Reviews for All That I Know Is I'm Breathing Now
BiteMeBass chapter 1 . 6/30/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 4/9/2012
Blair is my absolute favorite, so thank you for that.
mystripedskirt chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
Firstly, I want to apologize for not getting to this the second it came out. I haven't read GG in a while - clearly, as I have not updated anything - and this slipped through. However, I found it.

Secondly, I stalked your profile. Sorry, that's creepy. Congratulations on the engagement!

Okay, now onward to the review.

"He’s been drifting in and out of her peripheral her entire life, of course, with that crooked grin that could go from utterly charming to threateningly wicked in an instant depending on the nature of his company, but she supposes she’s never really taken pause to consider him much beyond that." - I wish I had my very own Carter Baizen to drift in and out of my peripheral vision, too. I'm sure you do as well. Those Carter/Serena set photos were killing me with their hotness. But then I saw in between photos with Seb/Leighton and I died all over again. Yes, I'm still ridiculous.

"The battle going on the night of Cotillion between her mind (Nate, Nate, Nate) and her heart ( … Chuck …) is enough to distract anyone from all other sensations, but because she’s Blair Waldorf and not just anyone she’s still coherent enough to identify the hint of fluttering that stirs somewhere below her rib cage as she finds herself suddenly lost in a sea of liquid blue when her eyes meet his and he instantly tosses off some joke at someone else’s expense." - Is this the two left feet joke Carter made during Hi Society? It wasn't that funny, but he looked so good I didn't care. Obviously.

"Not even two months later she looks over the rim of her raised champagne flute to see something deeper than anyone had ever thought possible burning bright in the eyes of Chuck Bass. His bowtie matches her dress and she thinks maybe it’s foolish to trust him, but then, she’s always trusted him, hasn’t she, and when he kisses her she feels whole again." - This is why I haven't been able to muster up any Ca/B lately. I blame super happy s3 set photos of C/B! I know I loved them first, but Seb Ed? I'm torn between the holy triumvirate of Nate v. Chuck v. Carter. They are holy. I am sure of it. Anyway, I really liked the s2 ending before they brought in Whoremelia. Fail.

"And so she’s already breathless when she unceremoniously crashes directly into Carter Baizen on 74th and Lex." - This is very Audrey in a movie, is it not? I mean, since Blair dreams of being Audrey and all. Hell, I dream of being Blair being Audrey if that's normal. I know it's not.

Another 'Hello, beautiful.' I swear I read them often when it comes to him - I'll thank the writers for that one, if for nothing else - but they always make my heart catch the same way. Oh, Carter. PS vodka coffee, even though I enjoy a nice French roast.

"She leaves him tangled in 10-thread count sheets with one long look back as the faintest of morning light falls across his shoulders and he disappears again from the island that is her whole world like he was never there at all." - The very best thread count. I hate that he's always leaving. I mean, I enjoy it when he returns all Carter-like, but I hate the leaving all the same.

"He makes her watch exactly five sunrises as if to prove to her that the world is still turning so she’d better keep up or risk floating off into space." - This is utterly poignant and beautiful. I'm obsessed with this line. I'm actually shocked Carter can wake up for the sunrise. Or are they still up from the night before? ;)

That grandiose kiss of yours should have been theirs on the show. Ugh, I'm thinking of the D/S one from Hi Society. I'm not impressed.

"She’s 18 and her life is nothing it was ever meant to be but Chuck Bass finally told her he loved her approximately one thousand times in a row the week after graduation and hasn’t missed a day since." - It's about damn time though, don't you think? I loved the last scene of GG this season. Loved it.

"He’s CEO of Bass Industries and his suspenders match her blouse and they fight like it’s to the death and they fuck like it’s the end of the world, but when Serena tumbles back into town just before classes begin with the usual unintentional fanfare and the unexpected addition of daddy drama, her hand is clasped firmly in Carter’s and Blair finds the wind knocked out of her." - And even though Blair has Chuck finally, she witnesses what could have been. She and Carter were together and then they weren't and then he comes back hand in hand with Serena. I swear, Serena is the devil. Okay technically, I know Ca/S happened first in Santorini, but I love Blair, so I want her to have first dibs on all the boys. I'm sure you understand my reasoning.

"Her best friend just blinks at her and Blair burns her tongue on her Americano and silently curses herself for thinking maybe there could be anything in the way Carter always seemed to come back for her when her best friend is Serena Van der Woodsen." - It's always about Serena.

"Chuck still tells her he loves her every day and he holds her hand and he takes her to the movies when he can get away from the office and she doesn’t understand why her chest feels hollow when her heart is so full for this boy." - This is so sad. I've felt this way before. It's a hard feeling.

"It’s an interesting event, for sure, and she’s standing ramrod straight in a vintage black Chanel and Chuck texted to say he’d be late and Nate’s not sure who he’s dating this week and there are Humphreys and other Brooklyners scattered about and then Nate looks at her like he knows something and professes something about happiness not being on the menu before finishing his champagne and looking around for a server." - OMG. You are killing me. Of course Nate doesn't know who he's dating this week. Killing me, I swear.

When he didn't call her beautiful, I swear I felt as dejected as her. This can't be normal.

"Before she knows what’s happening his hand is at her lower back, and then they’re in the elevator and he’s pressing L and then he’s sighing and leaning against the wall, running a hand through his perfect hair and inexplicably making it more perfect by ruining it." - Sebastian has that kind of hair. That perfect ruffled hair. I love that hair.

Fire metaphor is love. Carter is love. Ca/B is love.

Oh, dear. He called her beautiful, finally. And I blushed.

Last convo is made of so much win. OMG. I swear if some dirty blond came up to me and said 'Hello, beautiful' soon I'd probably swoon. This was perfect.
Lily chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
Oh, hey Sa. This is beautiful. On one hand I'm pissed you keep making me check this site at all, and on the other, I'm thrilled you still can't stop this little obsession of yours.

The way you write B gets better and better with each story, and I love how set you are on your Carter. He's consistent throughout your stories. Probably because I am head over heels for him, like all your readers are, I swoon with every word you write for him.

The time jumps are flawless. I know you think you struggle with that - don't. Seriously, your work is effortless to read. I only wish you had more time for writing, but I assume you hear that too much! Update as you will, I'll squeal each time it happens.
desi chapter 1 . 7/26/2009
oh my god im hyperventalating.

Im so happy you're back and writing about my 2 fav people.

I really dont want to see Ca/S in the 3rd season I think I may cry, they are just so useless together. I'm very disturbed by the sudden influx of ca/s shippers.

This story was so well put together, it made me smile from start to finish...

I love that Carter calls Blair beautiful and how she 'expects' it too

I can completely see carter doing all these things "blindsided, appalled, slightly frantic, utterly dumbfounded" at B's declaration...

I hope you continue writing Ca/B, please don't go away ever again!
D chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
aw very sweet!
rain stormraider chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
Love this!

I'm a die-hard Carter and Blair fan from the beginning, even before I found out they hooked-up in real life...I just find him to be the perfect mix of Chuck and Nate but the original bad-ass model... :D

I feel that Carter has lived more of his life than anyone else on the UES and I truly enjoy watching him interact with a UES-princess like Blair...they have so much to teach each other outside of just the romantic underpinnings...I thoroughly enjoyed how you developed the sexual tension (very difficult to do in a fic that floats through time) was beautifully done and you are clearly very talented...

Unfortunately, GG will never truly give us this pairing cos they might live in fear of the Chuck-Blair fans holding rocket-launchers pointed at thank you for fulfilling my addiction to Carter and Blair... :D
kitkatydid chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
Oh sweet jesus, thank you thank you thank you!

Ahem. WHERE IN GOD'S NAME HAVE YOU BEEN, YOUNG LADY? Nevermind, don't answer that, and of course I kid. I am just so impossibly happy to see you're still writing for the BCa ship. You and your partner in crime mystripedskirt fell off the planet (where is SHE, btw?) and I swear my world was sadder for it.

Moving on. What are you not sure about? This was stunning, per usual. Not as sweet as Flip a Coin, perhaps, but just beautiful and entirely plausible and organic as all your Ca stories are. Seriously I wish the writers of the show would troll this site for ideas, though I'm sure that would do no good now that the SCa ship has taken off (*shudder*) and CB is practically an epidemic, but still.

Your kncack for weaving detail and imagery throughout is unbelievable. The breathless thing had such danger of being cliche but never was, and the way Blair kept thinking about tectonic plates and altitude was hilarious and so in character.

As always I wished for more Carter, not that you didn't provide enough, because you did for sure and he is as intriguing and sexy here as ever, but just because I always wish for more. Perhaps you'd consider something Carter-centric, like your Nate fic? hehe. My hints are so not sublte.

OH! The way he kept asking if she wanted to talk about it, when he was the new one to her life and still the only one noticing was amazing. So, so good. And I don't ship CB, as you can probably tell, but the way you portrayed them here, as well as the hint of SCa, were totally believable and touching (the CB more as S was really barely there).

Lovely lovely, I love that you are back. Please keep writing!
Frawcth chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
I like the parallel between CaS and CB, because I have always thought CaS mirrors CB in a way. I enjoyed the way it felt so natural the relationship between CaB and I liked that you made CB end naturally. Btw, do you plan to update your other one?
Seph Meadowes chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
I support Chair but Carter/Blair just has that spark with a little added extra. I love this fic and that you put their scenes in between canon events and what would possibly happen in the show.
Eliese chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
Yay! A new story from you...I was starting to go through withdrawal symptoms because I was getting my Carter/Blair fix. Perfection as always.
Ale chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
Your stories are always beautiful and they made me root for CaB. Your writing is flawless.