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Eyea chapter 5 . 7/6/2014
Please write more so cute!
teddy2190 chapter 5 . 1/18/2014
Ok you got me Huck on so I would hope u make a new on
Nitsua.Kralc chapter 5 . 3/25/2012
I t]loved this story and I think there should be a next one where justin and max go on a trip for a while and alex stays back and then she has to save them becuase there parents found out ounce again! Lol It would be awesome!
annonymous chapter 5 . 12/22/2011
what if the effects of the brownies wear off
cobie chapter 5 . 11/21/2011
it was good omg loved it:D
xXDaniel AlexanderXx chapter 5 . 3/27/2011
Plz plz plz make a sequel this story was sooooooooooo epic I loved it :-)
gaaralover51141 chapter 5 . 8/3/2010
Awe, im so glad that Alex helped them and that they're a family again! :) :)

hehe, its alex's plan kinda like the one she had about juliet, about the whole parallel universe thingy.

I hope that if you do decide to make a sequel its not bad for their relationship.

Sorry, i dont have any ideas for any new stories of yours, but if you do make one, i cant wait to read it. :)
WyldCard4 chapter 2 . 8/2/2010
OK, read an angst fic. Seriously, read an angst fic. There is NO WAY that homosexual incest is going to be taken so easily, even if the feelings are absolutely mutual. It should be filled with tons of resistance and hatred of the world. This is way to easy.

It's not just that I think everything should be dark and angsty. It's that a lot of the fun is taken out of a romance if it goes too easily. The resistance is where tension rises in a romance. Easy acceptance just isn't as fun.

I haven't come across any further spelling or grammar errors, and equally importantly this fic reads well. You seem to go sentence better than a lot of people on , if not better than most.

Max and Justin, having sex.

Okay, the straight male in me is going eww. But I expected that, I am not reading this fanfic for sexual pleasure.

Why are they having sex? I mean, they're in love and lust. That actually doesn't mean much if these people are even remotely well adjusted. They just kind of start making out and having sex. This is a Bad Sign. I don't see any compelling reason for them to fornicate like animals the moment they realize it is possible.

Justin is a fairly stoic individual, and Max doesn't seem to be the kind to rush into sex. Max has always given considerable effort when pursuing a girl romantically, I doubt he'd even want to have sex so quickly. Justin is more debatable, but the massive issue of it being his brother makes me think he would at least have a serious talk before they agree to it.

Reading the described sex scenes...

I'm not aroused, but I am not particularly into guys so that makes sense. As usual you're good at dialog and description.
WyldCard4 chapter 1 . 8/2/2010

As a warning, I am starting on this fic for a couple of reasons. Th first is morbid curiosity, and the second is fairness. I enjoy femslash and Jalex, but something about including Max seriously unsettles me. He seems much less mature than the others, and I've always felt squicked with him involved. Also in general I don't like male slash as much as femslash.

But there is no logical reason to like Jalex and femslash and not to try Jax and slash. Worst case it will simply not be to my tastes, and best case I will like it.

Also as a note, I do NOT pull punches if I don't like some part of your writing. I feel a need to be honest here. If I am not honest about what I dislike I can't give an honest compliment.

There's also how I review. I have a tendency to babble about whatever comes to mind when I write.

OK, the opening is very worrying, as you seem to actually have a bad grasp of the rules of English capitalization. Justin Thought and Justin Questioned are incorrect.

Now, thoughts on this.

(Justin began to accept the fact that he was gay, and he had a crush on a guy. However, this guy happen to be his younger brother Max. He loved everything about Max, his clueless ways, his random thoughts, and most of all, him. Justin's feelings were so intense, he could barely be in a room with Max, especially if they were alone. This is why he didn't want to baby-sit Max that night.)

Well, first of all I don't buy it. Justin usually just ignores Max. The relationship is nothing like his constant companionship and foe yay with Alex.

There's also the issue of Justin's character. Justin is good at suppressing stuff and general self control. This is a lesser issue though, as he is in lust and in love. It also makes me wonder how long this has been going on.

Third commentary (I'm kind of tired so I tend to babble like this) on the first two paragraphs, baby sitting? Max is 15 years old, that does not typically require a baby sitter. He also happens to be a powerful wizard, so it's not like he's in much risk. Overall this just needs justification. If there's a reason to worry more than usual that Max is going to destroy things, than this is possible, you just didn't set it up well.

What I will compliment on the opening is that it is grabbing. It is a very dense packet of information, rather amusing, and actually pretty well written on the sentence level. I am interested in seeing what happens next.

You get dialog well, especially Alex's. You also get the feel of being in WOWP well.

Um, why did Justin use the F word? It doesn't fit with his very controlled character. I generally dislike profanity in Disney fics as it breaks the mood. It doesn't feel like I'm watching WOWP if the words aren't right.

So, Max blabs that he is attracted to Justin at the end of the chapter.

This fits very well with the surface conception of Max's character. I think he's a lot more complex than he seems, but randomly blurting out that he's attracted to his brother is Max's kind of thing.
Wait.For.Winter chapter 3 . 7/11/2010
nice but the part where justin put his action figures in his suitcase made me laugh sooo hard
joe chapter 4 . 2/18/2010
I can understand why you don't want to finish this-even though you have 25 positive reviews_it kinda sucks. If you're in junior high it's probably okay.
DarkNaruto002 chapter 4 . 1/9/2010
Great job! This has got to be the best Max and Justin story put there that I have ever read! I came across this story and I have to say, I enjoyed reading it very much, I have to say. I like that you wrote a story in a couple that not many write about, less than Justin and Alex even.

The plot so far is very promising, with many possiblities on what may happen (and not). I recommend on having Justin (since he is very mature and what not), tell Max that he has to return to the house. Justin then decided to stay in that Wizardy (SP?) school, but ends up being there for years...and when he comes back, he is very changed; cold, indifferent and so on, with Max very upset (he still loves Justin and has missed him...). Or, you have the parents take Max to there house and the dad, in secret, take Justin, and takes him to a place where he is punished severly. Again, this is just a suggestion.

Man, I definitely did not like Alex in this story. Even though she is sad that the family is fragmented at the moment, she should have not judged them. Do not even get me started on the parents. I mean, I know that they are upset by their son's "abnormal" and "sinful" behaviors, but what they did...argh!

There are some spelling, grammer and punctuation mistakes, but they can be fixed. I recommend on expending more of the chapter, and providing more insight into what the person is tinking about.

Overall, great start. I look forward to reading more; please update soon!
Abused-Little-Raven chapter 4 . 1/7/2010
OMG! I hope Max and Justin can be together! What is gonna happen!
sexybeast chapter 2 . 12/28/2009
wonderful story
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