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Ji Hyun1 chapter 1 . 11/24
I'm so upset and really disappointed with this story! ! I hate the Karin thing and that Katya! What the fucking Slut! I hate that Sasuke constantly slept with them and other women! He cheated on Sakura! This is horrible, really!
felina12 chapter 21 . 11/12
Please make the lemons for Incomplete available. I know before you used to have a blog where the I would be able to access the lemons, but I cant find it anymore (possibly because of your old pen-name). Please make it available again possibly on or on other social media, i.e tumblr. I absolutely love and admire your work. Ive been rereading this story and I miss reading the lemons, it emphasised the healing of their relationship. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Also, im looking forward to your update on Heartbeat! Cant wait! XD
HiNoIDntLikeThis chapter 39 . 10/27
1. fucking 2 years like that? Seriousely? Sakura?! .fuck. no. Bcs thats actually killing her character. Sakura haruno is the exact opposite of . . . . . . . . . . .and FUCKING NO! ' . IF THIS IS A LITTLE OOC OR WHAT BECAUSE THIS IS NOT EVEN SAKURA GO WRITE THIS CHARACTER ON SOMEONE WHO IS ACTUALLY EMO!this "little change you've brought" has completely changed sakura haruno's canon character not just a bit. She. Is. Not. One. To. Take. Shit. AND DO NOTHING FOR 2 FUCKING YEARS!
2. Karin slept with Sasuke. On their wedding night. . . Because NOOOOOO! I mean is that kinda shit even possible to happen. And sakura just "went on" for 2 fucking years?
.Karin karin and karin. I mean why the fuck is EVERYONE ok with her latching on to sasuke's life while everybody namely sasuke HIS MOTHER AND EVEN IT ALL ITACHI UCHIHA, knows shes fucking sasuke and killing sakura .TIME. I mean c'mon! This just way too- itachi knew she was going to their house and all he did was talk to her, yeah right, shes just gonna stop being the worst bitch on earth and fucking not go to their house AND live in Sakura's room BECAUSE apparantly sasuke thinks she'll go away thinking oh he ignored me becase he told SAKURA to shut up- my god! Why am I even?! Oh, and of course. Mikoto is ok with karin following her to sasukes house like a puppy and she just simply cant do ANYTHING to stop that. Wow. Major facepalm. No. Facewall.
3. Sasuke acts on instincts. Yeah we all get that. But he goes and begins fucking katya, because he heard sakura saying i love you to another man AND he fucking kills their baby. No before all this shit. Sakura could tell everyone .except. sasuke about her pregnancy cause apparantly shes too scared to tell saske AND she just fucking didnt have a CHANCE to tell him. AND she even goes and does her FIRST SCAN AND HEARTBEAT CHECK OF THEIR FIRST BABY not with sasuke cus she STILL havent told sasuke? Its as if sakura wants to play the victim here, this is just sad, you know. You're abusing this whole thing. :/

God, what I have to say is... this story is just HORRIBLE. Cus you've abused Sakura went WAY too OOC, no you cant just write a fanfic on your favourite Naruto charachter that kishi's created and mold her character completely in to your own character not leaving a trace of Sakura Haruno in the naruto series and fuck her life in every way possible and make her so sick as to choose that she finally loves sasuke even after EVERYTHING? No! Because Sakura haruno would have rather run away. And mind you, way before shes even married sasuke because sakura haruno is a strong, independent woman who isn' shy or scared or- I mean I really actually don't know who, what character would do something like this. This whole story is just so fucked up. So many things that doesnt make sense. Mainly what I get is: Sakura just wants to play the victim. And another thing: I dont know about your other fanfics but this story has too many and WAY TOO LONG dialogues and discussions. A story shouldnt contain too long lines especially dialogues that can actually be shortened and to the point. It should be short and sweet and with purpose. I know this is your story so you can do what you want but if you want others reading this and reviewing, please don't write these kind of plot lines. Lets...just hope you understand, and get better... Im just sorry for all the cussing and all this harshness but I really think that this story that you've written needs a harsh review.
Something that I've loved however is how, later on, after "the change" how they talked and said simple things like " sasuke I want hot chocolate" or talked about sasukes shedule or asked questions NOT about their love life but something else. Thats really cute :) Keep it up... and pls pls pls evn tho u've recieved so many hate for this, don't lose hope. Take these kind of reviews as a benefit to you and improve do better.
lovelyrain chapter 21 . 9/27
I want my lemon back T.T
CountryBaby93 chapter 30 . 9/13
Omg#! Shes not the mother fucking victim here! She hasnt been giving him jer all either. And she should have told sasuke first about the baby then every other tom dick and harry. So if anything. She dont deserve him. Shes a spoiled selfish little bitch. He was actually stepping out and doing his best. She was just whining and complaining the whole time! Fuck her!
CountryBaby93 chapter 23 . 9/12
Drama queen hotline: hello sakura speaking. My husband just stalked me and im ready to end my marriage for it...
Drama king hotline: names sasuke... My wifes a whore...
CountryBaby93 chapter 22 . 9/12
This is such a wonderful story! The way its written just draws the readers in. But i cant hell feeling like sakura and sasuke are both acting like children. I mean. Jes a total jack ass and she is such a hypochondriac its unreal. She blames him for everything and plays the victim card constantly. Its annoying like noones business. But its still a good story.. I just have to look past all of that.
Tushya chapter 26 . 9/8
I knew it! Like, I wasn't even surprised, there were so many hints that she's it
bezsham chapter 15 . 8/19
Okay this is just stupid. Inviting Karin to live in their house just after he started actually being nice. I'd like to power through but this fic is just not for me.
bezsham chapter 10 . 8/19
I'm fighting through these first few chapters, because while you've made Sasuke literally abusive, I'm ignoring how fucked up he is in the hopes that he changes later in the fic (which is another issue in and of itself, I don't think that normalising abusers "changing" into good people if you just try hard enough as a partner is healthy, that's not what real life abusers do). But, putting that aside and treating this as just a fanfic, what's really getting to me is that you've wrote this as though you're the narrator. The writing itself is fine, but then every time I read a part (with increasing frequency) where you refer to yourself, as the writer, in first person, and refer to me, the reader, as "you", it kind of throws me out of the fic and ruins the flow for me. It breaks the immersion I get when reading a fic. At this point, those two factors alone are making me skim read, but I'll push on and write another review when I finish the fic.
Krizti chapter 1 . 8/9
I felt like strangling Sasuke too many times while reading this story, to be honest. Even if your way of writing was alright, I didn't really like the characterizations. The plotline is typical. Overall, an okay fiction.
ioanna-chan chapter 39 . 8/3
This is a masterpiece!
Guest chapter 30 . 7/23
This story just gives me hope i love it really
graynita chapter 27 . 7/10
ok but i love it when he calls her 'baby'
graynita chapter 21 . 7/10
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