Reviews for Eliza Mephisto
MurasakiZetsubou chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
Oh man, I'm really missing out by not reading the B text! All that dang melodrama is there. Anyways, pretty good story. I thought you could've done a bit more with the fact that Mephistophilis' real form was too ugly for Faustus; anyway, it's no wonder he didn't recognise him if he didn't look like an 'old fransiscan friar'.
MarloweFan chapter 2 . 10/26/2012
Fantastic, really well written and a fantastic cliff- hanger ending! Job well done
MysticalMayhem chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
This was awesome! Yeah, when we Doctor Faustus in class I was wondering if I was the only one who saw the beautiful slash potential... good job! :)
Tristana chapter 2 . 10/16/2010
What, no review? Man, I never thought people were such cowards!

Hum... I haven't finished the play - I have a course on the Devil in Elizabethan drama and have to read it. But man... You just made me read the whole thing pretty quickly - which normally takes me days because I can't read plays normally.

Actually, I quite like your idea and also, the fact that Mephisto takes a long time to get over it all. To be honest, when reading the last lines of the play, I was like: Poor Mephisto, he must be all: I did something wrong at some point, right? - and Lucifer would go all: What happened again?

Hum... to dream or not to dream... too difficult to answer... And I'm too much of a crackfic addict not to imagine the potential crack. But Lucifer is sneaky and it may be his way to 'make Mephisto pay' - for what exactly, I'm not sure.

Or he stumbled on Mephisto when he was dreaming and took advantage of it.

Two demons, a room, countless possibilities... Or maybe does Mephisto momentarily forgot what happened with Lucifer and thus, doesn't know anymore what he is doing here... maybe.

I am sorry if it's such a lame review... I can't get my thoughts sorted as easily as I should and there, I come up with bumbling nonsense. Don't mind the crazed reader, please. (Also, maybe Mephisto has feelings... he just hides them well... and think about it: everyone in Hell will make fun of him... and a demon has his pride.) Too much pride, that is... *stares at Lucifer*

Don't know if you actually came up with ideas regarding this fanfiction, since it's been a while since you published it but anyway... it sounds promising and I feel ashamed at not having noticed your story earlier.


Good continuation and thank you for posting, though. (Even if I'm really late and all. *hangs head*)