Reviews for Here In My Arms
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 13 . 7/24
Mwahaha... Bitches Shall Dine in hell tonight...
Kc4229 chapter 30 . 7/22
the chapters were long and the journey has been a one of a kind experience. I hope the story continues as I love each and every chapter in it's entirety, you've really made everyone come alive and while it does feel like a close is coming I personally don't want it to end! in my opinion this is what a good story should be so thank you very much!
Nemoskull chapter 1 . 7/15
what happened to this fic? its sooo good.
The Impossible Muffin chapter 30 . 7/1
90% of the Rosario vampire stories that interest me are unreserved angst-fests, so I was expecting more of the same (especially with how this story started) but I have been pleasantly surprised! You have my fave and follow.
SwarmingShadow chapter 12 . 5/15
sex drama: the story
Neroscurse chapter 30 . 4/23
Hey Sabr, Wow I really don't know how to say this seriously enough, but what an awesome story! The writing is flawless, the story is captivating, endearing, hilarious, sad and oddly empowering to boot. I only hope you come back to bring this story to some conclusion, but even without that, I can adamantly say that my time reading this has not been a waste!

Also, I've read the most of your other works, including the two completed bleach stories. Those were equally as fun as well. Thanks for the (approximately) 95 hours of enjoyment it's taken to read all of your work. Hopefully a story of your own someday will be published! It'll put professionals to shame, much like how your reworks of Rosario Vampire and Bleach fare far better than what the animes and even manga have managed.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/3
Wonderfull storie! You really did create your very own universe with plots and sub plots put together beautifully. I just wanted to know if you plan on continuing this storie?
ArchAngelArcher chapter 30 . 4/4
Hello it's so good to see another chapter in this story. I've been loving it and so have my friends. I love the excitement I get out of your work and how often it leaves me wanting more. I don't comment often much less write to the author a review, I prefer to just sit in the background. But anyway I think your way of writing to be flawless. I only request an update a little more often. I don't demand any kind of schedule, only make a request from a devoted fan of your story for an update a little quicker. I am also eager to learn about the Rosario Tsukune had and why it hasn't broken yet, and what Issa will do next. This is a story that could honestly be the best out there. Please write me back as I would like to hear your thoughts and maybe answer a question or two. Thank you for the time.
ElfenbeinDaemon chapter 30 . 3/28
Once again, I am blown away. your writing is incredible and I really have zero complaints. I cannot think of anything to critique in your work. You're absolutely fantastic and I look forward to the next chapter.
Sadhaka chapter 8 . 3/12
So Mizore and Kurumu have been having sex even while trying to get with the man they say they love? It's implied but never said outright. Gotta say it changes my way of looking at them,and not in a good way. Who sleeps around while trying to get the one they love? No one good.
Sadhaka chapter 8 . 3/12
You don't describe the swim wear, you fall into the bad habit of using sayings for your descriptions. Instead of saying the suit skin tight, molded to her large cheeks showing every dip. You say it made regular swim wear look like a parka. Don't describe by telling me about something else.
Sadhaka chapter 3 . 3/9
I love this story, it's one of my favorite. But I'd remiss if I didn't point out a few things.

People have bodies, they are more than strings of dialogue. Rooms have stuff in them, they are not just places people talk. This story lacks descriptions, instead you rely on adjectives 'beautiful, spooky, goddess, sexy, etc' these are not descriptions they are merely a way for you not to describe things. What did Mizore feel like pressed up against him? What did the school room look like? How about ten cemetary?
Oaksheild chapter 30 . 3/5
Just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your story thus far. Thank you for sharing it with us, and I imagine I speak for all the readers you have drawn in that we look forward to the release of your next chapter.

MFifteen chapter 30 . 2/13
I only just discovered this story and read all of it in as few sittings as I could. Every fandom has one fic that i just accept into my headcanon and makes all other stories in the fandom fall flat. You've managed to build up your own lore that fits so well with the manga that it's difficult not to accept this as canon. I recognize that it takes a while to write chapters of this length and with the clear love put into it, so I will be checking back religiously for new chapters. Though no part of me believes that you need it and my artistic skills are nonexistent, I almost want to offer any help that I can to make sure as many people read this story as possible. The only thing stopping me is the fact that that might ruin for me the pacing you have so painstakingly set up.

Suffice to say, I can't wait for more.
Hercules8 chapter 3 . 2/6
I am liking the story so far. It's a real fun read. I am looking forward to reading more! :D
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