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The Creator16 chapter 2 . 9/5/2013
Love your story!
countingthestars12 chapter 1 . 7/24/2010
Wow. I've never read Chase/Nicole before but this fic makes me want to read more of this pairing. The way you wrote Chase and Nicole's relationship was wonderful - it was heartbreaking and tender and funny and realistic and natural and overall captivating. I love the way you developed their relationship and romance, and I also appreciate that you didn't move their relationship too fast (made it more realistic). Overall, fantastic work! Now I want to read more Chase/Nicole, haha, but somehow I don't think there's too much of this pairing in the fandom :(
McKenzie chapter 7 . 9/29/2009
I really love this. I just started reading it yesterday, and I'm already this far. The only reason I stopped reading is because I was obligated to go somewhere.

The playlist you made for it is great too. Can you add the songs you made for the chapter titles too? I love your taste in music and my iPod could use some new additions.

Great writing. I am definitely checking out your other stuff too.
low on inspiration chapter 9 . 9/9/2009
Aww, what a cute way to end! I love the fact Chase and Nicole wanted to live away from Dana and Logan 'cause she's pregnant - she totally would be abnormally crazy and hormonal.

Wonderful and entertaining story! I hopt to see more from you in the (possibly near?) future!

Oh, and by the way; my mom was preparing dinner last night, and she pulled out a can with the Jolly Green Giant on it - I smiled :)
Noelle Joi chapter 9 . 9/8/2009
That was a beautiful ending. The dancing. The proposal. The Nicole&Chaseness. *Sigh* I think this comes very close to being my favorite story on fanfiction. :)

Thank you for writing!

schillingklaus chapter 9 . 9/7/2009
There are no green giants here, they probably only exist in California or so.

Too bad Michael's, Logan's, Dana's, and Zoey's reactions are not shown ...

And now it's time to bring Discovering Us to an end. It's already a whole year no update ...
low on inspiration chapter 8 . 9/3/2009
I love how he told her he loved her, - "You're my Pacey" - it's cute and absolutely Nicole-and-Chase-like.

Rob having a heart attack - I never would've guessed. And, yes! Dana's pregnant!

I can't wait until the epilogue! The story was wonderful!
schillingklaus chapter 8 . 9/3/2009
I've almost feared that Zoey would want Chase back ... being married and having a kid with that other guy notwithstanding. Too bad she isn't around at all in this chapter to comment on Chase and Nicole.

Fairly cute for a Nicole/Chase ending. I still don't know anything about that degrassi stuff ...but after the first chapters, it was expectable who was whose Pacey.

I still would have liked to hear Lola's remarks, and I've missed Quinn and Dustin thoroughly, something like Dustin accusing Chase of cheating on Zoey (although it was Zoey who had ended the whole thing, but loyal little brothers can be so biased). The reference to the juice store was great. I like it when Nicole talks about dad's juice store in the Jet-X episode. Too bad she didn't get her own juice cart on campus. Calvin was such a jerk.

Of course this won't make me write Nicole/Chase stories. I'm now the probably one and only Chase Matthews/Addie Singer (from Unfabulous) shipper in the world. Hey, there's a juice bar in Unfabulous ... maybe it could be associated with Nicole's dad?

But a few new experiments are not bad to read, especially as Simply S. is one iof the greatest experimental writers worldwide. There has been only one attempt on Nise shipping (by Rockstar) which was stuck as a much too short oneshot. Chase/Zoey doesn't need a justification, it's what the show has been written for in the very first place, so everything Zoey/not-Chase and Chase/not-Zoey is wanting quite some explanation when shipped. Chola has a large followiship, and even Chana has got quite some baggage. Even Chinn seems to have more fans. Chase/Rebecca (gag! puke! vomit!) seems to be liked by some Zoey /Lisa ... hasn't been around much, but could be worth an experiment for Simply S. Chase/Stacey hasn't been written about at all, so there's quite some challenge in doing that, I guess. But after Spencer/Sam, there's no challenge too big for Simply Sarah.
Noelle Joi chapter 8 . 9/2/2009
It took me maybe and hour or an hour and a half to read this chapter. (I had a couple of distractions.) I have so many thoughts on it and you deserve a really good review so I will go back and re-read/skim the chapter.

-Don't feel bad about taking awhile to post the chapter. It gave me something to look forward to. :) And I listened to your playlist again and then I listened to mine. Awkwardly toward the end Pink's "So What" came on at the most inappropriate time.

-Nicole's dad having a heart attack. Wasn't expecting that. But really I had no idea what was going to bring them back together like you suggested in the last chapter. I am so glad that Dana told Chase. She's like the glue. And I am so glad she and Logan are pregnant. :)

-Yay for forgiveness. Yay for hugs. I am so glad they are reunited. It just felt so wrong with them not together.

-AH! The holding hands in the elevator!

-I get how Chase feels. I was with my best friend and her family when her grandma and great grandma died. I was just there for moral support and a shoulder to cry on. It’s so nice that he brings them like a boat load of food. I wish someone would take care of me if something like that happened.

-It kind of cracks me up that Chase befriended a nurse. Even though it’s for a good reason….it’s just a funny picture.

-I really like Jill.

-Dishes. :( Poor Nicole.

-Whoa. Sleeping together.

-“Why did you come here?” I really don’t blame Nicole for wanting to know. I don’t blame her for questioning him. I sure would.

“The other thermos is yours.” I just like that. Cant really explain it.

-The freezing snowy walk: Yay for them talking it out. Makes me feel a but better. Yay for the holding of hands. (again.)

-Haha, the Nanny. :)

-Yay for the catching up! (In bed) It’s getting back to normal. Well, hopefully better than normal.

-The Nicole DVD. Yay I was really hoping we’d be able to find out what that was all about. I am so glad that it was showed the way it was. I also love the talk between Chase and Rob.

-Oh the lapels…. I don’t really know how to respond to that scene…haha

-“That’s it?” Nicole questioned, “You both said what you want and now you’re together? It was that simple?”

“Yes,” Hannah confirmed. She mumbled, “You two should try it sometime.”

Hahahha I officially love Hannah.

Tape to get a splinter out- I have never heard of that! I am totally going to remember that the next time I get a splinter.

That was good moment too. It just keeps getting better.

The speech! Wah!

“You’re my Pacey.” Ok, I have to tell you. When I re-read the first chapter I was kind of hoping that that would be what Chase would say. I am so glad he did.

“No.” I must admit I was like “WHAT?” when I first read that haha. But I should’ve figured that she was going to finish with something else.

Oh, but really the ending is so beautiful Sarah! I cried at least twice in this chapter. You are such a gifted writer. If I were you I would defiantly consider publishing it like you mentioned before.

I am so sad that it’s over, even with the promise of an epilogue. I wish more people wrote Chase/Nicole. It would be awesome if you wrote another Chase/Nicole story.

But anyway, I am really looking forward to the epilogue. Thanks so much for writing this story. :)
low on inspiration chapter 7 . 8/23/2009
"...something else entirely would intervene" - I'm really wondering what this "something else entirely" could be. I'm glad that both Chase and Nicole are willing to give each other another chance!

I'm really curious about Max and the girl he was involved with - will more be revealed on the subject?

I can totally see Dana as a food critic - she likes food and she's a damn good critic. I never thought I'd see Logan involved with politics though - interesting choice. I always imagined him following in his father's footsteps.

As usual, great chapter!
Noelle Joi chapter 7 . 8/23/2009
I'm so so so so glad that Nicole didnt marry Noah. And I'm glad it wasn't a bad break up too. That she just realized that she made the mistake in saying she would marry someone when she was clearly in love with someone else. I also love that episode of Gilmore Girls. :) The Chuppah (sp?) part is my favorite!

Nicole watching America's Most Wanted Hilarious! And also very sad...because she can't watch good movies/tv shows...I have a few movies that I can't watch because of watching them with a boy. 17 Again, Any of the Spiderman movies, Shrek 3, Hitch, My Best Friends Wedding, and probably a bunch more.

Chase going to a phychiatrist Interesting, very interesting. I loved the way he got Chase to defend Nicole. I totally didnt catch on either. I just thought he was an idiot. haha. But yeah, loved that.

Fate I don't know, I think I agree with Logan and Dana on this one. I think if they're meant to be together they're meant to be together. Someone has to make the first move.

All together, this was a good chapter as always. It was just very sad because this was the first one that we didn't get to hear their cute random conversations. I am SO looking forward to the next chapter and the epilouge! Yay! Update soon.

harmonious chapter 7 . 8/21/2009
Great job I can't wait till the next chapter.
schillingklaus chapter 7 . 8/20/2009
Nicole should sing about cute boys in groceries, as cute boys are what Nicole is most competent in.

But what could intervene? Something to do with that Noah guy?
harmonious chapter 6 . 8/18/2009
This was a heartbreaking chapter. Good job.
Noelle Joi chapter 6 . 8/10/2009
Sorry for the late review. It will not be as long either.

I really loved/hated the fight. They needed to get everything out in the open. It was intense though. Chase should not drink alcohol...

I love the line(s):

"He won't dance with you on Thursday nights."

"He already does."

It is so tragic. And so realistic. Looking forward to reading the next chapter. I will probably cry, considering I am extremely emotional because the guy that I might have loved is a bloody moron! Long story. Sorry for the rant.

And the short review. I just dont have the attention span to review like I usually do.

Congrats on the nephew!
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