Reviews for Returning the Favor
greasy snivellus chapter 21 . 1/13
What's the title of the book? :) Lovely story you got here. Up for adoption then?
DrAnime2796 chapter 21 . 2/22/2017
this is by far the BEST IchigoXLisa story there is
YeagerMeister31 chapter 21 . 7/31/2016
well congratz on publishing your book hope your next one does well also hope this story continues eventually
YeagerMeister31 chapter 20 . 7/31/2016
this was a cool battle tatsuki's now lieutenant and ichigo and lisa had fun knew she'd win sux though
YeagerMeister31 chapter 19 . 7/31/2016
well this was a cool chapter i wonder what the secret is
YeagerMeister31 chapter 18 . 7/31/2016
this was a cool chapter Tatsuki's doing well Ichigo won his match Rukia and Lisa both did well although i knew Lisa would win eventually can't wait for more
Guest chapter 11 . 7/29/2016
lisa is so mean lol and a different side to orihime i actually like it
YeagerMeister31 chapter 17 . 7/30/2016
well this was a cool fight
YeagerMeister31 chapter 16 . 7/30/2016
wow Tatsuki's moving up in the world good for her lol can't wait for her to kick Omaeda's ass should be funny can't wait for Ichigo and Lisa to get together lol
YeagerMeister31 chapter 15 . 7/30/2016
this was nice can't wait for more
YeagerMeister31 chapter 14 . 7/30/2016
another cool chapter hope ichigo and lisa romance starts soon. Tatsuki being so strong is awesome can't wait to find out what has made everyone respect Tatsuki so much
YeagerMeister31 chapter 13 . 7/29/2016
well this is interesting
YeagerMeister31 chapter 12 . 7/29/2016
this is getting good can't wait for Ichigo to get into the action and not bad Rukia lol
YeagerMeister31 chapter 10 . 7/29/2016
this was nice kind of surprised Hachigen well at first but then i remembered he was studying her hairpins so i'm glad he's making her stronger also as for Rukia she's cool wonder who her stalker is or was that Isshin i don't know i'm thinking an espada or something. can't wait for more
YeagerMeister31 chapter 9 . 7/28/2016
this story is cool Tatsuki's getting stronger always good she's to good of a character to be ignored and Ichigo/Lisa moment was funny
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