Reviews for Steele Revealed
Madeleine Gilbert chapter 4 . 7/19/2009
I've always thought you give us the best depiction out there of the mature Steeles as business partners, parents, and, best of all, longtime lovers. You've done a consistently good job in your "Legacy" universe of extrapolating forward from Steele's and Laura's characters as presented in the series and made their growth through the years believable. And Kate is a charmer, worthy of her parents.

Your latest addition is no exception.

As always, your mystery echoes the Steeles' current life situation; I've always liked the way you use it for emphasis as well as the source of your actions. Great nod to the past, linking Felicia with the Five Nudes of Cairo again.

Would love to see an exploration someday of what happens when Kate the brilliant prodigy, instead of taking a path to a profession, decides to join the family business...and how Steele and Laura would react to that.

A great read, perfectly faithful to the spirit of the series.
gilmoradict chapter 4 . 7/18/2009
(*Warning* This review reveals elements of the story - don't read it until you've allowed events to unfold in Lori's own words!)Once again, Lori, you have crafted a credible mystery, accurately depicting our favorite characters, even as you move them forward in your Legacy universe. Perfect balance of wariness and acceptance as Felicia and Laura interact, so many years into their acquaintance. I especially love that you have placed validation for Laura and her accomplishments in her DAUGHTER'S voice! What mother wouldn't love to hear these? Great parent/adult child moments for all three Steele's. Great work, Lori.