Reviews for Acquittal
Guest chapter 20 . 11/23
I have yet to understand what, exactly, the house points were good for. They mean absolutely nothing.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/23
Minerva needs to chill. Busy-body extraordinaire is not a good look for her.
catherinahawkins chapter 68 . 11/1
really good. I so enjoyed this.
Musical-Mel chapter 65 . 10/10
Yay! They are finally together and are both happy. And I'm still sad Harry isn't with Ginny, and I think it's weird that Dotty has known so little about the Wizarding World when she's a squib, but I'm just nit picking. Harry has a wife and will soon have a baby. He has a family, and a normal life. And that's all he ever wanted. So I can maybe get over the fact that he's not with Ginny.
Musical-Mel chapter 32 . 10/10
You have some really weird ideas about womanhood, motherhood, and all things feminine, actually, but this is still interesting.
Musical-Mel chapter 22 . 10/10
Oh my heart! Oh course she wants her mother... poor baby.
Musical-Mel chapter 16 . 10/10
Nooooo... I love Harry and Ginny. Sigh. Oh well. I think you did this in your last story as well.
Musical-Mel chapter 10 . 10/3
The only problem I have with this story so far is Hermione (and Snape, apparently) thinking that she can't live up to Gryffindor standards while being a stay at home mom and wife. That's absolute BS. But other than that, this is excellent so far.
Dontgotaclue88 chapter 68 . 9/1
Oh gawds! Loved your story so much! Thank you for writing it and sharing! .
MissMikaelsonForbes chapter 68 . 8/8
This was such a beautiful story! Really well written, I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm definitely going to re-read it again soon.
MissMikaelsonForbes chapter 49 . 8/8
LunaFlos chapter 2 . 7/25
This is the second or third time I'm returning to this story. I have a selection of my favorite fanfictions, each for a different reason: One is just simply enjoyable to read, another one fills me with giddiness and so on. This story is a favorite of mine because of the reality of its words. Because of showing the cruel state of the world, and that people can find peace despite of them. I think the last time I read this was about three or four years ago. I remember reading about violence, grief, angst, pain and finally love. A slow love, so in character for Severus and Hermione. You don't try to sugarcoat Snape's character; he IS a bitter snarky man, and years of continuous pressure makes him unable to change the bitterness. By the time the first chapter is ended, it is both easy and hard to see them get together: hard because they are so much in character and how could they possibly want to get together? easy because Hermione isn't just the smart girl like in most other Snager fanfictions. She is hurt and possibly with PTSD. She understands life now, and so we know that if she falls in love it is not going to be a school crush. I also remember Snape proposing to Hermione in the end, after she graduates which is really the responsible thing to do, not jumping into bed with her when she is still a student. Both people hurt by the ways of world and yet inexperienced in the ways of love, learn to trust and relationship is so human and beautiful. I want to thank you for writing such an amazing story and sharing it with us. I apologize for writing inconsistently.
Mel chapter 68 . 7/8
Cute story :)
CaliforniaCougar chapter 68 . 6/22
a sweet story all in all
CaliforniaCougar chapter 50 . 6/21
about time they kissed!
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