Reviews for summer dreams
RandomFan22 chapter 1 . 7/25/2009 thinks I see a pattern in your writing. Once again your heroine has no idea who our hero, Keith Partridge, is. Where do you find these girls? They must live in some very remote places - LOL.

Well, at least it's a great way to start a story. No girl in such complete awe that the can't even speak, though Karie was a bit stunned by his good looks.

Great start!
Mystical Lady Partridge chapter 1 . 7/23/2009
Cool! Another story! YAY!

I'm really liking this one. Obviously, this is a few years down the road, with the kids being a little older than they were in the show. That makes for some interesting scenes in itself.

Gotta love the way our hero is still so down-to-earth, that he doesn't want to let her know who he is right away. The fact that he listened to his own music, and didn't give himself away with any facial expressions or anything like that, says a lot. Even Chris and Danny got it!

Okies, don't make me wait too long for another chappie-either this story or "Aussie Treat." A chapter of each would be good too...LOL

Chapter Junkie