Reviews for The Warrior Is A Child
The Mystic Doctor chapter 1 . 11/2/2011
Not bad at all. I think it was a good idea to get inside Jeanne's head and explore her doubts and fears. I like the fact that she still looked to God for help despite learning the truth behind the voice; that says a lot about the strength of her faith and her belief that not all is lost. This might have been even better if you had mentioned at some point how Jeanne being so young also contributed to her situation. Also, the ending isn't too bad, but I think it could be improved if you rearranged parts of the last two paragraphs and edited them a bit; "She knew that no one can ever grant her wish better than the Lord, Himself" sounds to me like it would have been better placed as the final line.
Whitefleur chapter 1 . 7/31/2009
The story isn't bad at all. Hm, there are only two fanfic for this category. Rar!

My favorite character is Jeanne and Gilles and the least is probably crazy Leanne. Ugh... woman gave me some problems. Actually, I just finished the game recently, after my sister finished it, I tried it since she told me it was a great game. And I was not disappointed at all. The story and characters are intruiging.

Gah! do I sound like reviewing the game? Apologies.
michi the band geek chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
Yay! there is finally a jeanne d'arc section! you did a great job with this story.
Tobirion chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
No no, that wasn't crappy! Honestly, that was good! :)

Jeanne is probably one of my least favorite characters in the game. I can't /stand/ her... but, I do at least have to support her 'cause of her character... (some of the time, lol.)

I think that makes sense. She's always acting very, very tough and maybe even a little bit crazy (Liane was the one who I'd call 'crazy,' though, lol) but I think there'd be this little bit of doubt or whatever inside her.

I actually cried when Roger left, lol. I was /so/ angry! He and Gilles are my two favorite characters... and they were the two on the hightest levels, lol. First Gilles leaves me... and then Roger does... oh, it was bad! xD (But I had Roger at level like /seventy/ before he dissapeared, and everyone else was in their forties, 'cept for Gilles, who was in his sixties. Lol, I couldn't help it.)

Now I've gotta write some! But dang, it is /so/ easy to come up with fics for some other fandoms... but for some reason, I think it's kind of hard with Jeanne d'Arc. Hmm. :S

*bows* and you're very welcome! It really wasn't that much trouble. And thankyouthankyou for the dedication! _