Reviews for Fatal Secrets
Guest chapter 5 . 9/25/2015
I like it but i hope it ended well
Madpaddy chapter 7 . 4/5/2014
You most likely won't recurve this but wow I love the story shame it aren't gonna get finished
CherryAmes15 chapter 7 . 3/5/2014
Gah! It's been like 4 years since you updated. Please please please pick up this story or I will die!
CherryAmes15 chapter 1 . 3/5/2014
I have always loved trailers! They sum up the best of things! Can't wait to see what you actually write!
Brit98 chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
I just f
sandy chapter 5 . 6/15/2013
i love your story good job!)
bingbo chapter 7 . 7/13/2012
Ack, I wish good stories didn't go unfinished, this is sad now. :(
Kanade'Virus chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
hahahaha! so Cool!
CoolNinjaOfDoom chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
Holy crap you like merlin AND psych? You . Are. NINJA! This is pretty awesome i must say!
Magic Cabbage chapter 7 . 9/22/2011
Wheres the next chapter :(

Great story! Plz update!
IGOTENIDEA chapter 1 . 8/1/2011

ImnotMadeline chapter 4 . 4/17/2011
Oh please let me slap Gwen for being a murmuring idiot and a backstabbing cheating lowlife loose whore ]:. As much as I hate evil Morgana I liked when she was rude to her . I'm OFF TOPIC! X3 Your writing is wonderful! YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN TALENTED IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU'VE DONE! 3 ... I wonder what Nimueh whispered.. "Morgana is mine." maybe? "Arthur love you" OR EVEN BETTER "Arthur has feelings for you and I will used that to my advantage.. oh and I would also like to add that Morgana is mine 8D"
ImnotMadeline chapter 3 . 4/17/2011
I just realized... suspense/FRIENDSHIP! PFT PFT... PFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT yeah PFTTTTTTTT is all I can say. D: Romance/Suspense yes please! *shut up not madeline .*

BUT GAH I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! and HELLZ YEAH OLD MORGANA OWNS! X3 I adore how your portrayed Nimueh, and especially with her being the more powerful one. EVEN AT 14 YOU KNEW THAT THE WRITERS SCREWED IT UP :[. Also... I will hurt you for not finishing this. JK! But I do love it so I will make you finish it. Watch me. I will nag and nag and nag you. . Swords. SO SWORDY!
ImnotMadeline chapter 2 . 4/17/2011
:[ Arthur you love Merlin dammit! *kicks him into um.. a Greek world dammit because I freggin' can and plays 'I Won't Say I'm In Love'* There... And you bloody genius you I love this so much! I can see them fighting in my head and the entire scene! er scenes?... acts?... WHATEVER YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! u-u I still maintain that Merlin likes to polish Arthur's sword and that Arthur likes his sword cleaned by hand.
ImnotMadeline chapter 1 . 4/17/2011
EPIC WRITTEN TRAILER! I can see it now!... Arthur's sword... Merling being dragged behind a tree *wink wink* Arthur's sword 8D, Nimueh! Arthur's sword! 3 um... Did I mention Arthur's long and sturdy sword that his manservant polishes?
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