Reviews for Shorts and Sweets
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 49 . 2/27
Lol this got me! If my friend told me they liked lemon this would be my reaction! Omg loved this!
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 42 . 2/24
Skittles1000 chapter 80 . 2/21
Gahh! Why can't I da it?! IRISH RISHWASH! ASDFGHJKL!
Deadly Nightshade1395 chapter 260 . 2/14
Oh no, poor Soichiro! This gave me a good chuckle
Guest chapter 260 . 2/14
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 37 . 2/11
...can i just say 'I fucking love you!' and hope that that sums up how wonderful EVERYTHING you write is? Because I FUCKING LOVE YOU! AND ALL YOUR STORIES!
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 32 . 2/11
This is so poetic and beautiful! It totally makes sense and totally sounds like L!
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 28 . 2/11
D'aww so many warm fluffy purple and pink fuzzies choking me out because of this!
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 22 . 2/11
The tone of the story, the way the person was talking, made me think of Matt(the person sounded pretty lsid back). Although some may say that it would make more sense from Mello; i am strongly leaning toward it being Matt.
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 21 . 2/11
Now i REALLLY REALLY want to read the comic your friend made! If only i had Matt's puppy eyes...
I-love-Train-Heartnet chapter 19 . 2/11
Haha this is adorable! Amd so were tbe ones before!
Pain in the LawliPop chapter 260 . 2/4
Haha! Oh, how mortified Light would be after HE got a chance to read the note!
Love the cover art to this, by the way :)
animelvr23 chapter 260 . 2/3
Bhahahaha saw that coming!
ja ne!
Rosa2377 chapter 260 . 2/3
So funny! I n one of your stories before L did what Light did but Soichiro didn't speak english! I guess he learned XD! Please do another story with Light and L!
random person chapter 260 . 2/3
Oh my. That made me lol. This is seriously the only fanfic I've read in a long time and it's just as awesome ad it's always been.
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