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kingPoS chapter 38 . 5/25
So.. both dragons are going to have a go at integrating themselves in Ranma's many groups. Heh, they'll fit right in his teeming hierarchy of grateful companions.

I appreciate the minon index, I sort of lost track of who was who at chapter 23.
Ryan L. Spradling chapter 38 . 5/16
Has any of Ranma's wives got pregnant yet?
habibali123 chapter 38 . 5/13
Thanks for this Chapter of [Overlord Ranma] !

I find your fictions fascinating. May I donate? I want to reduce any money issue you might have.

Please allow me _
Tmx08 chapter 38 . 5/13
This is just Porn at this point.
firelordeg chapter 38 . 5/12
thank you for sharing this fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put in to this story please continue as soon as life allows
Jerry Unipeg chapter 38 . 5/12
Great chapter! Thank you for the minions brake downs.
Ranmaleopard chapter 38 . 5/12
This is just really awesome I can't wait to see what happens next. Please continue!
VFSNAKE chapter 38 . 5/12
Awesome! Ranma getting love and lust from his ladies.
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 38 . 5/12
Long time. Tile next time. Hail Hydra!
goddragonking chapter 38 . 5/12
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more updates soon and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
DX7 chapter 1 . 4/11
Too endless number of ranko.
Luke Dragneel chapter 1 . 3/12
Ah, so this is where that Harry Potter/Overlord crossover came from. While I like the idea of humanoid Minions better than the gremlins of Canon, the over-sexed minions that are merely weaker clones of Ranma's female form just don't cut it.
It would be better to have them as half-human half-(original)minion, such as Reds being red skinned devil-girls that have a below succubi level body.
The attack of the clones you have going on here makes them bland and thus eliminates the potential to have special/higher-class minions like Giblet, Gnarl, and Mortis. Also the way you went about making the spawning pit(which is supposed to be a necromancy type of magic here, not to mention you have all four types here right off the bat) makes it seem so self-defeating due to a lack of resources able to keep those numbers and eliminates the need to search for more life force. Besides, Ranma alone could probably kill half the room before those minions left a mark on him.
Legionnas chapter 37 . 3/10
Is this story dead or something?
Anonymous chapter 1 . 12/29/2014
uuugh... I doonu if I can even make myself read the rest of this.

1. The spirit of the cursed pool. There is no such thing; this is pure fanon. The ppols are just curse, there are no spirits. Ranma does not turn into the girl or the likeness of the girl that drowned in the the pool... he just turn into a girl, PERIOD.

2. Ranko. No, seriously this is pure crap. Nobody and their mother in the Ranma verse would ever refer to or think of Ranma's female form as "Ranko" unless it was meant as a quip at Ranma having pretended in front of his mother, or don't so because said mother was around. Also said mother would have been the only one ever to think Ranma was named Ranko, and she only referred to her son such as that when she believed that his female form really was a girl called Ranko. Once that was resolved she never ever referred to the female form as Ranko, in fact she seemingly became even more adamant about Ranma being manly even when as a girl.

I might review the rest of this fanfic in the future, but for now this first chapter made me feel queasy after reading that cliche tripe.
Sadness chapter 9 . 10/19/2014
I do think that Bush screwed up but at the same time your running on the same blind faith for Obama who is just as bad as Bush.
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