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mlljclock chapter 29 . 10/18
Good story
Oriko chapter 28 . 10/9
So the family is going to get bigger a bit earlier than planned. Kind of wondering if the "my children are your children, your children are my children" thing is going to be literal enough for the fact that in Japanese there's five ways of saying "mother/mum" in traditional common usage and a few more less common and/or traditional options to prove useful.
A Superior Tentacle chapter 29 . 10/11
It's been awhile since I read this story. I did post a review (I'm pretty sure I did?) as A simple fool a loong time ago, not that I remember what it says. Oh well, time to give it another one.

The best part of this story is also the worst part of it in my opinion. The saturation is the piece I speak of. What I mean by that is how emotional characters get, how dramatic everything is. The peaks are higher and valleys lower. Everything is important and that is why it is the best and worst part simultaneously.

As the best part, it makes the story a nice drama. When there's a climax in the romance (an emotional one, not a physical one) then it feels really nice. Like Mizore's soul deep realization that Tsukune really loves her. I liked that part. It also works well with the dynamic you've established in the group. Everything keeps moving forward, big changes, new developments, and the understanding that the world keeps turning. Mizore is pregnant? Better keep training to make sure the baby will have a healthy home. Yukari and Ruby just broke the well established and studied boundaries of magic? Must be Tuesday, want some cake? It's a fun dynamic, a bit wanky and people react with awe a lot in this fic but it's still fun.

As the worst part, however, the level of saturation makes some things feel hyperbolized or overdone. The most glaring example in my mind is when Tsukune said "Don't you ever, ever think that. Understand?" After Rei comes back from shopping with her all new look in chapter 21 Another memorable piece was Tsukune's monologue in chapter 18 to the Valentine brothers. It came off as incredibly cheesy. Maybe it's just my personality, introverted and unlikely to be cheesy or super passionate like Tsukune here, but parts like that came off as overdramatic and cringey. Like on tv when epic music starts playing with an awesome background... Then you realize it's just a car commercial and the music is entirely inappropriate. In this case, it feels like characters are emphasizing the wrong points or it just feels out of character. Tsukune's breakdown after daddy dearest cut off Moka and Kokoa was another of these places in the story no matter how justified it was.

Now as for more general reviews. You did good with smart enemies besides Alexander who obviously represented the dumb ones. Issa knew that fighting them was a bad idea for various reasons in a normal manner (political repercussions, not actually solving anything, god forbid he and his cronies lose!). So he hit them where it hurt instead. The wallet. Issa attempted to split them, divide and conquer, leave them hopeless teenagers all alone and drag his daughters out of whatever disasters would have followed the desperate actions of a teen with nowhere to go and nothing to rely on. A good plan. New characters are introduced well. They have the best quality an OC can have (not that most fanfic authors realize what that is) and that trait is that they are not central. Besides Rei, all the other original/inspired characters are there to advance plots or add twist. Noriko made the group, Moka and Tsukune in particular, focus more on Kuyou while they were thinking about the PSC. Then the auditorium happened and Tsukune did his thing causing many to have sudden epiphanies about fire safety. The Valentines are pretty well integrated into the plot too. But they're doing it mostly for their benefit and own sympathies. They're not doing it to join the main characters and get where the action is like so many shitty fics do with SI's and OC fics. They don't have stupid and:or vague reasoning about why they should be in the main characters harem. Nice work, it's really difficult to put in good OC's.

It was a lovely read through and through. I enjoyed it very much and can't wait for more.
Erico chapter 29 . 10/6
Gah, the withdrawal symptoms are starting to set in...
Oriko chapter 25 . 10/4
I like the way things worked out in this chapter. All the talk about kids makes me think that if Youkai Academy is still around a couple of decades down the line there's going to be Aonos in every year, possibly multiple ones per year, for quite a while.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/24
Great to see the story continuing! I'll be anxiously awaiting future chapters!
kyokunkunoichi chapter 29 . 8/30
Dude... you took the trope Achievement in Ignorance and milked it until it died from dehydration. And it's wonderful.
ArtanisRose chapter 29 . 8/16
This has bren a wonderful story. Everything, including the introduction of Rei and the Valentine family has been absolutely awesome. I dunno how many chapters you have left, and I don't even care. This has been an amazing read so far amd I can feel everything building up to something awesome! Well done.
scrapbookofwasabi chapter 5 . 8/13
Damn... nice story man! I wish I could write as well as you!
UnflinchingResolve chapter 19 . 8/11
This chapter manages to make me laugh every time.
UnflinchingResolve chapter 19 . 8/11
This chapter manages to make me laugh every time.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/29
Hahaha I nearly fell off my bed when I rea the end of that chapter keep it up
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26
Finally someone is doing a continuation of the manga that looks like you actually read it. And there's lemons! Always a bonus! I tip my hat to you sir/ma'am. Please continue to make the internet great!
Drakon88 chapter 29 . 7/17
One of the most amazing, alwsome, fanfiction I have ever read I honestly can't wait for you to continue writing the next chapter
Baron O Beefdip chapter 29 . 7/10
This has to be the MOST epic fiction I've read on this site, and that's spanning a few genres even.

The pacing isn't rushed at all, all characters and scenarios are so fleshed out and well described, it's just amazing. The interplay has a full go of the field with the emotions; while reading this there were times I was in tears, either from certain more tragic events or from laughing too hard. Don't get me started on the lemons, either; they were excellent, but then again I can't help thinking that in regards to every other aspect in this tale. I really sound like a fanboy, I guess, but I'm usually quite sparing in my praise... but when it's due, it's due. And it is.

I hope you find that cover artist and keep your muse wrangled so we can get another chapter out of you soon.
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