Reviews for Ashes in the Wind
delete-account-please 5667167 chapter 21 . 8/25/2014
Impressive story really liked it off too read Love Knows I Love You.
delete-account-please 5424271 chapter 21 . 7/19/2014
Splendid story really liked it off too read Love Knows I Love You.
DracyGiuliana chapter 21 . 5/1/2014
Awesome! It's so hard to find good HP/Twi-Crossovers and this was reaally good! Loved it, all of it. I liked that you didn't reveal everything beforehand, it was better that way. And I admit, I'm usually not very fond of mpreg but in this story it didn't bother me at all! Cool, really really cool! :)
Guest chapter 10 . 4/19/2014
C.J. Stands for Cedric James doesn't it? -issue high pitched fanboy siren- AWWWWW 3 might not be right but whatever ;) - Hadrian

Cedric Jr chapter 2 . 3/25/2014
I know the baby name!
Lumcer chapter 21 . 2/23/2014
A truelly adorable story though I was heart broken that you killed Snape. Thank you so much for making him a good guy! Thanks for the tale!

delete-account-please 5237847 chapter 21 . 2/17/2014
This was a fantastic story off to read Love Knows I Love You.
tamashiyuki chapter 21 . 1/22/2014
I like so much!
Narvi seran chapter 6 . 1/5/2014
Good story love this chapter I do hope you do more slash story between harry Potter and twilight and do hope you branch and crossovers of a variety of story
Free Siri chapter 11 . 1/2/2014
The c's for Cedric right?
Free Siri chapter 2 . 1/2/2014
Care to explain how he's got a kid?
PDeffinP chapter 21 . 11/12/2013
great story
delete-account-please 5149757 chapter 21 . 11/3/2013
This was an excellent story off to read Love Knows I Love you.
Ash-Bookworm113 chapter 21 . 9/14/2013
Sugary sweet ending :)
Ice Night chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
Great story! I don't like that snape and poppy died, but I liked this story alot ! _
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