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Quatermass chapter 28 . 7/31
0_0 a reincarnation of the Master.

Holy sh**.

Also, your assessment of Lelouch being less likely to be one of the Doctors is correct. I think the Eighth is not that likely, given his portrayal in the BF audios. The Third Doctor does have something of Lelouch's flamboyance and theatre...but I do think your comparison to the Seventh Doctor is spot-on. The Seventh Doctor was the most Machiavellian and manipulative Doctor, though he'd probably be more concerned about collateral damage than Lelouch.

And you raise a good point about the Master's possession, though they were under different circumstances: Tremas, a Trakenite, was fused with the Master's actual body, while Bruce was basically forced to ingest the Master's essence, at the time contained within what the novelisation of the TV Movie calls a 'morphant symbiote'. Still...I think Lelouch would be an interesting Master who had used the Chameleon Arch, instead of just a human who comes across the watch.

One last quibble, though. The Yana Master was at least the second incarnation of the revived Master: his first incarnation appeared in the Big Finish audios, played by Alexander McQueen, and is easily the most camp Master to date. "HELLO, YOU!"

If you want some musical themes for the Master, well, Big Finish recently did a series involving the War Master with a rather dark theme...


And there's also the very first Master theme, done by the late, great Dudley Simpson in the 70s, and used frequently whenever Roger Delgado's Master appeared...


Not to mention the Federation theme from "Blake's 7", also by Simpson...


There's also a few anime themes you could search for easily. I think "VORACITY" (the opening theme to the third series of "Overlord") and "Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy" (the end credits theme to the first "Overlord" movie) by Myth & Roid and "Laughter Slaughter" by OxT (the end credits theme to the second "Overlord" movie...I like "Overlord", okay?) would be good themes for the Master...
Quatermass chapter 6 . 7/31

I didn't notice the Abridged Series reference, despite looking. Then again, I haven't watched much of the "Stardust Crusaders" one. I prefer the "Phantom Blood" one, which has immortal lines like (transcribed from memory, so they're probably inaccurate)...

DIO (doing a crossword): What's a three-letter word dick?

JOJO (bursting in after learning of Dio kissing Erina and utterly pissed): DIO!

DIO: Oh, hey, that works.


THUG: Oi, watch where you're going mate!

DIO (insincerely): Oh, my apologies. Question: do you have any relatives that read?

THUG: Yeah, why?

DIO: Oh, perfect! Because there's a great piece of literature that I, Dio, would highly recommend to them. (holds up Stone Mask) It's called Tomorrow's Obituary.


SPEEDWAGON: Do you really think Dio's hiding out in this town?

SEAN CONNERY...SORRY, ZEPPELI: Why, that's a very good question, Someone I Did Not Invite On This Dangerous Mission.

SPEEDWAGON: Well, my name is Speedwagon.

ZEPPELI: Whoops, look at all the f***s I don't give that I just dropped.

SPEEDWAGON THE SARCASM BLIND: Do you need help picking those up?
Wowza48 chapter 19 . 4/21
I... actually forgot MÄR was a thing. Wow, I can't believe I forgot about it... also this is awesome.
Wowza48 chapter 10 . 4/20
Is this the same Lelouch/Decade that thinks the Lelouch/Cascade from the special chapter in your KamenRider!Lelouch in Sailor Moon universe crossover fic?
AngelFaux chapter 15 . 5/12/2017
I love this idea,I would be really happy to see this continue
Dragonheart Of Ireland chapter 1 . 10/6/2016
Please update again someday!
The Necromancer chapter 15 . 9/10/2016
I'm quite liking this, and am hoping to see it continued.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/28/2016
Huh, that's right, you WERE born in 1999.
I believe it was 2000 and either way it was the ATB calendar not AD. I believe the actual year ion ATB would be 1944/5.

Ashfords and the Lamperouge Family share a simillar bond as the Belnades and the Belmonts.
no shared blood relations though (the belmonts of the later games all have Belnades blood only Juste used it though)

Overall, I like the idea. Sephiroth wrote a couple of crosses for CGxSCD (Satan's Castle Dracula as it is known in Japan), but the first was killed for the remake...which might be dead as well T-T
Guest chapter 4 . 7/28/2016
I thought it was obvious the Elric's wouldn't show up considering your oneshot ended without them doing so lol

Would Greed have all of the powers of the Humunculi?
TM11 chapter 18 . 1/2/2016
C.C for mistress!
Apex85 chapter 26 . 11/19/2015
Sounds great but making it a Devil May Cry fic won't work without someone from the Sparda line.
Apex85 chapter 25 . 11/19/2015
I'm liking this one. For pairing, like your idea but am leaning more towards a threesome between Lelouch, Mina, and Makoto.
Apex85 chapter 18 . 11/19/2015
I just finshed playing Overlord recently and also saw the similarities you mentioned. MAKE IT HAPPEN! BOTH SERIES NEED MORE LOVE!
zapros chapter 15 . 4/3/2015
This is a very interesting potential plotline you've got here. Hope you either make a fic out of this or another chapter to expand on this.
Ilovfanfics chapter 15 . 12/7/2014
I really like this fic and hope you make it a full story PLEASE.
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