Reviews for Mother Mag's Bedtime Stories
Citiesofcolor chapter 2 . 7/15/2009
This is so wrong on so many levels that it is hilarious. I take it back, your mind is just as twisted as Magical Shovel's. And my parents are back to staring at me like I'm crazy while I laugh hysterically at my computer screen. I think a trip to the psychiatrist will be arranged soon... They look worried lol.

Again, continue this or face my undying wrath. (and ps, I happen to dislike Pavigi as well... lol)

Magical Shovel chapter 2 . 7/14/2009
Whoa. I laughed and laughed and then was told to stop laughi. Laughter's contageous. Ho ho! Maybe it's the energy drink, energy spray, AND the sobe drink with guarana. CAFFIENE. -Maniacal laughter.- PAVIGI. I am the girl who cried Pavigi. Soon enough a blade of grass will punish me instead of pavigi. D; I love being the big bad shovel. Can't wait to read more!
Citiesofcolor chapter 1 . 7/14/2009
LOL I don't even know why I found this funny. I mean it was just so stupid... The more I read it the more hilarious it becomes... I mean right now, it's like my tenth time reading it and I'm seriously splitting my sides. I'm having trouble typing this message out. If there are any mistakes in spelling/grammar it's your fault. Now my mom and dad are staring at me like I'm crazy because I'm laughing at a computer screen that is non-moving(as in you know, youtube videos...) AND OMG! My dad is listening to Waking up in Vegas on iTunes and has the most absolutely horrified look on his face!LOL! OKAY!

Stop making me laugh! I read it over again! I can't stop! *pant pant pant* Okay. I think I'm okay now...

Continue this or face my undying wrath! Need help with the plot bunnies? PM me and I can give you some help. I bet you that my mind is, while not as twisted as Magical Shovel's, as cracked as your is. :D

NO! Now he clicked on Right Round and his eyes are practically bugging out of his head! LOL LOL LOL LOL! And now he's looking at me funny, because he is wondering why I am laughing and why I would have a song like that... lol
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