Reviews for Hero
Ultimagu chapter 1 . 12/26/2010
I fail to see the logic of 'Kharg is so much more evil because...' or 'Darc is the more evil one because...'. In the end, both arguments do not see the world as it is. Let us examine the parallels that exist within the game.

1. Spirit stone raids.

2. Enemy in home terrain

3. Intended Goals

1. In the initial chapters, both Kharg and Darc defend the continental source of spirit stones, what is seen as the lifeblood of both the humans and deimos. You have the Drakyr raid on Ragnoth and the Cathenian occupation on Aldrow. In both instances an enemy force is seen as to be causing a disturbance to the life, the very ability to live, to the race of your current party members during battle. Thus, a parallel is drawn that both Humans and Deimos are territorial, self-serving, and hostile to outside forces.

2. When Humans or Deimos find their counterpart in their perceived territory, a 'punishment' is deemed proper. When Volk and his family are passing through Ragnoth, Lloyd kills Volk's wife and kid. When Kharg and party go up North to Dragon Bone Valley to investigate the fallen airship, the Drakyr declare that a 'punishment' is only proper for the 'invading' humans. This similarity shows again that both humans and deimos are territorial, but also that they have a culture of maintenance (laws) for varied persons within that territory; therein we see definitively that they are civilizations and not packs of mere animals.

3. The intended goals of both Kharg and Darc are evident from the end of chapter 1. Kharg wishes to protect the human race, while Darc wishes to defend the deimos race. If the others have to go, both encourage that destruction of their rival race. The irony of course is clear, especially when it is believed that Kharg is somehow a 'special' human who can call forth magic like the ancients once could when in fact he is half-deimos. In order to survive, however, one race has to step up to the plate (from the two parties) in order to defend the entire world. This highlights, again, the parallel that the 'best' of both human and deimos worlds are similar in their respective ways.

Both races, and thus idealized in Kharg and Darc, are in essence 'fearful' of the other eradicating them. The Humans are clinging on to a long history of powerful civilizations before them whilst Deimos are struggling to carve out a new niche for themselves in that history.

I maintain, in summation, that while your story is within its' rights to deviate as far from the canon as you understanding of what the canon actually is, is recommended before you shamelessly bash it as if this were an online debate forum.