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Huitzil chapter 4 . 4/19/2019
Someone mentioned this to me as another "Naomi lives" fic. It's... just not very good, I'm sad to say.

Almost all of it is one huge, leaden, expository dialogue sequence. It reminds me of nothing so much as the big "now that I've gathered you all in the accusing parlor..." scene in "Limbo of the Lost", which is not a good thing.

Bringing her back to life at all breaks the rules of he Death Note, but that's okay, that's fine. What isn't okay is that there's no movement in this fic, because it's all just the expository dialogue sequence. Naomi didn't earn anything to get her revenge. She becomes this new supernatural thing with all its own special rules and powers, out of nowhere. She has powers just as they become relevant to the plot. And she comes in at the very, very end of the story to exposit at us, solve problems that only just came up, and say how cool she is.

You could do something with the notion that she came back to life, she knows Light is Kira, but she's absolutely incapable of taking another human life, so she needs to get someone to do it for her. But she has to come back at some point other than "when the story is already over". Because there has to be maneuvering, what she does has to be difficult and require cleverness and multiple steps and involve her outwitting Light when he tries to outwit her. Or maybe she realizes she could have Light killed immediately, but she has to hold back and do things a different way because she has to set it up so she can get Ryuk, too. Anything other than showing up when the story is already over and overcoming no obstacles in order to get credit for the win.
ChikaiItachi chapter 4 . 9/18/2016
Great ending! Sorry it took me so long to finish this. You did a great job tying up all the loose ends.
ChikaiItachi chapter 3 . 9/1/2016
Wow! All the twists in this story were extremely well thought out! It sounds like you know a good deal about different mythologies too. Was that Apache thing drawn from their actual mythology?
ChikaiItachi chapter 2 . 8/23/2016
You might want to post a suicide trigger warning, but that's just because I know a lot of people in bad situations like that. Great chapter though. You are an excellent writer and I hope to learn something from you.
ChikaiItachi chapter 1 . 7/17/2016
Interesting! You have caught my attention. I am happy at the sudden appearance of my favorite character, the most underrated of the Death Note cast.
This Muse chapter 4 . 10/17/2015
I really liked this story!
But as interesting as it was, the Near-hating was a bit off-putting.
I loved L, but it's disappointing how so many people hate on Near and Mello for not matching up - because that wasn't the POINT.
Near is not L. He is his successor, not a carbon copy. Eccentric weirdos they may both be, with similar habits, but one and the same they are not.
I find it unfair that everyone EXPECTS them to be. That shit is ridiculous. And being angry at Near and Mello for not being L is terribly selfish - who else would do it, besides Kira? Who else will risk their life to being Kira to justice? They might exist, but can anyone really satisfy "worthy of L", other than L himself?
If they can, I'd like to be enlightened.
Ignoring that, this was a well written story. Debates about can be conducted elsewhere.
I think Naomi was in character and as unconventional as the eidolon aspect was, I think it worked well. The last bit with Light's family was heart breaking to read.
Overall, I thought it was a fun read.
terafonne chapter 4 . 5/4/2014
Wow that was good. One thing though, I had thought the helper at the beginning was BB, because you mentioned the shinigami eyes. But... It turned out to be Souchiro, which makes sense in that he would be far more likely to help her, except (and it might be my faulty memory here) but I do not recall him with shinigami eyes? He had died of the wounds from Mello's suicide technique... ah yes, he did trade. Right, my bad.
R-dude chapter 4 . 4/1/2014
So you basically pulled some rules out of your ass to give yourself the ability to fap to Naomi?

Well, however you get your kicks.
The Jingo chapter 4 . 2/25/2013
infinityphoenix chapter 4 . 6/8/2011
Well done. The only shadow of a complaint that I have is where you make a million rules about eidolon(s?) that turned Naomi into a kind of Mary Sue. Otherwise, this was a work of art.
infinityphoenix chapter 3 . 6/8/2011
Genius. Plain and simple. This was a very interesting read.
infinityphoenix chapter 2 . 6/8/2011
I liked how you made her kill herself. Definantly something that she would think of.
infinityphoenix chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
This was unexpected. And now it's a favorite.

Hmm, if I had to guess, I'd say the first person was L. He would have known Misora before, and he would be the type to deduce that the watch was the key to Light's plan.

And the second would be ... Soichiro Yagami, Light's father. He had the eyes, they never met before, and he heard her name in the begining when L mentioned her.

I don't know how Naomi is alive, though. I'm interested to see the explaination.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 4 . 3/16/2011
Through the entire show, I was a light supporter, and was so utterly disappointed by the ending, as his complete and utter break down was completely out of character. Now, when I say I was a light supporter, im not saying I didn't understand the other side as well, I loved L as well, and for me the show really ended with his death as near and mellow were such poor substitutes. However, even though I was a light supporter, I think that his version of the ending was very dam n good. I don't have a problem with light losing, but the way he lost in the show was obviously done that way because the show would never have aired an episode of a mass murderer winning as an ending, even if he really should have won...anyway, great job on this, will definitely b considering this the 'real' ending for such a fantastic show.
WTFWonder chapter 4 . 1/10/2010
This is how the real series should have ended. There is no questioning or denying this. At all. Sure, Tsugumi Ohba would have needed to sprinkle little foreshadowings in the series first but this entire story-every syllable of it-was glorious a hundredfold more than the canon ending. Breathtaking and riling in a way that makes the reader feel proud and victorious alongside Naomi Misora alias Naomi Penber.

Please. Please. PLEASE. Please send a copy of this to Ohba and see if he doesn't send a reply right back asking to make it some special alternate ending comic with Takeshi Obata. At the very least it should end up in a comic serial for a special edition or some such.

What I'm trying and failing to spit out is that your story is outstanding, brilliant and all other synonyms for exemplary. Thank you for writing it and thank you again for letting this reader get ahold of it.

Adieu and happy writing.
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