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Shadowdescender chapter 30 . 8/29
This is probably my 6th or 7th time rereading this story and every time I am reminded why I love this story so much and why I always check up on it every couple of months to see if it has been updated. Here's hoping that one day this story is completed, until then I will always look forward to the next chapter.
legunter11 chapter 30 . 8/20
I just wanted to thank you for writing this. It is a wonderful story. You are a great writer, and I hope you will not only finish this story but continue writing in general. Thanks Again!
hoho chapter 30 . 7/3
I like to see how this story ends please mr wrighter show me what you got
AlernateReality chapter 3 . 7/3
disgusting how he just runs back to her. absolutely disgusting
Shadow99688 chapter 29 . 7/1
Last update Aug 2017, was really hoping story would continue but it looks to have died.
ShadowFireZelda chapter 26 . 5/6
... Mizore best girl.
end chapter 30 . 4/9
great how may chapters left till the end of the story
Guest chapter 11 . 3/26
ye boi i lik it
Guest chapter 30 . 3/22
We miss you! Please return soon! This is one of the few RxV stories that doesn’t just turn into porn in its entirety. The ideas and scope of this story are...beautiful
roughgunner chapter 30 . 2/16
So when should we expect a update
Guest chapter 30 . 12/22/2018
I’ve been reading this over and over as it came out and I really want the finish. When will tsukki break the seal and why? It’s leadingnup very well and I want to know what happens. Please continue this beautiful story of yours. It’s very compelling and I even read it during work!
Harry Black Potter chapter 30 . 12/6/2018
Greetings Sabr,

recently the release of Dragon Ball Super rekindled my interest in Japanese manga. I have to admit that I never really cared for any Japanese series except the Dragon Ball franchise for over 20 years. However, the release of Dragon Ball Super suddenly made me want to broaden my horizon. I asked myself if - potentially - there were other hidden gems out there which might peak my interest.

Subsequently, I started watching a number of animes before stumbling upon Rosario Vampire. I found the original plot intriguing, even if the implementation was lacking. According to fans the manga was so much better than the anime though. Thus, I got drawn to the manga and I devoured it within a handful of days. I found some real enjoyment in the setting of the story and its characters but I wanted more. The story had ended but I was left unfulfilled.

It's rare that I look for fanfictions. As you can deduce from my nickname, only the HP-franchise ever really managed to grab my full interest (and its undisputed number 1 status here on ff is evidence of its drawing power). Nonetheless, Vampire Rosario eventually led me here and I'm glad it did. I've had my fair share of fanfics and I have been around long enough to recognize a truly great story when I see it. I want to congratulate you on producing a wonderful story which is worthy of all the praise it gets.

The combination of a well-versed writing style and brilliant story-telling is hard to find, kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is one of the few stories (from all the ones I've read) which has completely grabbed my interest and kept me up until nearly 03.00 in the morning twice in a row. If an author manages to provide a story which prevents me from going to bed, then it's proof of how much of a gem "Here In My Arms" is.

You took your inspiration from the manga before adding to its lore. You got me invested in all of the characters which is an intricate thing to do in a harem story. You really managed to flesh out Tskukune and all of his girls. That fact deserves a lot of applause. The way how you describe the the growing bonds feels actually natural and given Tsukunes immortality the harem route actually seems very plausible.

Furthermore I really admire how Tsukune gains strength over strength as the time progresses. I really really hope that you'll update your story in the future because basically all of the build-up seems to lead up to the summer festival (and beyond). It's such a gratifying experience to see how strong Tsukune is becoming (I simply love protagonists who - against all odds - become a real force to be reckoned with after enduring lots of hardships). All the hints about his (kind of) mysterious power restraining/testing necklace just make me want to know how the story unfolds when the Shuzen-clan makes his move and how the PSC will react to the threat. Vincent even remarks that all the seals have broken, yet it's still around his neck. Basically, Tsukune has been sealed since chapter 7 and lots of threats/challenges/training sessions have happened since then. I was praying to see unsealed Tsukune once more but I just knew that the story would end up on some kind of cliffhanger, aargh ;)

I sincerely hope that you haven't abandoned the story because it deserves to be completed. I think that sentiment is shared by lots of users on here and by even more silent readers surely. Anyway, I felt compelled to leave you a more profound review because I truly relished those 30 chapters. Hopefully there's a lot more to come

see you next time,


Ps. I'm off to listen to the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" theme now. (I haven't heard that one in ages.)
RabbidChimp chapter 30 . 11/9/2018
This story is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for in a RV fic. But seriously...what happened? Is this story dead? Any hope for an update? You left us right at the good part!
PointlessFigment chapter 13 . 7/24/2018
Mwahaha... Bitches Shall Dine in hell tonight...
Kc4229 chapter 30 . 7/22/2018
the chapters were long and the journey has been a one of a kind experience. I hope the story continues as I love each and every chapter in it's entirety, you've really made everyone come alive and while it does feel like a close is coming I personally don't want it to end! in my opinion this is what a good story should be so thank you very much!
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