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Guest chapter 11 . 1/7
MORE STACKED!? Are the Minions just going to be a pair of Breasts?
Guest chapter 40 . 11/19/2017
Great story man you have a good multicrossover met all your oc
Anyway keep it up ;)
ZeroLink21 chapter 40 . 11/20/2017
Well this is an interesting story and I am really hoping that you continue writing it although I am kinda curious why the party going to redwall didn't use an airship to get there faster anyway here's hoping for more and for you to keep up the good work
Amu4ever chapter 1 . 10/20/2017
It's kinda a shame that there is not even one Overlord stories in which he can take men as well. Would be even more fun that way, especially since the men wouldn't expect it.
Alex2909 chapter 40 . 1/31/2017
first of all love the story, awesome lemons. second, wonder how the situation with redwall will turn out
maryjane5000 chapter 11 . 1/3/2017
Damn it's basically
& unfortunately this makes it boring especially since there's no growth like in Suikoden in fact there's a S#!load wrong with this fic, like

Ranma & the girl's have little to no personality
Their to accepting of being sent to another world
They ignore the obvious questions like with the appearance of the Ranko's "Is Ranma still cursed"?
& Their to trusting of outsiders
shugokage chapter 8 . 11/3/2016
Nice job on this story!
Azaira chapter 8 . 9/26/2016
It's a decent story, written better than most, but I still find it lacking. The crossover elements just aren't... crossed?

Where's the KI attacks? Where's the martial arts abilities? Wheres the... everything Ranma? It's like you took the characters, stripped them of what they were capable of, and put the into Overlord. The NWC were each capable of massive destruction, easily able to take out a group of bandits each. Each Ranko should still be capable of even the most minimal basics of Ranma's abilities - each still several times stronger than a normal person.
kage88 chapter 40 . 8/12/2016
can not await for more
deanron chapter 3 . 6/30/2016
I can't wait for the next chapter,very well done.
Luke Dragneel chapter 2 . 6/26/2016
Sorry if this seems rather rude, but when I first read this I had never read or watched anything of Ranma 1/2, only having played the Overlord series. So at the time I hadn't realized just what was wrong with this story.
Ranma and the 6 are martial artists comparable to DBZ(in broad terms, since they utilize the same energy but with wider versatility and more abundant magical items around) fighters. Aside from Kasumi and Nabiki, all of them are trained to fight using Ki, which would be more effective in fighting all comers. This story is more of a Ranma shaped characters placed into the Overlord series using only what the Overlord was capable of using and thus relying more on their minions than their own skills(outside of magic).

It actually hurts to see after having read several great Ranma crossovers like The Horse of the Dead or The Wild Horse Thesis that blended Ranma's abilities with the verse he was sent to. It made them greater for it rather than take away from the story.
You could have used the exhaustive list of skills(both ki/magic related and mundane) that each character has to better develop both the minions and each other. Ranma knows Martial Arts Construction, which would allow the rebuilding of the castle and everything they need to happen much faster than normal, especially if he could teach(or they already know how, given they were a part of him not to long ago) his Ranko minions how to do so.
Shampoo is an excellent tracker and practitioner(if only somewhat) of Magic. She could teach the Runners(who would have been better off named Scouts) to be hunters and trackers, while teach and being tought in return by the Mages to actually utilize their different forms of magic usage(item creation compared to actual combat capable spells).

Don't get me wrong, the concept behind this story is a great one and deserves all the spin off variants I have come across, it's just not being used to its full potential and that saddens me after finding out.
JIMIRMA chapter 8 . 6/6/2016
Die,die,die,die,die,die!ROSE! I apsolutly hate Rose and her sister. One calls the minions darlings and pretties and does nothing but boss around while complaining. The other is a slut, who can and will betray you at the cahange of wind, who also does nothing but complain. Kill,kill,kill,kill. Sorry for the rant. I hate those girls in the game. So far it's an ineresting story, a bit too many sex scenes, but still good. I really want to see Ranma in action, as in fight action and not sex. I know it's hapter 8 and I haven't finished reading it all, but please, please kill those so called ladies. Poor overlord daughers, to hells with them!
tH1s chapter 1 . 5/26/2016
A certain fixation on breast, ha plebian spotted. Kidding aside, H cup really? Thats more of a bother than a perk.
Guest chapter 31 . 5/21/2016
"I want 1,000,000 gold pieces for all of it," Isabel said.
"500,000 along with some trade goods, namely new crops, farming machines and how to build them," Nabiki said.
THIS HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST RIPOFF I HAVE EVER SEEN FOR ! #$ SAKE giveing plans away like this god dammit have you never heard that is like giveing power to others. even the simply things can make contrary's more powerful giveing technology away may seem nice until it comes to bite you in the ass the faster he give shit out the more advanced they get the more advanced they get the closer to nukes they get i dont know about you but i dont think even ranma can stand that. my point is that they should not going around giveing technology around like its nothing. by the way guns themselves took centuries to sprad around the world the other contrary's shouldn't be able to make their own unless they share the technology or they get the plans my point is unless anybody give them the plans they shouldn't be able to make them so long as only the rko
Guest chapter 22 . 5/20/2016
you try to make ranma seem nice but the fact is he doesn't mind rape yes it is still considered rape even if its girl on girl.
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