Reviews for TruBlooded Family
RainRaven chapter 13 . 6/16
This is absolutely wonderful. I hope that Sookie heard most of that conversation between the healer and Harry. I just Love this story and was so sad to come to the last update.
jgood27 chapter 13 . 6/3
Love this story and cant wait to read more
MargaritaS chapter 13 . 6/1
So i saw that you updated and, again, i read the whole story from the beginning... it just gets better and better each time. I cant wait for more, I adore your harry and hope your muse turns its attention back to this story soon :)
jamie.huntington1 chapter 13 . 5/26
Hope you update
orion chapter 13 . 5/20
Thank's for the new chapter it's awesome, I really like your work 3
Estelle Lumene chapter 13 . 5/18
Wow! You brought in and up other races in! And the political power Harry may hold as an icon and overall sweet child that he is! I love it!)))
Estelle Lumene chapter 10 . 5/18
More vampires of charming variety, eh? :) So, any thought on Harry pairing? Personally I am thinking about grown-up Harry/Eric or and Godric. Mostly due to the way you portrayed Eric and I wonder how you'll handle his maker.
Can't wait for Harry tp derail both canons, this harry is pleasantly the same as canon and yet due to his ability so much more mature and settled. Also, sassy and sarcastic!)))
thechickenlittle chapter 1 . 4/10
cna't wait to check this out!
Guest chapter 13 . 4/6
Wow~ That's right! Tell Harry his worth! I want to see Harry startled into calling out Dobby's name thinking its the little elf when its actually either Eric trying for a taste, a confrontation between Remus and Eric, or someone attacking Harry.

How AWESOME would it be if Godric was Gryffindor? Then have Harry be like Holy 'Salazar' (all pun intended) I pulled your sword out of the Sorting Hat thanks to Fawkes who was helping me Kill Slytherins ancient 75 foot Basilisk that was terrorizing the Castle BC Slytherins 'Heir' Lord Voldemort (Tom for short) somehow made it into the Castle AGAIN!

Then Godric would be like What the Bloody Hell has that Melon wanna be being doing to my poor Caste!
Jay Madeleine Gryff chapter 13 . 4/1
Hey, fantastic chapter ... Though it did get a bit confusing with the abrupt shift to first person instead of third, the chapter was perf...
Keep up the fangtastic work,
lillywest587 chapter 1 . 3/23
I love this story I can't wait to see how you do Godric, will Harry be going to Dallas.
Carol542 chapter 13 . 3/18
Love it please continue this story soon I really really like it
Carol542 chapter 1 . 3/18
Love it
xiu chapter 13 . 2/23
i love this story!
i hope we can read a new chapter soon? please? i'm ask with who finish Harry godric? erik? sam? other? i'm very impatient!
sorry for my English i'm french ;))))
917brat chapter 13 . 2/20
this is just wow I so love this story and can't wait to see just what you are going to have happen next please keep this up.
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