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PugTheMagician chapter 9 . 1/31
I felt a little like jinx at times while reading this, especially at the bdsm club. I kept thinking this is amazing but at the same time this is so very wrong. I kept going from putting my phone down and trying to forget this story to trying to read the whole thing in one day (i ended up doing just that by the way). You are quite skilled at writing. First time i have ever read a somewhat domination submission oriented fic,honestly the closest i have come to this story is Winter Girl by sawachika-chan i look forward to reading a couple more of your stories and hope they are of the same or better quality
ParamourMonster chapter 1 . 1/1
Sensual, exciting, captivating, throat wrenchingly good. I love this fic, found this way back and still love it to today 3

I listen to this while reading, felt like it really mirrored the atmosphere of the story ;)
torvalds42 chapter 9 . 11/10/2016
The best. Simply.
ano chapter 1 . 9/8/2016
i like it, good writen begining
Taniya 3 chapter 9 . 4/18/2016
Sorry, couldn't mention my name. The review below is mine.
Taniya 3 chapter 9 . 4/18/2016
Sorry couldn't write the name. The review below is mine.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/18/2016
So.. I'm in love with you. I don't know who you are, and you don't know I exist, but I'm in love with your work and I'm in love with you. I'm not fan-girling. I truly and hopelessly am in love with you. Your age, gender -female, I presume (not that it matters anyways)-, personality, looks, imperfections.. nothing matters.
I think talent like yours should be illegal. (Not really though. Because that would be stupid. Obviously. -_-) And I'm not even that easy to please. It is torturous how sinfully good you are at writting. Your writting is flawless and impeccable. (which basically mean the same thing -_-) And I don't think I'm the least bit worthy of reviewing your work. But here I am anyways.
I've been inspired by many things in life. But nothing has ever inspired me to write, like your work has. I've been studying literature for many years now, but I've never felt the need to put my pen on paper. That was, until I read your stories. (Although.. I doubt my work is half as good as yours.)
While the contents of the story in itself is enough to captivate us, your writting style is just as captivating, if not more. Your characterization and the ability to create a vivid visual without writting unnecessaryly long descriptions can only be described as excelling. And the pace of the plot is just ideal. You have an extra-ordinary talent in building up tension -which ever it may be- and in making the reader live the story.
I don't think you'll ever read this because it looks like it's been years since you last updated. But I sincerely hope you do. I don't think work like yours belong merely in websites. Your work is far better than many of the books I've read, that have been published by 'real authors'.
I know you've been working on two novels and I dearly hope that you post some information about them, along with details about yourself in your bio. (Hope that didn't sound too creepy _) You atleast owe your devoted fans that much. And I'm sure they'll be number one best-sellers around the world. ;-)
AD Lewis chapter 9 . 2/26/2016
Woah. This story was just awesome :D
Forbidden Blck Roses chapter 9 . 2/7/2016
I'm a Scorpio too ...I'm in love with this story.
electric gurrl chapter 9 . 7/23/2015
This was a beautiful story. I loved it.
Kaiser chapter 9 . 4/19/2015
This was an incredible story from start to finish. You did an amazing job with this and I honesty didn't want it to end. You're talent is impeccable and hopefully you'll right something else very soon
Lyana chapter 9 . 11/8/2014
Truna chapter 9 . 10/20/2014
Such a flawless fanfic. Bravo, author. I haven't been so aroused and swooning over a couple in a heck of a long time.
Truna chapter 8 . 10/20/2014
Wow. I've never read such a deep and profound smut scene before. xD

Amazing fanfiction in general; I love how you play off the characters' personalities into their actions so fricking well.
Crzyratlady chapter 9 . 9/20/2014
Libra but your story is quite different. Like it though, quite off hand but but can so I see an adult raven being that type.
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