Reviews for Junior Year
Guest chapter 5 . 11/20/2016
A little pale
Navy Blue colored (the name haha)
Jet black, in low ponytail that reaches shoulders, dyed blue at tips
Black jacket w/ navy t-shirt, blue jeans, Black converse
Black jacket w/ navy t with PPG on, Baggy pants kinda like Rrbz, black converse
Calm, hides emotions well, but soft and fluffy on the inside
Likes: singing, football VIDEO GAMEZZZZ
Dislikes: SHOPPING and skirts, can tolerate dresses
Likes Guys My Age by Hey Violet, Favorite band Twenty one pilots, pop
Can morph into Scourge (a cat that is all black with a white paw and has icy blue eyes)
Uses a pair of nunchucks
Can not talk for many days if annoyed enough, no matter what.
When she was very little, her parents abandoned her, and she was placed in a orphanage and stayed until she escaped, wound up at the fair when seeking refuge
Secrets: used to be soft (like Miyako) until she caught her bf cheating and became more bitter
She dresses like she can kick butt anytime, so most of the. Male pop is afraid of her
Ok that iz IT byeszzzzz
PancakeLover32 chapter 6 . 3/19/2015
Forget to mention that she's a secret agent only a night
PancakeLover32 chapter 1 . 3/19/2015
Forgot to mention that she is only a secret agent at night
PancakeLover32 chapter 5 . 3/19/2015
Name: Crystal
Superhero without powers
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Fit and short
Tan and American
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color /style: Black with an blue strip on bang that covers left eye
Unique physical trait: Dimples( if that counts as a unique physical trait)
Normal clothes: Anything with random sayings or something to do with pancakes as shirt, jeans, and timberland boots.
Hero clothes: Ninja like without face mask and combat boots
Accessory: Necklace with a microphone, hoop or stud earrings
Personality: Funny, athletic, caring, smart, and weird ( in a good way)
Likes: Pancakes(more like an obsession), Singing, Hip hop dancing
Dislikes: Egoistic people (or people like Princess) and people who don't like pancakes
Favorite Music: All types
Family: Older Brother (age 26)
Weapons: Machete, bow and arrow
Background: Parents and baby sister killed in a house explosion while she and her older brother were coming home from school (age 7 older brother age 17) now works for a secret government agency ( that I can't think of a name for).
Quirk: Nose twitches like a bunny when eating something she really likes :)
Romance: Boyfriend: Logan, 17 years old, blonde shaggy hair and brown eyes, tall, and muscular.

That's it. Hope to see my character soon! ;)
dancing king chapter 5 . 3/19/2015
I'll pm you!
Blasianeko chapter 6 . 3/18/2015
Oh of course you could still use mine xD much more fun is heading our way? I'm so for it
Blasianeko chapter 5 . 4/9/2014
Name:Blaire Knoxworth (helia Nanako)

Class: Secret super hero

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: Same as Blaze
Body build: Semi built with curves, long legs and a bubble booty

Skin color: African American-A caramel/dark skin color

Eyes: A caring Brown with an icy cover of protection (sometimes wears glasses)

Hair: Dark almond and black hair that is wavy at the ends and reached her bottom of the neck. It surrounds her ears.

The normal
She usually wears a cut shirt that are usually open shoulders, and are in purple and blue or splatter with black jeans. She also wears dresses (with leggings) And when he transforms, her eyes Change to blue purple

Heroes baby

She wears the ppgz prototype 2 style with white outlining it. And her hair is in a down ponytail.

She carries a paint brush and her music binder, as well as a charm and her transformation phone.

Personality -
She is sweet after she is icy. Blaire is a nice girl and cares for people, though can be pushed over for her curiosity usually gets her in drastic situations. She uses her prodigy ability to her advantage in combat. She is naive so she is tricked very easily.

Charles (and his sister)
Hailie (someone who saved her life)

Hailie losing her memories (in my fanfic, she loses memories on Blaire which makes her hate Blaire for hugging her)

Sour food

Fave music genre: Classic rock, Pop, j-rock

Family: All love in Cali so it would be Noire, her kitsune

Weapon: Her gorgeous sashes that can trap anything she chooses (with a accept ions)

Lack of sleep/too much on the Internet/Bookworm/naive/icy at first/ cries easily

She secretly likes Bret Harris but won't admit to it

Quirk( she usually stays quiet but her addiction to smiling at random people seems to drive people to her)

Brent Harris, she doesn't know, but they got some crushes on each others ;)

She walks in on weird times (like make outs) and blushed furiously. And she is usually involved with anything around her

Pdffft this is not like the first one I sacrificed my babes (well, here yeah) enjoy and I hope if you want domes more info to go to my page)
Beeniebabe16352 chapter 5 . 4/4/2013
Vlarisa rydyovel - vlaire

Russian- emo pale skin

Emo girl dark blue eyes black hair with pink green blue purple and yellow dyed streaks bang covers her right eye

Curses heavily

Junior in high school

Wears only black clothes with dashes of neon chain belts combat boots

Sings and guitar and drums

Bc friend

Romance with a bf( ur choice) that is also emo
sydsyd chapter 5 . 3/11/2013
DID NOT MEAN TO HIT REVIEW BUTTON! Any way mom's totally abusive after 9 years social services finally notice when Daniel's 15 they take the mom away. Since the mom was an only child and the grandparents were only childs and nobody knew who their dad was they had no guardians fit to protect them. Then garret turned 21. So now he is held responsible for his little sister. The mom was killed for 1st degree murder, ironically on Daniel's birthday when she turned 16. Brother, in despare,joins a gang gets drunk every night and doesn't give a crap about his sister. And you wonder why she's depressed. Her deepest secret is that even though her father abandoned her and probably doesn't even remember her name and is most likely dead she believes deep Dow that he's still alive and one day he'll come back and love her and saver her from this hell she calls her life. That's why she would kill to protect her golden locket. It had the only photo with all her family in it. Before they all died of course. Her interesting is that she is uncomfortable around gingers, talking about them and even saying the she be bffs with Bubbles? And could she have a crush on brick?
sydsyd chapter 5 . 3/11/2013
Don't know what you want me to put for 'Application' but the characters name is Daniela Kindred. I don't care what role she plays it's your story. If you didn't realize she's a girl by the name than f.y.i. she is a girl. Could she be 16? If she is sixteen she'll be in 11 grade so she'll be in high school as a junior. She has black, glossy, raven hair that goes to her hips. Her hair is wavy and her bangs separate to the side so it doesn't look like she has any. Daniel is really skinny, tall, and fit. Her skin tone is as pale as parchment (it looks different when she blushes or gets scared of course but normally it's that pale). Her eyes Chang depending on her mood. if she is normal her eyes are a light green, it looks white but you can barely make out a hint of green. When she is scared, angry, mad, sad,or nervous her eyes turn as black as a black hole. Every other emotion you can make up, okay? A physical trait is she has a small scar on her lips. Her everyday wear is beige shorts olive green tank top with a white sweater over it. If you make her a hero once she transforms I'd like her to be wearing a dress. The top looks like its made out of a icical .the sleeve loosens at the end and her bottom stops right under her knees. When she transforms she then has her hair in a matter what form she's in, hero, normal, possibly bad guy, she always has her snowflake earrings and a pure gold locket. (Its hidden under her shirt when she's in her everyday wear.) Daniela is intelligent ,nice sweet sort of athletic and doesn't talk much. It's not like she's socially awkward or shy, she has no problem standing up for herself or talking to others. she simply doesn't like drawing attention to herself. Daniela admires any one who can stand up for themselves, not to draw attention to themselves,and handle it without taking it too far or adding violence to the hates bullies, populars, rude people , feels awkward near gingers, and hates drunks! Especially when they have the nerve to drive while drunk (also known as a drunk driver).Her fav genre is country pop, her fav band is Taylor Swift, her fav song is actually 'if I die young' written by the band Perry. Daniela's family members are her older brother garret (tan, considerd a player, 23, has dark intense Brown eyes (they don't change) and has golden blond hair). That's the only family she has that's not already dead. I'm serious she doesnt even have a cousin twice removed. If you do incorporate this character into your story please don't do the long lost relative it's been done before and I think it's stupid. Her powers are she can control water in whatever form it's in, ice snow rain water vapor sleet etc., but she's best at manipulating ice. (Why she has snowflake earrings. Why when she transforms her dress resembles an icicle).Her preferred weapons is water. She draws water vapor from the air then turns it to ice , because her specialty is ! Surrounded by lava she is defenseless. She can seem depressing at background is her grandparents died because they were hit by a drunk driver when she was 5. Her father was a no -show. After her father left her mother,her mother became drunk violent and extremely abusive.
LordofAwesomenes chapter 5 . 2/12/2013
Name: Phoenix
Oridinary Citizen: who is friends with Blossom and Buttercup
Gender: Girl
Age: Same age as Blossom but a month older
Grade: Junior
Apperance: Cute and a little short
Body Build: Fit
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye color: Black
Hair color and style: black long hair with red dyed hair at the tips sometimes curls hair at the bottom
Unique marks: Scar on bottom lip and small dragon tattoo on back of hand
Normal cloths: Wears red varsity jacket over a striped ombre red shirt (search red ombre striped shirt), black or blue jeans, with always mismatched socks, and red or black converse. sometimes wears red or white beanie.
Hero cloths: not a hero
Accessories: small dangles with clear diamonds on the bottom and white or red beanie
Personality: a little bit of both blossom and buttercup's personality. smart like blossom but fierce and sporty like buttercup. Never to be messed with. Girl who likes to have fun like buttercup but when needed follows rules. Guys like hanging out with her because she's awesome.
Likes: Soccer, football, music, and pranks.
Dislikes: party-poopers, princess and her wannabe pretty gang, teachers even though she is one of the best students like Blossom.
Favorite Music: P!nk
Family: Twin sister who is the opposite of her.
Powers: Invisibility and mind reading.
Weakness: Healthy food
Backround: she was at the townville fair to get away from her ex that wants her back
Secrets: None like an open book
Quirks: she is wierd but in an awesome way
Romance: No not romance but best friends with the ruffs (closest to Brick and Butch) and friends with the puffs ( closest to Blossom and Buttercup)
Xjasmine10 chapter 4 . 1/22/2013
I like it and it was funny at the lunch part
Xjasmine10 chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
It was great
Guest chapter 5 . 1/20/2013
Name :Bay

Super hero


I am 16 years old my name if i am put in the story can my name be Bay

Grade:(1st-12th. If higher, than...I dunno, just tell me if they're out of school or not.).

I'm in the same grade as them

Appearance:I don't have flawless skin but can I in the story? Short dark brown hair that I usually come down I also have bangs that sweep my dark brown eyes that almost LOOKS black and brown skin. If so can I be black powerpuff girl I usually ware dark gray black shirts and black or blue jeans with wight sneakers

Body Build: (A little round, skinny, fit, muscular, lanky, chubby, tall, short etc.)I am tall for my age and 16 years old im also fit not muscular or fat but normale.

Skin tone: (What color skin, ethnicity)
I have normal milk chocolate skin
Eye color:dark brown

Hair Color and Style: dark brown hair light brown hi lights and combed down with bangs that sweep my left eye.

Any unique physical traits: (e.g. birth marks, scars, tattoos, etc.)exteremely pretty

Normal clothes:gray or black shirts with a wight under shirt

Hero clothes(Yes, because everyone wants to be THAT hero):black shirt with a wight strip In the middle and black shorts with black and wight stockings and wight sneakers that have a black swirls

Accessories:wight necklace that keeps here powers to a limit but can go over that limit If has to

Personality:stubern ,nice but has a short temper not afraid get in truble will protect others and is a tonboy.

Likes:Eny sports music friends that won't tern there back on dogs

Dislikes:Justin bever skirts dresses colorful colorful stuff like rainbows

Favorite music/Band/Genre:loves songs like Monster she wolf paridise dancing in the moonlight secret ect

Family (If any): none in story

Power(S) Gained from an injection of my very own chemical G:all the powers from the show
Can telliiport controll lightning read minds walk threw walls faster than the speed of light and make clones

Weapons (Optional):girm repers shik


Background(Character History, and why they may have been at the Townsville Fair):here history is secret (I'm just to lazy to right)and she was passing by in town and she can across it

Secrets(Oooh):is relly from the past but has amnesia and is related to the rowdyROCK boys.

Quirks(Something weird or interesting about them that makes them stand out):
Guest chapter 5 . 1/20/2013
And I'm a super hero
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