Reviews for Truths and Consequences
Beckslee chapter 22 . 1/5
I would really love to know how this finishes, it’s just so good.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21/2016
Wow. I just found this and I really hope that you will continue the story, even if it is a few years later. Please!
gcap823 chapter 22 . 5/19/2015
More! Please!
laticslass chapter 22 . 3/15/2014
Any chance you're still out there and might finish this story sometime? Love your writing.
Aneladgam chapter 22 . 6/21/2013
Thank you for writing such an engaging and thoughtful story-it's been fantastic reading it so far! I do hope that you decide to pick up your pen(or your laptop) and write more, I know it will be great! I can't wait to see how your story ends. Thank you again for your work :)
Mcbenzy chapter 22 . 2/3/2013
I can't believe I missed this little gem for so long! What a cracking story so far. It has a bit of everything: drama, romance, angst, humour, all in perfect amounts. I particularly like Padraig's back story and development, and Assumpta's reasons for disliking the church. Simple but effective and believable.

You manage to capture the tone and pace of the series perfectly, and slip in new/ additional characters with such ease I feel like they were in the show originally.

The dynamic between Peter and Assumpta is beautifully blended into the larger storyline as well. I love how their 'coming out' is happening in its own time, and that their closest friends are the most understanding and supportive. I feel this lends a reality to it, and allows for other events to take centre stage. That's how I see it anyway :)

I hope that we get another chapter soon!
Bridget Weinstock chapter 22 . 11/8/2012
I hope this is just on hiatus whilst you complete your classic, bestselling novel, and that you'll be back with more. You have such a thorough understanding, both of writing itself and of the characters. I've read this two or three times now and I can't wait 'til the update notification email arrives!
Greg chapter 22 . 8/21/2012
Great story I hope it's not over
chrissylondon chapter 22 . 4/8/2012
ahh you have to finish this :-) great characterisation and humour!
faithful1 chapter 22 . 1/13/2012
This story is one of the best _Ballykissangel_ stories out there. You have a real knack for capturing the dialogue of the show, and I appreciate the tenderness with which you portray the characters, even their flaws and failings. You've done an effective job of weaving together the events in Manchester with those in Ballykea, and Peter's mother, especially, is a believable original character. I hope you contine to update this story until its completion.
Nomad1 chapter 22 . 12/26/2011
Just discovered this story and I absolutely love it. It's been years since I watched Ballykissangel, but this brought all the characters' voices back to me, and I'm so glad to see it was updated recently. I hope you get the chance to continue this soon; this is great.
Eninaj chapter 22 . 12/20/2011
Thank you so much for the early Christmas present! The Fr Mac./Peter relationship is spot on, I can see it all playing out in my mind's eye. I'm intrigued by the new developments too, no doubt you have something ingenious planned... can't wait!
Juliette101 chapter 22 . 12/20/2011
wow THAT was unexpected
Eninaj chapter 20 . 10/23/2011
Hurray, you're back! What a treat! And yet another clever chapter title. Many thanks for writing, I'm always hungry for more.
freddo.frog chapter 20 . 10/21/2011
So excited to see another chapter in your story! I hope that you will continue it. Your writing is really good. By the way, towards the end, you have a typo, Asuumpta instead of Assumpta. Looking forward to reading more chapters from you!
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