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Guest chapter 30 . 7/23
This story just gives me hope i love it really
graynita chapter 27 . 7/10
ok but i love it when he calls her 'baby'
graynita chapter 21 . 7/10
graynita chapter 11 . 7/10
PhoenixIsBored chapter 39 . 7/9
Awesome story i wish i found it sooner
Saku7311 chapter 1 . 7/1
Hi I just wanted to say I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH ITS MY FAVE FANFIC! Truly it was AMAZING and had me on the edge of my seats. So I went to re read the one with the smut and it isn't there anymore and I really REALLY REALLY want to re read it. Is there some way I could?
Agrias-chan chapter 1 . 6/25
Hey hello! i dont know if you gonna see this but hey i want to leave this review.

Well Im just gonna say that I love your story really and even if you want to do this story wits other characters names its fantastic i love it, you know I found and read this story the last year but not here i found it translated in spanish by sasuke-glamour and i was just facinated and I forgot to look the original autor (Yes you amazing autor) i read it again know in english (Dont worry i know the lenguage) and i love it AGAIN (saddly I found that you hvae to remove some M parts because of fanfiction)

Im gonna say thank you again for this story i know that some people dont like that sasuke treats bad sakura (I love sakura and I feel bad for her too) but in this story even if that happend i like that later no matter the problems they have that they married forcefully and he cheated her a lot and sakura parents, they tried to make thing better they really try to know each other and not be mean with the other (baby steps in the beggining) and I really like that they start to like each other and finally fall in love.

Thank you fot this amazing story I hope to see future story from you

Guest chapter 27 . 6/23
I have read this story a million times, it got it flaws but this is by far the most complete sasusaku fanfic i have read. Totally love it.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/5
Absolutely loved this
Guest chapter 10 . 5/27
Let me stress once more... one of the most horrible sxs fanfic out here. it made me so angry. I hope u get this bastard implied hero as your real life partner. then u Be a good sakura ok.. the tragedical "woe is me" one.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/27
I really try hard to not dislike canon sakura ... but 'this sakura' she is even more spineless with regards to that bastard. u made me hate her. What sad is i like your other stories, and its hard believing that u wrote this .. waste.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/23
this was the first long-term sasuke x sakura fanfiction that I've ever read, and I've been so devoted to it. I love it. Thank you for writing it.
Analatelle chapter 21 . 4/2
This is a really great story, there's just one thing that well, I dunno, distracted me or something. I just couldn't help but notice the "Don't get me wrong" thing. This phrase is practically in every chapter. Like, both Sakura and Sasuke uses it too often.

I don't really know if it's because I can read pretty fast or not but it's a bit annoying to stumble to. Maybe it's just me. It's fine though, just wanted to state a bit of frustration.

Again, love the story!
malnar.vanessa123 chapter 30 . 2/8
So glad we agree that we're both not pleased about how it turned out. Because REALLY! I mean I know this is just a story and a heck of a good one at that. And even though I have yet to read the the rest of the story, after reading this chapter I just have to get it of my chest and tell you I really hate you right now!

P.S. I don't actually hate you. I just hate the fact that the baby died and that Sakura wants a divorce. Otherwise this story is great and I support you. Now on to read the rest of the story.
Theresa chapter 39 . 2/8
Great story! I fell in love with it from the whole begining. Thank you so much!
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