Reviews for Son of Aura
Guest chapter 3 . 8/4
The Kingdom Wolves: Kalob's pack
Anna: Gray wolf.
Kevin: Gray wolf.
Hutch: Gray wolf.
Caeser: Gray wolf.
Ranger: Gray wolf.
Duchess: Gray wolf.
Harrison: Gray wolf.
Roark: Gray wolf.
Zack: Gray wolf.
Paul: Gray wolf.
Trey: Gray wolf.

The Kingdom Wolves: Naruto's pack
Ino: Hokkaido wolf.
Gaara: Hokkaido wolf.
Shizuka: Hokkaido wolf.
Kankuro: Hokkaido wolf.
Tsunade: Hokkaido wolf.
Asuma: Hokkaido wolf.
Sakura: Hokkaido wolf.
Hinata: Hokkaido wolf.
Hidan: Hokkaido wolf.

The Kingdom Wolves: Natsu's pack
Erza: Cascade wolf.
Laxus: Timber wolf.
Cana: Georgian wolf.
Gajeel: Georgian wolf.
Robber: Shikoku wolf.
Lucy: Sakhalin wolf.
Levy: Sakhalin wolf.
Juvia: Arctic wolf.

Kingdom Wolves: Jaune's pack
Maro: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Miltia: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Blood: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Corey: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Russel: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Crimson: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Blackear: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Melanie: Rubicund Dire wolf.

Kingdom Wolves: Akela's pack
Akru: Indian wolf.
Lukio: Indian wolf.
Lune: Indian wolf.
Spartina: Indian wolf.
Huata: Indian wolf.
Diana: Indian wolf.
Sura: Indian wolf.
Leah: Indian wolf.
Luri: Indian wolf.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3
The Kingdom Wolves: Rosso's clan
Rosso: Shikoku Ken, he has dark tan fur with grey markings with many scars crossing his face and back and green eyes.
Tekkar: Shikoku Ken, he has light tan fur with black spots on his back and brown eyes.
Cyrus: Shikoku Ken, he has light brown fur with reddish brindle and blue eyes.
Takeru: Shikoku Ken, he has chocolate brown fur and red dots on his legs and black eyes.
Cobor: Shikoku Ken, he has copper brown fur with a white mohawk and many scars on his body and red eyes.
Shingo: Shikoku Ken and Sakhalin Husky mix, he has dark brown fur with light tan patterns and brown eyes.
Donato: Shikoku Ken and Dutch Shepherd mix, black sesame fur with a white underbelly and red eyes.
Kentaro: Shikoku Ken, he has white fur with a black mohawk and scar on his right eye and bloodshot eyes.
Mirko: Shikoku Ken, he has dark hazel fur with a pseudo-mohawk and black eyes.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/1
Kingdom Wolves Sensei Aaron: Pack Leaders of the Prehistoric Wolf Clans
Aaron: Dire wolf.
Clayton: Dire wolf.
Azazel: Dire wolf.
Kasai: Haast's wolf.
Kaiju: Cave wolf.
Aslan: Malaysian wolf.
Kuruma: Holocene wolf.
Komodo: Kilimanjaro wolf.
Graban: Rubicund Dire wolf.
Caeser: Armbruster's wolf.
Hyde: Madagascar wolf.
Raikou: Thailand wolf.
Daigo: Etruscan wolf.
Kaizer: Anubian wolf.
Sylia: Edward's wolf.
Aslan: Beringian wolf.
Lubdan: Anubian wolf.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/29
Kingdom Wolves Densetsu Bell: Antagonists
Balmus: Presa Canario.
Sancho: African wild dog.
Butcho: African wild dog.
Matcho: African wild dog.
Hougen: Great Dane.
Genba: Great Dane.
Kite: Greyhound and Pitbull mix.
Ronin: Australian Cattle Dog and dingo mix.
Matsu: Alaskan Malamute mix.
Yusuke: Karelian Bear Dog.
Stoner: German Shepherd mix.
Batto: Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Kamakiri: Irish Wolfhound.
Buruge: Blackmouth Cur.
Scimitar: Indian dhole.
Foxhound Spies: English Foxhounds.
Shogun: Golden jackal and Shikoku Inu mix.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/29
The Kingdom Wolves Densetsu Orion: Antagonists
Masamune: Unknown breed.
Matheus: German Shepherd.
Hideaki: Pitbull and Bull Terrier mix.
Trigger: Kai Ken and Chinese Chongqing Dog mix.
Dominix: Kai Ken and Dutch Shepherd mix.
Drago: Kai Ken and Rottweiler mix.
Shinnosuke: Kai Ken mix.
Gennosuke: Kai Ken mix.
Kakeru: Kai Ken mix.
Jirota: Kai Ken mix.
Kurokirimaru: Kai Ken.
Kurogane: Kai Ken.
Shikkoku: Kai Ken.
Kosetsu: Kai Ken.
Tsumuji: Kai Ken.
Gekka: Kai Ken.
Renji: Kai Ken.

The Kingdom Wolves Last Wars: Antagonists
Moncho: Xenocyon.
Vancho: Xenocyon.
Bancho: Xenocyon.
Hutcho: Xenocyon.
Hancho: Xenocyon.
Honcho: Xenocyon.
Wancho: Xenocyon.
Rancho: Xenocyon.
Tancho: Xenocyon.
Yancho: Xenocyon.
Mancho: Xenocyon.
Kancho: Xenocyon.
Jancho: Xenocyon.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/29
Kingdom Wolves Nagareboshi Ash: Antagonists
Akakabuto: Smilodon.
Kesagake: Smilodon.
Masahiro: Megantereon.
Shirakaba: Smilodon.
Chukabuto: Smilodon.
Kurokabuto: Smilodon.
Harpooned Saber: Homotherium.
Maurenian Sabers: Machairodus.
Platoon Saber: Megantereon.
Madara: Smilodon.
Mosa: Smilodon.
Gaki: Smilodon.

Kingdom Wolves Nagareboshi Ash (Thylacine Arc): Antagonists
Tigra: Maurenian thylacine.
Tygra: Maurenian thylacine.
Tigor: Alayssian thylacine.
Black Tiger: Alayssian thylacine.
White Tiger: Maned Siberian thylacine.
Thunder Tiger: Maurenian thylacine.
Tigerstar: Alayssian thylacine.
Tigerclaw: Alayssian thylacine.
Tigerstar's soldiers: Maurenian thylacines.
Tigon: Maned Siberian thylacine.
Tigerex: Alayssian thylacine.
Tigrex: Maurenian thylacine.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/17
Kingdom Wolves: The Ninja Wolf Clans
1. Iga Ninja wolves
2. Koga Ninja wolves
3. Sanadan Ninja wolves
4. Konohagakure Ninja wolves
5. Uzushiogakure Ninja wolves
6. Takigakure Ninja wolves
7. Yugakure Ninja wolves
8. Kumogakure Ninja wolves
9. Amegakure Ninja wolves
10. Otogakure Ninja wolves
11. Iwagakure Ninja wolves
12. Sunagakure Ninja wolves
13. Ishigakure Ninja wolves
14. Kirigakure Ninja wolves
15. Kusagakure Ninja wolves
16. Hoshigakure Ninja wolves
17. Yumegakure Ninja wolves
18. Getsugakure Ninja wolves
19. Yukigakure Ninja wolves
20. Shimogakure Ninja wolves
21. Tanigakure Ninja wolves
22. Tsukigakure Ninja wolves
23. Kagero Ninja wolves
24. Uzumaki Ninja wolves
25. Uchiha Ninja wolves
26. Haruno Ninja wolves
27. Hyuga Ninja wolves
28. Kurohabaki Ninja Wolves
29. Kazetsubaki Ninja Wolves
Guest chapter 1 . 6/16
Age: 4 years old (KWNA), 11 years old (KWDB) and 18 years old (KWDO).
Breed: Kai Ken.
Affiliation: Zephes's pack (leader), Kai Ken Army.
Personality: Aggressive, bloodthirsty, vicious, and vengeful.
Alliance: Kurokirimaru, Kurogane, Gekka, Tsumuji, Kosetsu, Jirota and Shinnosuke,
Enemies: Ash, Serena, Velkan, Bell and Orion, and the Kingdom wolves.
Family: Gama (great-grandfather), Agana (grandfather), and Kazar (father).

Zephes attacked Ash. but Ash overpowered him and tore his eye in the process. Seeking revenge

Orion overheard Zephes's plans to kill every wolf packs who joined the Kingdom wolves and take their territories and get them out of the way, Orion tries to warn everyone before Dominix's pack caught him and chased after him, causing Tesshin, Teru and their Ninja wolves and wolfdogs to fight them and escape.

Gekka tells Zephes about Kurogane's death by Masashige who betrayed the Kai Kens, angered, Zephes ordered Gekka's soldiers to kill Masashige's pack before they could fight back.

Zephes defeated Kyoushiro, Teru, Maxim, Kagetora, Jerome and Ken, but Kyon managed to rip Zephes's ear off. Zephes and Bell fought, but Bell was injured after the fight with Gekka's soldiers, then Zephes had an oppurtinity to kill Bell, but Orion attacked and clawed Zephes's left eye out.

Ash, you killed my father and now I'll kill those puppies of yours! (Zephes to Ash).
Nice bravery. kid. These wounds you gave me...I'll return the pain a hundred times worse! (Zephes to Bell).
Ash is a grandfather now? This is getting interesting... (Zephes to Kurogane).
The pups know too much, no survivors. (Zephes to Kurogane's pack).
Now, son of Naruto. Be cooperative and stay where you are. If you run, my soldiers will kill you slower... (Zephes to Boruto).
Send the Stratos Kai Kens to Mutsu and wiped out Kisaragi! And bring Gekka ad his unit with you as well! (Zephes to Dominix).

Tabitha, I don't have time for your little games. (Zephes to Tabitha).
However, I hate traitors. (Zephes to Tabitha).
Well, Shinnosuke, what are you fools waiting for?! After them! (Zephes tells Shinnosuke to kill Tabitha and her pack).
Just because you and your family are Kai Kens. Your family are traitors to the great Kai Kens for being on the Kingdom wolves' sides! (Zephes to Kagetora).
I am home...ATTACK! (Zephes to Bell, then ordered his army to attack the Kingdom wolves).
Son of Bell! You're going to fight me! (Zephes to Orion).
I won't die, I won't die that easy, you little fuckers! (Zephes to the Kingdom wolves).
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15
Kingdom Wolves: Second Leaders of the Ninja Wolf Clans
Tesshin: Koga Ninja wolf (Shikoku wolf).
Okami: Iga Ninja wolf (Kishu wolf).
Naruto: Uzumaki Ninja wolf (Hokkaido wolf).
Sakura: Haruno Ninja wolf (Hokkaido wolf).
Koji: Inuzuka Ninja wolf (Indian wolf).
Tsubakuro: Sanadan Ninja wolfdog (Kutta wolf and Beauceron mix).
Kinja: Kumogakure Ninja wolf (Honshu wolf).
Tenka: Kohonagakure Ninja wolf (Mexican wolf).
Toboe: Sunagakure Ninja wolf (Persian wolf).
Jiro: Wolfdog (Akita wolf and Kai Ken mix).
Gennai: Tetsu Ninja wolf (Akita wolf.
Kenshin: Kirigakure Wolfdog (Armenian wolf and Saluki mix).
Shin: Uzushiogakure Ninja wolf (Kutta wolf).
Gamu: Kagero Ninja wolf (Kishu wolf).
Nadir: Takigakure Ninja wolf (Himalayan wolf).
Octavia: Yugakure Ninja wolf (Mongolian wolf).
Rei: Ishigakure Ninja wolf (Syrian wolf).
Hinata: Hyuga Ninja wolf (Hokkaido wolf).
Koreas: Tsukigakure Ninja wolf (Kishu wolf).
Neji: Getsugakure Ninja wolf (Japanese wolf).
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15
Kingdom Wolves: The Current Pack Leaders of the Kingdom Wolf Packs
Ron: German wolf.
Akama: Kishu wolf.
John: German wolf.
Mugen: Japanese wolf.
Jerome: German wolf.
Kyoushiro: Kishu wolf.
Naruto: Honshu wolf and
Toby: Italian wolf.
Jack: Himalayan wolf.
Gabu: Tibetan wolf.
Ghiro: Himalayan wolf.
Gauru: Tibetan wolf.
Bari: Himalyan wolf.
Jess: Matador wolf.
Alex: Barbary wolf.
Niju: Manitoba wolf.
Boruto: Japanese wolf.
Luko: German wolf and Barbary wolf mix.
Hyouma: Hokkaido wolf.
Retsuga: Hokkaido wolf.
Sakon and Ukon: Honshu wolves.
Raksha: Indian wolf.
Akru and Sura: Indian wolves.
Smith: Iberian wolf.
GB: English wolf.
Davis: Hokkaido wolf and Grey wolf mix.
Gennai: Pyrenees wolf.
Marcus: Eurasian wolf.
Maxim: Iberian wolf.
Izou: Siberian wolf.
Darrel: Mongolian wolf.
Jaune: Bactrian wolf.
Aleu: Wolfdog (Grey wolf and Siberian Husky mix).
Kodi: Wolfdog (Grey wolf and Siberian Husky mix).
Don: Russian wolf.
Naoki: Japanese wolf.
Sora: Galician wolf.
Zev: Majorca wolf.
Otis: Bernard's wolf.
Tsume: Gray wolf.
Yuuto: Croatian wolf.
Suzaku: Siberian wolf.
Zion: Dire wolf and Siberian wolf mix.
Tama: Wolfdog (Pyrenees wolf and Sakhalin Husky mix).
Jinnai: Kishu wolf.
Teru: Wolfdog (Ethiopian wolf and German Shepherd mix).
Raku: Sumatran wolf.
Aslan: Amur wolf.
Boro: Tibetan wolf.
Mei: Indian wolf.
Max: Kanto wolf.
Dengen: Japanese wolf.
Marion: Syrian Brown wolf.
Zen: Dire wolf and Kishu wolf mix.
Kazuma: Wolfdog (Chinese wolf and Chow Chow mix).
Campion: Italian wolf.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15
Fallen Pack Leaders of the Kingdom Wolf Packs
Samuel: Pyrenean wolf/killed by Kai Kens.
Balto: Wolfdog/killed by Kurokirimaru.
Reiji: Syrian wolf/killed by Akakabuto's minions.
Reima: Hokkaido wolf/killed during landslide with Gaia and Tigra.
Jagger: German wolf/killed by the Outlander hyenas.
Benizakura: Tosa wolf/drowned.
Bill: Saintongeois wolf/killed by Tigra's soldiers.
Morrison: Tibetan wolf/killed by Matsu's pack.
Moss: Mastiff wolf/killed by Butcho's soldiers.
Hakuro: Siberian wolf/killed by Sancho.
Kisaragi: Siberian wolf/killed the Ganin Kai Kens.
Musashi: Tosa wolf/killed by Monsoon.
Jaguaro: Mastiff wolf/killed by Monsoon's pack.
Gaia: Hokkaido wolf/killed during by landslide with Tigra and Reima.
Fuga: Hokkaido wolf/killed by Silver Tiger.
Noroi: Honshu wolf/killed by Nero's soldiers.
Mukonga: Honshu wolf/killed by Thunder Tiger.
Bighorn: Japanese wolf/killed by Sahak.
Raiga: Honshu wolf/killed by Tigra.
Zali: Steppe wolf and Mexican wolf mix/killed by Batto's minions.
Lefty: Akita wolf/killed by Matsu.
Victor: German wolf/killed by the dholes.
Bozlev: German wolf/killed by Kazar's troops.
Kiev: Siberian wolf/killed by Matcho.
Goldeye: Hokkaido wolf/killed by Matcho's soldiers.
Kirito: Dire wolf /killed by the Brown Dogs.
Saito: Dire wolf/killed by Red Dogs.
Guilder: Wolfdog (Indian wolf and Dalmatian mix)/killed by the Hybrid Lion.
Masao: Wolfdog (Georgian wolf and Dalmatian mix)/killed by Sancho's troops.
Liger: Wolfdog (Arabian wolf and Catahoula Cur mix)/killed by the Hybrid Lion.
Hans: Alaskan Tundra wolf/killed by Shinnosuke's pack.
Sinous: European wolf/killed by the Brown dogs.
Adder: European wolf/killed by Bully.
Caspian: Thai Grey wolf/killed by Matcho.
Roman: Romanian wolf/killed by the Ganin Kai Kens.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14
The Kingdom Wolves: Leaders of the Evil Dog Packs
Batto: Labrador Retriever/killed by Ken and Kagetora.
Kite: Greyhound mix/killed by Tesshin.
Kamakiri: Irish Wolfhound/killed by Hiro.
Nero: Siberian Husky and Greenland Dog mix/killed by Hougen.
Buruge: Blackmouth Cur/killed by Victor's soldiers.
Hougen: Great Dane/killed by Kalem and Velkan.
Genba: Great Dane/killed by Hougen.
Sniper: Doberman Pinscher/killed by Ash.
Sancho: German Shepherd/killed by Bell.
Butcho: German Shepherd/killed by Gabu.
Matcho: German Shepherd/killed by Ash and Musashi.
Hancho: German Shepherd/killed by Velkan.
Gancho: German Shepherd/killed by Naruto.
Muramasa: Pitbull and Foxhound mix/killed by John.
troll chapter 6 . 4/23
"I used protection spells"

Lol well it obviously didn't work.
1GreninjaWolfBossDeath chapter 14 . 4/7
Please do a sequel, I am begging you.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/25/2016
Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Raptorepta Hound Dromaeosaurs
Raptorepta Hound Lycaeraptor
Raptorepta Hound Acceraptor
Raptorepta Hound Airakoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Atrociraptor
Raptorepta Hound Pyroraptor
Raptorepta Hound Nykoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Smiloraptor
Raptorepta Hound Velociraptor
Raptorepta Hound Staurikoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Austroraptor
Raptorepta Hound Luanchuanraptor
Raptorepta Hound Baragonraptor
Raptorepta Hound Zuniraptor
Raptorepta Hound Gojiraraptor
Raptorepta Hound Herreraptor
Raptorepta Hound Utahraptor
Raptorepta Hound Linheraptor
Raptorepta Hound Scimitoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Alioraptor
Raptorepta Hound Lophoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Neuquenraptor
Raptorepta Hound Pamparaptor
Raptorepta Hound Gigaeroraptor
Raptorepta Hound Lycoanraptor
Raptorepta Hound Tarascoraptor
Raptorepta Hound Zhuchengraptor
Raptorepta Hound Variraptor
Raptorepta Hound Graciliraptor
Raptorepta Hound Acheroraptor
Raptorepta Hound Dakotaraptor
Raptorepta Hound Nevedaraptor
Raptorepta Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Shraptor Hound Dromaeosaurs
Shraptor Hound Lycaeraptor
Shraptor Hound Acceraptor
Shraptor Hound Airakoraptor
Shraptor Hound Atrociraptor
Shraptor Hound Pyroraptor
Shraptor Hound Nykoraptor
Shraptor Hound Smiloraptor
Shraptor Hound Velociraptor
Shraptor Hound Staurikoraptor
Shraptor Hound Austroraptor
Shraptor Hound Luanchuanraptor
Shraptor Hound Baragonraptor
Shraptor Hound Zuniraptor
Shraptor Hound Gojiraraptor
Shraptor Hound Herreraptor
Shraptor Hound Utahraptor
Shraptor Hound Linheraptor
Shraptor Hound Scimitoraptor
Shraptor Hound Alioraptor
Shraptor Hound Lophoraptor
Shraptor Hound Neuquenraptor
Shraptor Hound Pamparaptor
Shraptor Hound Gigaeroraptor
Shraptor Hound Lycoanraptor
Shraptor Hound Tarascoraptor
Shraptor Hound Zhuchengraptor
Shraptor Hound Variraptor
Shraptor Hound Graciliraptor
Shraptor Hound Acheroraptor
Shraptor Hound Dakotaraptor
Shraptor Hound Nevedaraptor
Shraptor Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Raptorch Hound Dromaeosaurs
Raptorch Hound Lycaeraptor
Raptorch Hound Acceraptor
Raptorch Hound Airakoraptor
Raptorch Hound Atrociraptor
Raptorch Hound Pyroraptor
Raptorch Hound Nykoraptor
Raptorch Hound Smiloraptor
Raptorch Hound Velociraptor
Raptorch Hound Staurikoraptor
Raptorch Hound Austroraptor
Raptorch Hound Luanchuanraptor
Raptorch Hound Baragonraptor
Raptorch Hound Zuniraptor
Raptorch Hound Gojiraraptor
Raptorch Hound Herreraptor
Raptorch Hound Utahraptor
Raptorch Hound Linheraptor
Raptorch Hound Scimitoraptor
Raptorch Hound Alioraptor
Raptorch Hound Lophoraptor
Raptorch Hound Neuquenraptor
Raptorch Hound Pamparaptor
Raptorch Hound Gigaeroraptor
Raptorch Hound Lycoanraptor
Raptorch Hound Tarascoraptor
Raptorch Hound Variraptor
Raptorch Hound Graciliraptor
Raptorch Hound Acheroraptor
Raptorch Hound Dakotaraptor
Raptorch Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Dromaepier Hound Dromaeosaurs
Dromaepier Hound Lycaeraptor
Dromaepier Hound Acceraptor
Dromaepier Hound Airakoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Atrociraptor
Dromaepier Hound Pyroraptor
Dromaepier Hound Nykoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Smiloraptor
Dromaepier Hound Velociraptor
Dromaepier Hound Staurikoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Austroraptor
Dromaepier Hound Luanchuanraptor
Dromaepier Hound Baragonraptor
Dromaepier Hound Zuniraptor
Dromaepier Hound Gojiraraptor
Dromaepier Hound Herreraptor
Dromaepier Hound Utahraptor
Dromaepier Hound Linheraptor
Dromaepier Hound Scimitoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Alioraptor
Dromaepier Hound Lophoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Neuquenraptor
Dromaepier Hound Pamparaptor
Dromaepier Hound Gigaeroraptor
Dromaepier Hound Lycoanraptor
Dromaepier Hound Tarascoraptor
Dromaepier Hound Zhuchengraptor
Dromaepier Hound Variraptor
Dromaepier Hound Graciliraptor
Dromaepier Hound Acheroraptor
Dromaepier Hound Dakotaraptor
Dromaepier Hound Nevedaraptor
Dromaepier Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Velocerno Hound Dromaeosaurs
Velocerno Hound Lycaeraptor
Velocerno Hound Acceraptor
Velocerno Hound Airakoraptor
Velocerno Hound Atrociraptor
Velocerno Hound Pyroraptor
Velocerno Hound Nykoraptor
Velocerno Hound Smiloraptor
Velocerno Hound Velociraptor
Velocerno Hound Staurikoraptor
Velocerno Hound Austroraptor
Velocerno Hound Luanchuanraptor
Velocerno Hound Baragonraptor
Velocerno Hound Zuniraptor
Velocerno Hound Gojiraraptor
Velocerno Hound Herreraptor
Velocerno Hound Utahraptor
Velocerno Hound Linheraptor
Velocerno Hound Scimitoraptor
Velocerno Hound Alioraptor
Velocerno Hound Lophoraptor
Velocerno Hound Neuquenraptor
Velocerno Hound Pamparaptor
Velocerno Hound Gigaeroraptor
Velocerno Hound Lycoanraptor
Velocerno Hound Tarascoraptor
Velocerno Hound Zhuchengraptor
Velocerno Hound Variraptor
Velocerno Hound Graciliraptor
Velocerno Hound Acheroraptor
Velocerno Hound Dakotaraptor
Velocerno Hound Nevedaraptor
Velocerno Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Velostool Hound Dromaeosaurs
Velostool Hound Lycaeraptor
Velostool Hound Acceraptor
Velostool Hound Airakoraptor
Velostool Hound Atrociraptor
Velostool Hound Pyroraptor
Velostool Hound Nykoraptor
Velostool Hound Smiloraptor
Velostool Hound Velociraptor
Velostool Hound Staurikoraptor
Velostool Hound Austroraptor
Velostool Hound Luanchuanraptor
Velostool Hound Baragonraptor
Velostool Hound Zuniraptor
Velostool Hound Gojiraraptor
Velostool Hound Herreraptor
Velostool Hound Utahraptor
Velostool Hound Linheraptor
Velostool Hound Scimitoraptor
Velostool Hound Alioraptor
Velostool Hound Lophoraptor
Velostool Hound Neuquenraptor
Velostool Hound Pamparaptor
Velostool Hound Gigaeroraptor
Velostool Hound Lycoanraptor
Velostool Hound Tarascoraptor
Velostool Hound Zhuchengraptor
Velostool Hound Variraptor
Velostool Hound Graciliraptor
Velostool Hound Acheroraptor
Velostool Hound Dakotaraptor
Velostool Hound Nevedaraptor
Velostool Hound Camarillaraptor

Raptor Pokémon Hunting Dromaeosaurs: Deinonychitar Hound Dromaeosaurs
Deinonychitar Hound Lycaeraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Acceraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Airakoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Atrociraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Pyroraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Nykoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Smiloraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Velociraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Staurikoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Austroraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Luanchuanraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Baragonraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Zuniraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Gojiraraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Herreraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Utahraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Linheraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Scimitoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Alioraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Lophoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Neuquenraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Pamparaptor
Deinonychitar Hound Gigaeroraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Lycoanraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Tarascoraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Zhuchengraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Variraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Graciliraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Acheroraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Dakotaraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Nevedaraptor
Deinonychitar Hound Camarillaraptor
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