Reviews for Yet again, with a little extra help
Vishw chapter 5 . 15h
Creep OC has practically become MC himself causing me to lose interest...
Nightshadegirl chapter 33 . 21h
whoo-hoo, those hyuuga elders are in for a lot of ... something once everyone is branded with the new seal.
Nightshadegirl chapter 32 . 3/1
looks like prelims are almost over, wonder who will be paired against who in the finals?
Nightshadegirl chapter 31 . 3/1
looks like that we'll see every prelim... yay
Nightshadegirl chapter 30 . 2/29
yeah, definitely liking waltz here
Nightshadegirl chapter 29 . 2/29
i think i may like the grandfather of the oogakari clan, what's his name... waltz?
Nightshadegirl chapter 28 . 2/29
noooooooo, not sasusaku!
i wonder what naruto did for that prank in the room?
Nightshadegirl chapter 27 . 2/29
so that's what ghost eyes look like, i think i would faint.
Nightshadegirl chapter 26 . 2/29
yes! gaara is in the picture... will he get the special training eventually?
when is the hyuuga fiasco going to start?
Nightshadegirl chapter 25 . 2/29
oh my goodness, ghost has been to the one piece verse
and apparently ghost went to suna, great
Nightshadegirl chapter 24 . 2/29
so that is what zabuza will be teaching them, interesting though i think sasuke will learn kenjutsu the best from him
Nightshadegirl chapter 23 . 2/29
i hope ghost will be able to sleep again
suna nins around the corner, gaara-kun!
Nightshadegirl chapter 22 . 2/29
so it seems like zabuza and haku are going to go with naruto and the gang, good for them.
Nightshadegirl chapter 21 . 2/28
haku's a girl? then again it it hard to believe with how haku looks in the anime, really thought he was a girl too.
Nightshadegirl chapter 20 . 2/28
well, i see where you got your author name
is sasuike going to be interested in tenten?
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