Reviews for Wednesday's Child
A Reader chapter 4 . 8/20
I have started to read this before I don't remember why I stop but since I do know the Robotech series better now then back then and I have done a little research into Macross shows that they are very similar despite what some claim only minor differences. but what I do know makes me wonder if this really is a Macross crossover because you are mixing fact between the two.
amerdism chapter 37 . 4/28
Awesome story, I hope to see more soon, when's the next chapter going up? So it seems that Ranma will be getting together with Milia, that'll be interesting. I was wondering if you've ever thought of doing a FanFiction on another macross like macross frontier? Your understanding of the characters and how you present them is incredible.
Vld chapter 37 . 3/23
Oh no! Oh no, no, no! PLease, PLEASE tell me you haven't abandoned this fic! I really, REALLY want to know what happens next!
Vld chapter 28 . 3/22
Nice chapter. I especially liked Ranma's way of dealing with Bodolze and Khyron.

And is it me or is that Omake a really good rendition of "Planet of the Apes"?
Vld chapter 8 . 3/17
I'm guessing Roy is going on a mission where he'll meet the ancestor of a very famous singer? That's assuming you watched at least two of the other Macross shows.

Oh, and i like this story a lot so far.
Guest chapter 37 . 2/19
If you are still out there I hope you come back and continue this some day. It is very well thought out and its that you used the original Japanese names for this fic.
aliesterus chapter 37 . 1/23
Wow, because of your other Macross/Ranma work, this, and Calamity Cordite's Dragon Lady of Macross, you've made me want to actually watch Macross... Nice work!
Guest chapter 37 . 12/26/2013
Guest chapter 17 . 12/24/2013
Nabiki should have ask Ranma to take her to see Kasumi
Guest chapter 9 . 12/23/2013
Hey love your Fics but you gotta add a dictionary at the end cause I'm getting sick of having to stop reading & look up definitions of words
OddWallow chapter 37 . 12/7/2013
Well written story, hell of a cliffhanger
Worth being continued
shugokage chapter 37 . 10/16/2013
Amazing end to this incredible story even if it is incomplete!
LycanRed chapter 37 . 2/3/2013
2-1/2 years. Dammit man, I need more. It hurts me that this wasn't finished, and while I can certainly understand real life getting in the way of things, I still can't help but ask wholeheartedly that you finish this. I'm not even certain whether or not you'll get this message, but I felt that the attempt was worth it.

Tigger-69 chapter 37 . 11/5/2012
This story has its good points and bad. The starting idea and its implementation is absolutely superb. Bringing Ranma into the military before the space arrives is brilliant. Watching him move through the various area of the military. We then jump to the robotech story line, I got a bit confused because I am use to the American version of the names but very quickly picked up on who was who, but the story still continues to draw you along. Unfortunately this is where the bad start to come in, the end of the story seems to drag and then after the final battle things almost seem to stall. It reminds me of a TV series that has run out of ideas but is still possible. I want to shout a Ranma make a choice and there is so much going on in the background that it gets confusing and I am reading just to get to the end.

AND I am so glad I did the final 2 chapters then start to sing again the rise of the vigilantes the fights for the cloning machines is back the the thrills of the beginning.

I hope you come back to this even if it is just with plot line for where this story is/was going.

A very worthwhile read and in places one of the best. Thank you for a great story and please don't stop writing.

PS love the omake with the 4 stories with similar ideas all meeting.
god of all chapter 37 . 9/14/2011
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
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