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marshababy33 chapter 38 . 3/1
I tried to copy and paste this chapter into a word document, but I was unable to. I'm not sure if this was a browser issue (I use Google Chrome) or something else, but I was wondering if you might have any idea as to why.
marshababy33 chapter 63 . 2/28
Sugar high Remus reminds me of me when I don't take my Conerta. Really controlled with medicine, but without it, I can be the most annoying thing ever. I get super hyper, and very few things shut me up. Difference is, Remus gets hyper WITH someting, and I get really hyper WITHOUT something. IDK, I just find it a bit of a weird, unintentional coincidence.
marshababy33 chapter 26 . 2/28
If Sirius needs any more English swear words, he can feel free to come spend a day at Col. E. Brooke Lee MS. The kids at y school can barely go 5 sentences without swearing. They have used every word in the book, and then some.
marshababy33 chapter 16 . 2/26
They're gonna be in SOOOOO much trouble!
ColorfulandBlack chapter 60 . 2/20
To be honest, this is one of the best Marauders fic I've read, and I first I was like woah, there's a lot of chapters and frankly I was happy because it means more fun reading but after two days I'm on 60th chapter and it worried me, becasue I don't want this to end, keep wrirting I'm begging you! And belive me you've done excelent work, you make me laugh, cry and grin like a mad man (and that ain't easy :)) I personaly think that you did great job in wrting all those chapters in different kind like POV. I really hope you'll manage to write all of the 7 years in Hogwarts and I beg you never abandon this story! Keep writing!
IAmADidi chapter 102 . 2/16
I absolutely loved this since it talked about Sirius not really knowing traditions and really talking about HIS feelings, but I think you should focus more on other characters as well because they're getting a bit 'neglected'... I'm still up for being a beta if you haven't chosen one yet! CARRY ON WRITING!
IAmADidi chapter 85 . 2/16
I know that you probably already have a new beta but if you are still looking for one, I would be glad to help you since I live in England! I love this story LOADS ! I like it the fact that it isn't a cliche and that it's different!
Guest chapter 102 . 2/9
Where Are You ?
sina chapter 102 . 2/8
This is the best marauders fanfic I've ever read. Please update soon 3
Guest chapter 102 . 1/23
please tell me that you didnt forgot about this fic? update again soon!
fantom fiction chapter 101 . 1/18
yaaaaaaaay! it's goooooood!
forgodssakeiseveryusernamegone chapter 102 . 1/9
I absolutely love this story it's the best marauders fan fiction I've ever read and I've read a lot. Keep posting on this story honestly i think that you're a really great author.
kristiana.dzenite chapter 102 . 1/3
I really love this story, please keep writing.
kristiana.dzenite chapter 48 . 12/27/2014
Loved this chapter! So emotional. Plus, I like seeing people get out of their character, so this was perfect to me.
thatperfectsomeone chapter 102 . 12/26/2014
Amazing three chapters loved them :)
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