Reviews for Aro's Heir
FireFlower77 chapter 1 . 5/18
In your original posting of this chapter, where Aro is talking about Edward's sperm, there was a line you took out.

I've been wanting to write to you about it for a long while. As it reads now -in the edited version- without Edward's emotional outburst about not being alive, thus that part of him not being alive either, it feels like there is a gap and something is missing. That line was not redundant, it gave the whole exchange more feeling and intensity. Now it kind of feels flat. At least to me it does. Wouldn't you consider putting it back in, please?
jaanavihairani chapter 4 . 9/11/2019
One of the worst negatives of this story is the lack of acknowledgement that Edward too had non-consensual sex, ie, rape. He keeps thinking he's an attacker never realizing that he too was a victim of sexual assault. This is one truly messed up situation.
Rita01tx chapter 23 . 3/29/2019
Woulda been a catastrophe if Masen hadn't proven to be a stubborn little dude! Thanks for keepin' this story posted for all these years! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Rita01tx chapter 22 . 3/29/2019
Oh, boy! Aro has no idea the hornet's nest he's about to poke with a stick LMAO!
Rita01tx chapter 21 . 3/29/2019
Can't wait for Aro to meet his destiny!
Rita01tx chapter 20 . 3/29/2019
Awww, poor Charlie LMAO! Well, now he won't have to miss his daughter and grandchildren!
Rita01tx chapter 19 . 3/29/2019
Very smart of Edward to keep the babies near her while she most definitely helped! Oh, and I really liked the conversation between Jasper and Jane!
Rita01tx chapter 18 . 3/29/2019
Holy crap! That got a little too excitin' for this time of night *phew!*
Rita01tx chapter 17 . 3/29/2019
The more Jane learns about the love and loyalty of the Cullen family, the better!
Rita01tx chapter 16 . 3/29/2019
Really lovin' the way you've twisted this tail...uh, I mean tale LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 15 . 3/29/2019
***SNOOPY DANCE OF JOY!*** Ding Dong, the little bastard is dead!
Rita01tx chapter 14 . 3/29/2019
Okay...what if! What if Jane turned on Alec and joined the Cullens in precipitatin' the downfall of the Volturi!? Oh, that would be rich!
Rita01tx chapter 13 . 3/29/2019
Good news and bad news practically in the same breath! Damn Vultures!
Rita01tx chapter 12 . 3/29/2019
Alice and Rose are two of the awesomest sisters ever!
Rita01tx chapter 11 . 3/29/2019
Holy mother of pearl...that was absolute perfection! But there was no condom! OOPS!?
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