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sarista wow chapter 100 . 12/9/2014
An incredible ending, just, wow.
sarista wow chapter 78 . 12/9/2014
Fun chapter, thought admittedly I do kind of wish Jinx would win one.
sarista wow chapter 38 . 12/9/2014
These are surprisingly educational as well as hilarious in their absurdity.
sarista wow chapter 18 . 12/9/2014
That was amazing and somehow I could totally see it happening.
MistyheartRB chapter 47 . 4/5/2014
I'm just going to mention here that this is easily my favorite story on FFN. You write Raven as such a complex, intriguing character that I sometimes believe that I'm reading something from the actual show, or perhaps even deeper than the show. This chapter has always been my favorite, as I can clearly picture the Nobody Club and Raven in my head as if an episode is playing in my head, and the tender emotion is beautiful. Thank you for writing this masterpiece.
Zatara chapter 100 . 3/6/2014
Thank you for being born! I really loved all this, it wasn't what I was expecting. It truly feels like we were inside Raven's head, seeing what she would truly think in the situations we put her into in fanfics. I especially liked that it all ended up back to how she is in the show, and put it into perspective that we don't want it any other way, don't want her to be any different. Thanks for taking the time to write this!
kuroinekorawr chapter 80 . 2/16/2013
hahahha dude i just finished "Chain", nice work. loved everything so far, im looking forward to the rest
BlueCowl54 chapter 27 . 1/26/2013
Martenzo chapter 100 . 12/23/2012
There isn't much I can say to do justice to how amazing it has been to read this saga. I have a criticisms (and I'll get to it), but dspite that this story is one of the best TT fics I have read on FFnet. Top ten for certain, as far as I'm concerned, maybe even top five.

The main criticism I have, is Raven's death threats. They felt too far out of character for her, and they made the story less believeable. She gets annoyed by BB and the other Titans, sure, but all the 'I'll kill him' thoughts didn't feel right. Annoyed or not, I just can't see Raven wishing death on any of the Titans in her own thoughts. Not even in jest. Maybe if she was seriously losing control, but not routinely like she did in this story.
CupidZlay chapter 8 . 10/18/2012
It truely gets to me.
hm chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
Dammit, another big one:
*) "living in the plastic microchips, return the correct number every time I use a calculator" - "living in microchips, return the correct number every time I use a plastic calculator."
hm chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
My apologies, I made some mistakes:
*) "my older arguments still stand they had flirted for some time before that" should be "my older arguments still stand; plus, they had flirted for some time before that"
*) " Stephany Meyer" should be " Stephanie Meyer"
*) "how she sees Garfield in his green eyes"- "how she sees herself in Garfield's green eyes"
*) "there is a little difference... " should be "the fact that there is little difference..."
*) some more may be hidden, but they are minor problems
Hopefully, this is my last post.
hm chapter 34 . 10/12/2012
II) The 'week chapters'
Don't want to desribe it; would be too long. If anyone is reading this comment, just think about
*) how could she survive on Azarath with that setup;
*) what 'distraction' means and how it would backfire terribly;
*) once again, what does it say about her mental fortitude;
*) does p0st provide any mechanics to back up his claim? something that truly explains the workings of Raven's mind, beyon pretentious and superficial metaphors;
*) how ridiculous the Nobody club is.
Also: why, on God's green earth, would Raven be listening to music (I wnated to ask it for a while)? Music is evocative, she should- has to- stay away from it. The same goes for other arts (nice job on the poems; so much for not making her a regular emo).
Further remarks:
Because of having little knowledge of comics, I made some mistakes concerning chapter 81. p0st made more.
1) When she kissed Garfield, they were hiding from Brother Blood's forces. Blood is Trigon's priest. So, it was something related to her heritage. Claiming that the kiss was because of her fearing the Crisis and just happened to coincide with aftermath of Blood's assault is... pretty asinine.
2) The mere fact of the oncoming evil being related to her does not imply knowledge of how to stop it. Obviously.
3) The official explanation (she did it because Garfield needed reassurence) works much better, becuase
a) She has manipulated a love interest- Wally West- to achieve a goal before. Her doing so again shows incorrigibility that underlines a tragic character.
b) Raven had a period of being 'White Raven' when she was free to express feelings (and kissed Dick). After a while, she learned (painfully) that there are multiple types of love, blah, blah. Her making the same mistake again shows incorrigible stupidity that underlines why p0st really should think twice.
3) Oh, the 'selfish' part. After reglancing over TBE, I'm quite sure that either p0st has little idea what the word means, or he uses it in a trivial sense (the same can be said about many times he tries to use that brain thing). In both cases, it adds nothing to characters and relationships, merely tries to show as three dimensional and edgy dynamics that are, at best, a two-dimensional blob (Raven/Noir read like a very lazily written Robin/Raven). That is actually done quite often in the fic (a false depth to characters, remarks that seem to provide a spin on things, but don't really mean or change anything.) There is also an option that he has read too much Fromm, and has been left permanently scarred.
Anyway, in this context, Raven being selfish either doesn't make sense, or reduces p0st to a blatant (as opposed to subtle) fanboy. Merely enjoying being together with another person isn't selfish. Love isn't martyrdom. Beast Boy also liked it, didn't he? She is selfish only if she has no romantic attachment whatsoever to BB (not explicitly stated, but strongly implied) and she had already decided/been certain on not returning the feelings in the long run. The kiss then was a byproduct of longing to 'protect', 'feel safe with' him, etc. That, naturally, doesn't make much sense (my older arguments still stand they had flirted for some time before that), it is just p0st being bitter about what has been done to *his* raven
On a side note, I would like to mention the irony that p0st trying to discredit a romance sounds just like p0st trying to create a romance. Only things that differ is the lack of a paragraph where Raven would explain how she sees Garfield in his green eyes, and how he doesn't make her eat tofu (read Mortuana, chapter 7. Some of the worst writing I've ever seen). On his behalf, the guy has arguably only written one, one and a half romance and germinated it (with small tweaks) all over a certain 3000000 word long piece. In the same vein, there is a little difference in ridiculousness between him satirizing a relationship (chapter 14., BBRae, the wit of a sixth grader) and describing one (Raven. Noir. Always.) doesn't help much either.

[If somebody is interested in reading excellently composed romantic relationships, I must once more recommend Cyberwraith9's 'Avatar' and its sequel 'Adaptation' (good BBTerra, excellent Robin/Starfire, very good Raven/OC, excellent Raven/Beast Boy, okay Cyborg/OC, though it is not given much development). ]

In the end, the only interesting romance p0st has every written is not the terrible Raven/Noir (which probably moonlights in some fanfic as Raven/Robin), very mediocre Raven/Cyborg (where Cy simply takes the best characteristics Robin and Beast Boy offer in their romances), the plotpoint of a relationship BB/Terra or Robin/Starfire, nope, not any of them.
The most interesting romance p0st has to offer is p0st/Raven, that had been going on for a long time. For convenience, I'll use Mortuana, chapter 7. again:

"Why, Noir? Why? Why'd you and I ever have to team up with someone so smart and so pretty and so mysterious that...that...that we'd be stupid enough to think that we could get to understand more? Maybe this is the curse that Raven's always yapping on about. It has nothing to do with Trigon. It has nothing to do with some demon invading our dimension or whatnot. It's all about Raven's soul. Her poor...beautiful...lonely soul. You and I peered into the well...and now the well's gotten deeper. You and I can't live in that sort of darkness, Noir. But she can. Why? Why does she always have to end up so alone?"
[there are plenty of moments in TBE resembling this one, I just don't want to search]

Besides being one of the dumbest things ever said about Raven (yes, a raging inner demon is alright. being oh-so-dark-and-mysterious is the curse of the ages), this is... not funny, not frustrating, but a little unnerving. It is like seeing someone come out of the bathroom, flushed and panting, wiping a lubricant from his hands. p0st's obsession with Raven isn't healthy for either of them. He tries to make her more complex, and more complex, resulting in a weaker, stupider, crueller and less sane character with every attempy. She... is a cartoon character.
Destructive love at its best.


I'll restate: this fic isn't good. Not by a long shot. It is, however, useful.
There are some small fine observations.
*I've had the same feeling when translating as Raven in chapter 1. Like the languages are hermetically sealed.
*Raven floating when she thinks herself walking (but how could Cyborg tell her that?)
But nothing redeemable. Pretentiousness, paired with lack of any actual intelligence, arrogance (nobody with a drop of modesty would indulge in such faux humility as his prefaces*), lack of basic tolerance (for BBRae relationship, let alone romance. I still consider it to be the superior romantic couple of the fandom. I am fully capable of arguing for it, something p0st apparantly isn't- chapter 14. was quite superficial in its criticism. But I don't want to write another huge post, no terrible pun intended), and, worst of all, terrible characterization, a mix of self-insertion and self-gratifying writng style. Those cannot be tolerated in writing, not even in fanfiction (or especially, considering how invested the readers are in the characters that are violated).
*- "abysmally epic"? I think you got something confused.
hm chapter 1 . 10/12/2012
O, a quick fix. After being absent for a while, I reread my review and some chapters. There are things I want to mention.
1) I was wrong. 'Shy' and the week chapters are quite bad. I'll be quick
I) Chapter 57. suffers from
Intelligence 1- "Outside of understandings, there are only assumptions". In the broadest sense correct, but that is very trivial (aka 'you don't know what you don't know'). On other, it is wrong on so many levels. Especially in light of 20th century advancements. Read later Wittgenstein. Or a textbook for that matter. An obvious line of attack that 'understanding' and 'assumption' are not opposed. 'Understanding' and 'misunderstaning' (don't confuse with no understanding at all), and 'assumption' and 'certainty' are. They are based on different criteria, therefore not opposed. I may be certain that the dwarves, living in the plastic microchips, return the correct number every time I use a calculator. It's a (unthwartable, unless the machine malfunctions) certainty, but based on misunderstanding. On the other hand, I might understand completely how a random number generator works, but with what certainty can I predict them? Countless examples can be created. For somebody hating stupidity, Raven is sure becoming a paragon of it. In p0st's loving hands, that is.
Intelligence 2-'awkwardness' and 'shyness', when referring to social interactions, can be used interchangeably.
Overblown characterization- Raven considers herself a 'monter' for being sarcastic and abrasive? She does not want to become a world-destroying creature, but thinks that she has reached an equivalent of it by snappy comments? I would like to take this opportunity to insult p0st. The guy has no idea how to write a complex character. In TBE he made Raven 'complex' by having her fill buckets with saltwater and pages with bad, self-deprecating dialogue (which created wonderful unintentional irony with Noir's and Cyborg's constant gushings about how astounding she is). The supposedly powerful scenes she got where quite underwhelming (so she won't kill Noir to free herself from Trigon? Cute. Would any other Titan chose differently? No. Does the situation even make sense? Would Trigon's avatar be destroyed by destroying Noir? Wouldn't it just return into Raven? Much is unclear about the scene- and the whole arc in whole. But no biggie, every TBE arc contains, 3 - 6 plotholes, this actually wasn't one of them.). What we were left with was a very weak, whiny and unimpressive character whom p0st's self-insert (for Chrissakes, he kept writing Noir in 1st person even though already using 3rd for other characters; it simply makes no sense) and Cyborg kept drooling on.
Here, p0st tries to give her *more* complexity, and we and up with a character which makes Little Hans look healthy. Seriously, in previous comments I overlooked how neurotic this Raven is (this; hates the thought of getting blood on others; some hilariously terrible chapters like 'Tyi', which also happens to be the worst possible way to latinize that woard). It is actually scary: she is semi-insane. Somebody with that kind of fortitude could never survive demonic presence in their mind for a splitsecond. Much of it comes from author's writing style (if it can be overblown, it will be). The end result is not unlike what I've heard Stephany Meyer achieved when trying to write Bella Swan as a complicated person (haven't read the books myself, but the internet is full of descriptions).

Oh, and, just to show that I'm not lying, here are some (minor, major) plot holes of Scattered Raven. There might be more, but I'd rather not reread it:
*) if Mumbo's camera influenced Raven uniquely, why didn't same hold for Beast Boy? His physiology must be different from normal human's (especially brain structure, otherwise he'd lose memories upon shifting).
*) How can Raven feel emotions if they are technically outside of her? Shouldn't she be left numb?
*) How is it that what is supposed to be an emotion carries over information (Beast Boy's case)?
*) Considering the two above, shouldn't Raven's mind be wiped blank?
*) In what ways is Raven's mind more complex than a normal one? If anything, it is more simplistic, easier to manage (that's the point of reducing emotions to coloured avatars)
*) What happened to other emotions? Are they just running around in random bodies?
*) How can be Wisdom/Knowledge/Whatever be stupid enough to confuse Descartes (who published his work decades before Newton) with what MIGHT be Kant?

Foolish implication 1- if seeing the darkness of the world made her feel the darkness inside her more strongly by contrast, how did she even survive Azarath? Shouldn't the contrast there be even more vivd?
Foolish implication 2- this is the same old point. It makes no sense for Raven to feel guilty about the future opening of the portal, because she is clearly defiant (actively or passively) up to the very last moment, rejecting the fate. It would make sense for her to simply feel innate shame, but that's not it.
[Also, has p0st not seen 'How long is forever'? Wouldn't hearing about a non-destroyed future raise her hopes, make them strong enough to only be broken by Trigon himself at near-end? This is a point p0st-and so many writers- do not consider.]
All what is proper about the chapter is
"Then I've been resentful...for I envied them for their ignorance and their joyous lack of understanding...
And now...
Now I am angry.
Angry at myself for allowing myself to pervert what should have been a natural form of meditation and solitude...
...into something of venomous spite."
She is bitter. Write just that, and throw out the dead meat. I must admit to being not very impressed. Wouldn't she be jealous for their ability to enjoy unbridled feelings? That seems an obvious?
Her becoming angry at herself is... not spectacular, but a solid touch. Doesn't add much, doesn't really explain Raven at any point in time (she is uniformly proceeding towards greater openness in the show). But it works, which makes it a rarity in this fic.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
I forgot to mention that the days of the week chapter was splendidly done. Of course I think there are some issues character-wise, but they are greatly outweighed by virtues. Truly great.
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