Reviews for The Scientist
DoomsdayBeamXD chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Why do you have to be so mean to Gibson, Mandrin?
Actually, i wanted to say that this is a pretty good story
beautybelle300256 chapter 1 . 11/18/2009
-sigh-No one can ever really do a good good!Mandarin, you however have obviously developed him well. You've probably thought more about why he acted the way he did than most, and that shows. I find it weird that most choose to pair him off with Antauri and/or Gibson whenever someone does do a good!Mandarin story. Not that I don't love psychologically abused!Gibson, it adds to his character more, but it's still intriguing why people seem to focus on his relationship with Mandarin rather than Otto's since in the show it is stated several times that Otto was his closest ally...

Anyway, on to how great this snippet is. It's fantastic-I cannot attest to being a Mandarin fangirl but I do enjoy stories where he is portrayed well and that focus on his leadership abilities and his psyche. The random bad guy and Antauri mind-controlled turnover was a good set up for how well (or not) Mandarin handles stress and/or betrayal. I really liked this (you must be getting tired of me saying that...). I hope you will dish out more such looks into the Team's life sometime soon (after you finish CoI first of course).
Sulfur Dusk chapter 1 . 8/24/2009
I agree that Mandarin is definitely fun to write about...especially his past self.

I decided to see if all of your works were truly remarkable. Seeing that this was is explicitly unique, I finally took the time to read over this peice of majestic work. I loved every minute of it.

Gibson's constant approval of being the calculator of...well, plans, and his usual skepticism of being upright and definitely in-sightful of his objectives is what makes him an invaluable use in the Hyperforce.

The fact that Mandarin was so incredibly annoyed by this is only revealing how true of a leader he must become in order to reveal his fancy. According to Mandarin, revealing a certain image is what everyone, including himself, would expect to know from an experienced soul that is capable of protecting both himself and the others he bothers allying himself with.

This oneshot is very well-done. There are very few fics like these anymore, and since Mandarin and Gibson are, well, two very likable characters, yet unique in their own manor, it's difficult to find a story that reflects their very distant yet insightful relationship toward one another.

Mandarin has always been the demanding one. You portray the characters perfectly, their moods, their emotions, incredible. I can only IMAGINE how effortlessly you place them down into a story like this.

Once again, very, VERY well-done. :)

Red Okami writer -Jiseru chapter 1 . 7/15/2009
This is absolutely remarkable. You seriously know how to keep the reader's attention! *two thumbs up*