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hell1sempty chapter 18 . 10/16/2011
Bdkskshskdd. Please update! BLAH! this story angst win. Love, love, love.
moonhoney2 chapter 18 . 10/15/2011
Will you be finishing this story, or is it officially abandoned?
Nat3628 chapter 18 . 9/10/2011
I love this story and hope that one day you will finish it. Will Edward revert to his old ways? If he does will his family promise to keep Bella safe? How will Death come after Bella?
reve2weaver chapter 18 . 9/9/2011
"I wasn't looking for love — no, I was far too eager to be a soldier for that; I thought of nothing but the idealized glory of the war..." and compare this line to the question: "Someone asked why [the Cullens] just don't turn her."

WWI was a rude awakening for many men, as they sat in gore-filled trenches, surrounded by whistling bombs, fighting an invisible enemy for a muddy plot of land, only to have them take it back the next week. Many men went home bodily un-injured, and lost their minds with fear; it was the first war to record this. There was no heroism, romance, tests of manliness; the stories they had raised on in the novels they had read as boys went unfulfilled.

How often I see this exact misunderstanding in readers blithely wanting Bella to toss away her own humanity to become a killer for Edward's love. Perhaps if Meyer posed it as a question of Bella manning for one year the ovens of a German concentration camp, in exchange for Edward's love, they could muster up some gravity to the decision. What if that meant Bella was feeding her own Charlie and friends into those showers? Is Edward still worth it now? How could he ask her to do it? Of course he couldn't.
reve2weaver chapter 17 . 9/9/2011
I love this Esme. Mysterious, strong, and yet she doesn't have a 'boot on your neck' agenda. She came across as smart (!) and yet she has a vulnerability from undergoing her own change of opinions, which is admirable and underused. Actually, I don't remember seeing it in a vamp fic.

She is not gushy nor ingratiating, and certainly not ready to smile and serve purple Kool-aid at Carlisle's signal. I usually loathe her simpering incarnations; can you tell?

She should be strong as the bond-maker and the one who 'witnesses' the family. Too often she just emotionally pantomimes what the situation needs, unable to muster her own judgment, blindly caving to what everyone else demands, like grass in the wind, and conventions of apple pie. That makes me cringe, given the demographics of this readership, and who Meyer is, and we all should know better.

Esme's observation of Bella's reaction without judgment, and her hunting and gathering family room is a smart metaphor about what we truly need from our alma maters: to be heard and understood. With this scene, we see she understands their evolving complexities, and interprets them back to family and 'visitors'. She sees each of them to be wholly unique, each one special among siblings, and marked and appreciated.

Esme had a heavy load to bear, she killed herself after she lost her child, so I appreciate when a writer lets her leave behind her cliff diving depression, to rise up and do better for herself and the next generation of children; her own prodigal redemption to try to do better.

I see in your Esme the grace to ignore what she can't change and I think you captured that quality in Esme well here. She wants to make peace, but she has also established that she is no fool.
reve2weaver chapter 16 . 9/9/2011
"Edward wandering behind me like a stray dog..." Or is that Fox?

Yes, in theory, but can't you see how no leash can truly hold if it was to appear again too close? He was playing pretend all this time, the fine print gets finer and yet, grittier, and what is that, my dear, between his teeth, and what is that smell? Not doggie breath, is it? Some day your Prince will come (ironic voice over).

Um, Tell Fox that maybe don't count all his chickens past, present, tomorrow, before he... *shudder*. Close your eyes, Bella.
reve2weaver chapter 15 . 9/9/2011
The honeymoon is over and with this fade to black the afterbirth is is so much more messy, and yet this is so much more epic and daring, darker and carnal. Now Bella gets to see what she really invited into her life, and it wasn't just about her death wish walking on a razor's edge, but what that meant for those around her. This was so much more intense; a real examination of what that meant when Edward said: 'I killed people before.' Yeah... so damn... damnation and hellfire, with brimstone all gritty under the nails scratching down a devil's blackboard.
reve2weaver chapter 14 . 9/9/2011
"And it seemed the more Edward fought to keep her safe and save her from death, the more death concocted more worthy adversaries to take her down(edward, tyler's van, port angeles, james, volturi, victoria.)"

And Bella embraced it with open arms, too. Werewolves, and wanting to be a distraction in the middles of the Eclipse battle.

I always think about Edward's cocky declaration in an exchange of notes in English, saying even if the plane was going down in flames, he would kick out the door before impact and save her. Just like he can walk away from a car crash, and not Bella, logically this woudn't save a frail human from falling from a crashing plane, anymore than he could prevent her head from impact when he pushed her away from the van. His perfect brain would have understood that. This is Edward playing fast and loose with the truth, to appease himself.

I particularly loved that despair that was all Edward's, as he realized he couldn't protect her, and the more he struggled against it, and denied it, the worse it got. Which was why he ran; fight then flight. It doesn't make sense on the surface, but it would to the control freak who can't win against the thing he wields and mocks and feasted with for a century: death. I think he knew she was going to die, and he couldn't face it. He was waiting for the news, and that was why he accepted the phone call so easily, it was sooner than later in his mind; any day now. At least it wasn't at his hands. Dark... so dark... lots of themes of death and despair, and I loved New Moon for that.

Great chapter; great theme.
reve2weaver chapter 13 . 9/9/2011
The was intense and perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.

My Dissertation on Twilight Venom and its Purported Dangers: I believe the cautionary tales were exaggerated about the dangers of venom. Especially like things like French kissing; I mean how would Carlisle know? There wasn't a lot of interaction, and if there was, they weren't telling the humans, right? Tanya? I bet she wasn't discussing this with prudish Edward. A true succubus not using her oral skills? Seriously? Maybe this carnal rapture proves that in this unique pairing, things can and do change. They weren't supposed to have live spunk either. Maybe saga Edward was just backwoods ignorant; a victim of his frigid and celibate old-timey conditioning. js.

I think the the venom wasn't that killer, because they kissed all the time, and Bella didn't have cold sores. It couldn't even dissolve pizza in his gut, right? If it was so nasty, why not just 'spit' at the werewolves eyes? As far as vampire weaponry, they always talk about the teeth, speed, and strength, not venom. The animals don't 'writhe' in pain when the take then down and they should if it was that lethal. I think that's because it isn't that potent; it is only there to make more vamps.

So... lets say it presumably it took a lot blood drainage followed by a lot of venom afterward in several spots to make the change, and that's all venom really does. The paranoia speaks more about prudish Edwardian Edward aka Meyer's red-headed Mormon doppelganger. So just like sitting on a toilet seat or oral sex isn't going to get you pregnant, the reproducing of vamps isn't a matter of bloody-lipped frenching. Instead it's hot; re this chapter.

Fade to Black conclusion: When vamps can sparkle, and the future is shifty, and fanfiction is shiftier, then all the rules are up for grabs, all the time. As it should be. And just look how things are immensely improved on? How lucky an I? Vraiment: apropos of French kissing. Loved this chapter, 'hard'. your fan, reve2weaver.
reve2weaver chapter 12 . 9/9/2011
So messed up, I want you here / In my room, I want you here / Now we're gonna be face-to-face / And we lay right down in my favorite place

Now I wanna be yr dog / Now I wanna be yr dog / Now I wanna be yr dog /

Well, Come on

Now I'm ready to close my eyes / But now I'm ready to close my mind / And now I'm ready to feel your hand / And lose my heart on the burning sand /

Now I wanna be yr dog...

'Freezer Burn. I Wanna Be Your Dog' by Sonic Youth. (Heh heh... had to have a little 'Thuston/thirstin' for More Moore tie in there; he always did love the strong and rock hard on' ladies.)
reve2weaver chapter 11 . 9/9/2011
Ooooh, that kiss seared the paint from my walls surrounding my computer - oh my. Who needs PWP when you have the essentials?

'Your eyes are as black as frying pans' -Fred Flintstone. And here Charlie thought Renee was prone to emotional outbursts of unfortunate timing... ain't love grand? I guess he has a type; he can't win.

I was around when Dookie was released, and everyone was making a big fuss about inauthentic accents of the British kind, but does anyone remember? And look at Green Day now? Reinvention and false fronts are gooooood. A fanfiction and Edward truism.
reve2weaver chapter 10 . 9/8/2011
"But we still can't just behave ourselves, Even if to save our own lives so, says I, WE ARE A BRUTAL KIND." ('So Says I', The Shins.)

Edward's behavior is breaking Volturi Law, and Alice must have seen this being discovered as a 'possibility' in one of her visions. The risk is real. Edward has been seen in her company at the hospital sessions and movie theatre. Humans are fallible, and Bella talks in her sleep. Aro could always find out by touching any of the Cullens or sending Jane. That the Cullens would have wanted this outsider ended is completely feasible given that their punishment could be Edward's death, or their own. Plus, the family always put the cult in Cullens to me.
reve2weaver chapter 7 . 9/8/2011
I loved the way you weaved 'Liar' about her closing her eyes, to 'Lies' and what her words meant and what he knew he was to her as a danger. The metamorphosis from pillow sniffing friendship to something ... er... much 'harder' to manage.
reve2weaver chapter 6 . 9/8/2011
"This is the song used in the ending credits of Twilight, and can I just say, the ending credits are the best part of the film? The images they use along with this song are very dreamlike and beautiful..."

It was a euphoric moment, non? Hardwicke is so under appreciated by the fandom. I think after seeing the following movies, in which Summit makes films that 'the guys will want to see' they will wish once more for her lush sin-metography, and her eye for the mise-en-scenes: monsters with wings, a room with no bed, Charlie cleaning his gun before he meets Edward, or a family baseball game, rather than hyperbole-animated action driven flicks. *shudder* Less is more, non?
reve2weaver chapter 4 . 9/8/2011
Radiohead is everything top 40's music cannot comprehend, and why 80's is being revived is beyond my comprehension, so if its a cliche, I'll gladly and gratefully take it over the schmaltz of Kansas, Journey or Styx, which was even cheesy in its day; trust.

I love that the universe is conspiring against her now, to the point of a chorus of serial killers in the front and a devil to the back of her. Could be worse? I'm a loser, baby, and I've seen the devil's hair cut: Beck.
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