Reviews for Into the Great Beyond
tatewaki2000 chapter 1 . 11/18/2009


I like your story.

But the reason I like this story, is mainly due to how well written it is.

I appreciate the smoothness of the storyline, and I think you've captured the standard Pokemon characters' personality very well.


The plot is just not really inspiring. The first thing that pops into my mind when I read this story is... "Oh crud...another Ash and Misty have a kid fic."

Also, the character's Pokemon and personality just seem uninspired. You might be applying your personal opinion, but as a whole (within the fanfic genre) it's pretty much your stereotypical Nice girl with an Eevee.

I understand you're staying true to the whole Pokemon series as a whole (because nice people roam the streets everywhere in that anime) but that can also be seen as the reason on why Pokemon filler episodes are not that popular...unless you want random trivia.

I must give you props for the ailment your protagonist has. Only possible problem is how ineffective it is. I mean, I had Asthma, but it is not that big of a change in lifestyle. Also, with the technology of the Pokemon world I wonder if Asthma should be a problem.

Bottom line.

This story has merit, despite its cliche quality. I would like to see you continue, but I am only a lowly reviewer. :)

G'luck with everything.
Story Weaver1 chapter 1 . 7/14/2009
Honestly, I like your older stuff like Mare Tempestatum better. Its the 1st person perspective, usually I don't like it. The protagonist, to me, always comes off as self-conscious and long-winded. Especially when they get introspectiove about their feeligs.

Satsumi does that a lot. It merely strikes me as weird that someone is timid within the story and yet so open and familar with the audience

Satsumi sounds like Hamlet-she can't make up her mind, and believes everyone's always watching her.

Its an interesting trait, but confusing at times. The battle for instance, changing her opinion of rather quickly.

That's why I like her starter so much. Eveeve's are like the embodiment of indecisiveness since all their evolutions are external.

"I should get a lightening a water type. Normal migth not bad that bad...but-"

She's basing her decision on other people's desires, rather than her own or something practical.

I DO like the reason for her journey though. Driven by the legeacy of her parents.

And a certain fantasty based on their stories.