Reviews for Missingno in Brawl
MissingNo chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
I aM n0t eVIl; wHY d0ES eVerY0NE ThiNk Th t I M?
I heLP, n0t hUrT; I dUPLic te ThE 6tH !tEM in y0uR b g.
I d0 N0t dEleTE d ta; tH T iS ThE f uLT 0F tHE G mEb0Y"$ bATterY rUNNInG dRy, n0t mE.
yES, I GlitCH uP tHe hAlL 0F F mE, bUt tHAt iS tHE 0nlY PerManENt ThiNG I d0.
Akabari chapter 2 . 10/6/2012
"Why is meh Wii doing the tango?" OH GOD OH GOD CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
Shaw Fujikawa chapter 2 . 7/30/2009
Oh? A blooper reel? Wasn't expecting that!

Ha! Nice jokes there! The only problem I've got with it is that it's very short.

But I knew it was all an act anyway. I'm so incredibly smart. _

Oh, yeah. Can I just ask about why you highlighted several things on the stereotype C&P that conflict with each other? I mean, according to that you're both kale and female and Russian and English at the same time. O_O

Signing off,

The Dragon-wolf Omega chapter 1 . 7/18/2009
* Crazy Hand! What did I tell you about reading ! You get your most destructive ideas from there! And bringing a Missin-

"The same problems apply here too Smash Knight 23!" Pikachu shouted as the water drop thingy came closer.

Though GB made a humorous story, it drove Crazy Hand over the deep end, it must be good...or he had coffee.

"I removed all coffee from the Smash Mansion," Master hand informed.

"Then GB made a very good story...and hey...I'm human

*Kicks Miss- (Pikachu: STFU) M-no out of the Mansion and everyone is happy...well except for M-no who has to bother another poor shmut*
Shaw Fujikawa chapter 1 . 7/15/2009
Considering that you are apparently as old as I am, I find it rather annoying that I have to beta this. But then, people say I am somewhat smart for my age, so...

Ah well. let's get down to the crunch, then:

1. Whoa, new line for every speech! I really can't explain just how simple that is. Look at other people's stories for examples.

2. As a proud owner of Missingno. myself (though my Red version has not been touched in years), I had to say that Missingo. isn't really so dangerous. The only thing that's really screwed up is the Hall of Fame results, buit other than that it is very safe to train, like LM4. If you want a really dangerous glitch, then the DP Hybrids would really help. That Bulbasaur scares me...

3. Capitals for every new sentence! Including speech lines!

4. Full stops at the end of every sentence as well!

Alright, really must go now, nearing the end of the day for me Reply soon!

Signing off,