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mamoru chapter 13 . 8/26/2014
you have no idea how weirdly perverted confused and amused thsi laugh of mine sounds
with a hint of orichimaru and for some reason itachi
and my friend says i sound like kabuto so uh
it sounds weird
this is amazing this fanfiction of yours
mamoru chapter 12 . 8/26/2014
so far this fanfictions getting awesome!
momoru chapter 11 . 8/26/2014
why do i feel like i misspelled my own name
was it mamoru?
...oh well ehck i cant remember my real name before i brush my teeth in the morning oh wel okay
mamoru chapter 10 . 8/26/2014
what would happen if i was in the chuunin exams
-runs into orichimaru while deciding to go along with team kakashi dispite their confusion as to why i kep asking sasuke about miso ramen as a funny inside joke
-kicks orichimaru in the nuts before he bites sasuke
-everyoen stares while orichimaru falls to teh ground sqeaking in pain as i laugh maniacally and walk over to sasuke

-proceed to grab orichimaru's arm and bite it as freaking hard as i can
-smirk as orichimaru winces at the bite i put on him
-laugh as orichimaru is wondering if i put some sort of seal on him considering i bti him and theres a weird mark there now
-on the way leaving tell my team "and thats why i carry around fake temporary tatoos" dispite their confusion

-everyone sighs and calls me an idiot and i pout becuase thats normal
mamoru chapter 9 . 8/26/2014
i had to calm myself by going eeeeeeeeeeeee a while
thats the only way im able to keep myself calm i have to make some noise sometimes
other times im completely emotionless
after a while of being scolded i just go into a state of pure lack of emotion and lack of ability to care
and then i feel like a mere puppet.
then theres other times the verry rare but verry...special times i ahve where i am filled with emotion but also still like a puppet..that happened like one time
then theres the whole
no abiltiy to controll myself or percieve whatever happens but when its over with everyoens quiet staring at me and im holding someone who is either limp or crying and always bleeding here or there and all
and i have no idea what happened...
but then i just sit down and be quiet and be unshure of what i just did
that happens verry few times though...
mamoru chapter 8 . 8/26/2014
i was going squeaaahhhhhhahhhh a litlte but verry verry quietly with excitement
im so.
happy and excited
im not in super happy hyper mode clearly
becasue i still feel lonely...oh well im still happy
mamoru chapter 7 . 8/26/2014
i spazzed a bit
and neko is my favorite
of cource, shes a fellow hyperactive idiot
she doesent seem to have those seirous emo ish moments that i do
momaru chapter 6 . 8/26/2014
list of things i would do if i was put in teh shinobi world
-hug naruto
-slap sasuke then hug him, poke him in the fourhead and say "perhaps another time" if he asks to train or asks me anything and then take off giggling like an idiot because it would be halarious
-ask sakura why the heck she likes sasuke
-train with lee
-try to slap gai sensei
-chat with tenten and practice taijutsu and usign weapons
-hug neji and if he asks why i did id say 'because you look like you need a hug.' and smile and walk away
-attempt to fly
-attempt to fly off the hokage building
-get lectured for trying to fly
-get lectured for attempting to fly off the hokage building
-play with akamaru
-pretend to be a cat while annoying kiba
-find flowers that wont make me sneeze like crazy with ino so it wont bother me while im trying to shove them up sasukes nose
-get slapped by sasuke for shoving flowers up his nose
-attempt to remove eyes after accidentally walking into the boys bathroom and it burning my eyes a bit
-'accidentally' go into the boys side of the hotsprings while they assume im blind
-smirk while i stare at shirtless guys
-walk away before they think im a pervert
-go have a nosebleed for a while and keep smirking like a pervert till my eyes are all better
-stop sasuke from being in the chuunin exams
-hug itachi when he shows up
-hug and squeel while hugging kisame
-follow itachi and kisame to the akatsuki base after revealing i know the future of the shinobi world
-wave bye bye to sasuke and naruto while im being carried by kisame backwards like a bag or something because i know so much
-when i get to the akatsuki base put lipstick on deidaras mouth hands
-play with sasori's puppets
-pretend to be one of sasori's puppets
-steal hiruko
-clean hiruko and add an air freshener
-ride hiruko down a ramp
-give it back to sasori
-run and hide behind itachi from sasori
-give itachi a kiss on the cheek for protecting me frmo sasori
-run before itachi can twitch and go throw up or something
-cry when sasori is gone and glare at sakura
-sakura slaps some sense into me
-goes back to akatsuki deciding they are less likely to slap me
-proceed to get slapped by hidan
-slap hidan back-
-hidan fights me
-i bite hidans arm verry hard and run
-hidan decides to go to ask kakuzu to make shure hes not going to turn into one of me from my bite
-evil laugh and follow hidan around saying hes one of us now to upset him
-make hidan look like me
-watch as hidan runs frmo me and hides behind kakuzu
-go hug itachi
-and go steal some cookies
-get scolded by pein for stealing the cookies
-tobi takes the cookies from me
-i bite tobi's hand
-then i apologise and hug tobi and say hes a good boy
-fangirl over tobi
-drool over tobi
-try to stop being such a tobi fangirl
-go into serious mdoe for a while
-stare as naruto comes to get me away from akatsuk-
wait ive basically just put a freaking fanfiction togethere here..oh well hope i amusde you!
mamoru chapter 5 . 8/26/2014
i nearly went into another coughing fit this is such a funny fanfiction probobly act exactly like neko then suddenly switch to my more..gloomy mode and confuse the heck otu of everyone and just as they get used to it i go back to hyper and tackle naruto and fangirl and hten hug naruto and then id hug sasuke in a more 'its okay i understand' hug kind of way
and then id hug sakura in the 'man this person reminds me of a tree! trees like hugs right?' kind of way
and hug kakashi in the 'im a total pervert too just so you know' way
how do you express so much in a single hug?
id explain it but id have to be in hyper mode
im in my in between mode right now
less hyper
but still the lingering sadness of lonelyness too a little bit
and then a hint of tomato because i like toamtoes..and cheeze and tomatoes
mamoru chapter 4 . 8/26/2014
why the heck did i decide to call myself mamoru...
oh well
what was i saying?
darnit...i forgot what i frickin wanted to say
oh well at least i hope i made you laugh
after all i want to bea comedian!
yet...i act like a more anti social more easy to get angry version of itachi when im at dads for some reason
he and my step mom bring out my more hatefull side...but luckily it gets thwarted before i go to far by my dear sweet little sister
id do just about anything for her! :) so precios...
she is also verry strong too and shes already becoming an anime fan!
she keeps calling sasuke a girl wich i find amusing to no end
she calls shikamaru chicken nugget.
and she really likes kisame and calls him 'same
how sweet!
i just love her sweet funny ness!
and ill protect her no matter wha- darnit i got off topic again
mamoru chapter 3 . 8/26/2014
i er...kind of started smiling like an idiot and going ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for some reason...
ive been holding in my fangirlish impulses mostly today so...
mamoru chapter 2 . 8/26/2014
i have figured it out
ive bottled up my emotions so long i have spazzy moments not even in that weird rare mood ofm ine where im just like
i love this
i love that
i love you
i love cats
i love dogs
i love kitties
i love stars
i love moon
i love the freakign refridgerators door.
i have weird moods like that.
and then theres my hate ignore everyone and everythign mood
...i have a wide range of emotions i hide a lot
so only the extreme ones come out :)
i love this fanfiction!
mamoru chapter 1 . 8/26/2014
i like this fanfiction so far its made me laugh and all kindsa stuff
...i bet my senpai would do that jutsu if it would work
it would be cool if it would
also i made one noticed till i was in the middle of making dango
the sauce is perfect so far too nto too sweet not too salty..but...the texture of the dango itself..its..kinda pastey tasting? you know how sasuke described oen of the foods he dislikes? well he said he didint like the texture and it leaves a weird taste thing in your mouth get it? you know..pastey..tasting
it tastes pastey for some reason okay?
hm...the sauce was the best part i think
id honestly think id prefer the other kind you know the colorfull sweeter ones
they like...and i dont think i cooked them long enough...
i think i got too impatient hahaha...
AkatsukiYaoiFan chapter 13 . 8/14/2014
I simply love this story!PLZ...UPDATE
Neko is a yaoi fan? YESSSS
Hehehe...i kinda have the same personality of Akuma
GaaraRules29 chapter 13 . 7/1/2014
Awesome please continue with the story its amazing don't drop it please :D
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