a paragraph to discribing each horse is boring. You need to work the discription into the story.

Something like this:

I cantered Dollar, my 16.2 hand sorrel Quarter Horse stalliion to the jump. He flowed over the 2'6" jump and landed as light as a feather. However, I wasn't as lucky. Because I was riding bareback, I slipped back and had to grab mane to keep from slipping off altogether.

"Dollar looked great," called Lily, my best friend and stable manager, as she rode up on Anna, the black Quarter Horse mare I'd given her 10 years ago when we were 14.

It isn't nessary to discribe other characters before the readers have met them. Wait until the two friends are back at the barn before discribing the other two horses. Have one of them pat Addie and remark how much Anna lookes like her. Then have the pony whinny for for some attention.

I'm happy to see that you at least know the correct horse terms. I get rather tired of stories where the horse is 16.5 hands or even worse, the 22 hand mustang. Is it really nessary for Dollar to be a stallion? Also, a 26 year old is hardly a boy, as he seems to be the same age as the lead characters.