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HamClad chapter 49 . 7/18
Friggin South Park bastard.
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 34 . 7/15
This may be the single funniest thing I have EVER read, and I thank you for it. Fuck, I needed this...
CountOrlok777 chapter 13 . 7/7
I need a series that's pretty much your oc family traveling to various dimensions and fucking shit up. I would love to see that. Imagine them in the worlds of inuyasha, digimon, Pokemon, gargoyles, ben10, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Batman (any version from movies to TAS), yu yu hakasho, etc. It would be AWESOME.
Guest chapter 34 . 6/29
Hahaha! That’s hilarious! Damn, I would pay to see that recorded. Lol
Yitzi chapter 65 . 6/25
Hey man, I really like the story you've written but I gotta say I'm pretty unimpressed with this whole tournament in Iron thing you've got going on here. All in all, it reads like a second (and imo entirely unnecessary) chunnin exams. I understand that you probably wanted to show the growth in power of several characters, but a guy like you who has no trouble spawning OCs for every situation should be able to come up with something... I dunno, a little less contrived?

Speaking of contrived, having Scabbard just be able to talk his way out of following the rules because OC powers and 'the plot must go on!' was pretty hard to stomach.

(Side note:) On the other hand, creating contrived difficulty for Naruto is hilarious (looking at you, four members of Akatsuki who are inexplicably in the same place as Naruto lol), and this is still, after all, a crackfic.

Anywhore, partway through this arc you really just lose the feeling that it's any sort of sword tournament what with all the elements and techniques that are "technically" sword based. I really liked Mifune, but it's so hard to like your version of him when every time something like that goes down mid-fight, he just frowns and goes, "well, I guess since they're holding swords, we have to let them." It could've been interesting to actually handicap our lovable killers. Definitely would've added more tension and uncertainty.

Oh come on! Summoning jutsu is allowed because they summoned swords? Really?

Also, while I'm still mid-rant, every antagonist you create solely to destroy has pretty much the same damn character. That dude who tried to rape Hana and this Kuro-whats his face read like they're the same dude. It's a pretty minor complaint considering they're not around long enough to get truly irksome, but I figured you'd at least like to be aware of that habit.

Other than that, I think you're writing a great story! I can deal with a part I don't like when your work is damn good as a whole. Remember, all I say I say with love :-*
tanithlipsky chapter 77 . 6/13
Hunter844 chapter 37 . 6/10
I love the story but personally a huge annoyance I have encountered is the lack of naruto as a whole in the last like five chapters he’s barely even piped up in a conversation and it is annoying me to no end
everyman52 chapter 35 . 6/7
Unlimited blade works
Guest chapter 26 . 6/6
Ch 17 I enjoyed Hiashi's and Scabbard's silent conversation. I never did understand how the Oogakari and Orochimaru could be related by name. It was in this chapter that I realized the log wasn't a one off joke.
Ch 18 poor Shino Gai and Lee. They did not deserve what is written in this chapter.
Ch 19 one of my favorite lines is in this chapter "My name is Cadaver and I like panties"XD. I like how you don't just change characters but instead make a logical line for them to follow to change them. Like how you convince ino to eat more instead of just writing that she does. It feels more real IMHO.
Ch 20 I love how badass Crypt is here along with how Naruto&Kakashi play with Tazuna.
Ch 21So much amazing exposition in the beginning 10/10. I especially love the mention of Ghost's poem. I always laugh when Ghost says he was dropped seven times. And then there's standard funny Naruto insanity. Go for the kidneys XD.
Ch 22 Good setup especially the Ghost stuff and keeps you entertained even on the umpteenth reread
Ch 23 10/10 I can't get the image of Tsundere Sasuke out of my head during the firestorm training portion XD. And then you reveal Firestorm in it's full epic glory. War scars is amazing. Shamaladingdong XD. Meanwhile wave village picks the worst time to show up lol. Honestly one of the best chapters there are.
Ch 24 Just the right mix of tragedy and comedy. Very good chapter.
Ch 25 As always an interesting read. Not as much going on as usual but that's ok. Best part for me is Gaara showing up at the end as he is one of my favorites.
Ch 26 I love Kakashi giving Naruto a pass for using one of his excuses. A good setup for the chunin exams not to mention more Gaara the better :D
therewasnothingelse chapter 1 . 6/4






a qaqaaaaaaa
choliqua chapter 8 . 5/26
eyyyy thats pretty good
mark.morris.374 chapter 1 . 5/19
About to start my third reading of this. Truly one of the most entertaining and engaging stories on this entire platform. Love this and love the sequel, keep up the great work!
aarif chapter 1 . 5/1
How you managed to write so much bullshit is amazing
user51s2r chapter 66 . 5/1
Fantastic story! Excellent fight scenes!

The only small problem I have with this chapter is like others have said, Hinata seems a bit out of character with the bet/money scene. I understand the team mission thing, but I don't understand how that equates to sharing his winnings from the fights. If this was Sakura, perhaps. I am just going to self edit that scene out and pretend it didn't happen :) ...Naruto's money, risk, betting intelligently, and luck means no one else is entitled to it.

Another point, Naruto left the team(temporarily) because if he stayed he would compromise the mission. He also had some 'other' things to accomplish.
user51s2r chapter 37 . 4/28
Finished chapter 37, and god damn...what a fucking great story! I am really enjoying the characters and plot points! I can't wait to see what happens to all my favorite hated characters, like Danzo and snake pedo!
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