Reviews for Superman's Wife The Expanded Version
SANDEFUR chapter 1 . 8/29/2009
Just read the last of your five stories, and it was the best one yet. I did wonder about a few things... Superman's plan to have Mister X kidnap O'Hara worked great, but why wasn't he watching her so her could follow the bad guys back to Mr. X's place? Just how was he planning to find her after she was taken? Then there was the matter of the burning fuse at the bridge. Since the explosion had to be precisely at the moment of the armored car's crossing of the bridge, a fuse makes no sense. Any delay, even of a few seconds, would ruin the plan. Also, when Superman arrived to save O'Hara, why didn't he just put out the fuse? He saved the girl, but the community lost a bridge. Anyway, you told this story very well, and I hope you will continue to write more Superman stories.