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wierdscience13 chapter 31 . 3h
How does Hermione know Tonks? How would they know that she was back from holiday? Harry just met Tonks not long ago
wierdscience13 chapter 30 . 4h
Interesting story, a few things that have niggled at me though:

In your authors note you mentioned how people had commented on the resilience shown by Wizards, I think you missed the while point, it's not that Wizards can be easily healed but more the injuries they substain and continue fighting with, for example nobody is going to be doing anything but be in complete agony with a broken femur, they can't just ignore it and keep fighting.

In early chapter while Harry was stuck at the Dursleys you stated his mail was blocked, however when he made a floo call to Daphne she never mentioned the lack of communication and want worried that he hadn't contacted her even though Voldermort had not long ago returned. It was just ignored.

Lastly the title of this story, A Champion's New Hope, it should be A Champions New Hope, you have it as A Champion Is New Hope the apostrophe is not needed and changes the meaning
Guest chapter 24 . 8/16
Granger I a ducking moron
the real seaweed brain chapter 25 . 8/8
great story one of the best. so far it is entertaining and engaging and I hope Harry and Daphne stay together they are a wonderful couple
Skullngloves chapter 52 . 7/27
This has to be the absolute BEST story I've read online, and I've done /a lot/ of reading. While I wish this story would never end I also know that can never happen. One thing I think would have been fun to have somewhere at the end is the fan theory that Harry is immortal. He would literally have no limit to how powerful he could become. Oh well. Looking forward to more stories from my new favorite author. I wish I could write as well as you, but I'll just have to deal with my stories being at my level. But hey, I'm only a high schooler after all. Maybe I can reach this level of awesomeness after some of my own stories... Looking forward to the future, Skullngloves
Guest chapter 23 . 7/16
I have to say that is one of the best HP fanfic just wanna ask will Harry become much stronger and defeat voldi or like in the books with luck? Thanks
acetwolf94 chapter 52 . 7/18
MarkedPariah chapter 43 . 7/16
Something I never understand about fanfics is when Hogsmeade get's absolutely decimated in a surprise attack while the school children are there. Why isn't there always a contingent of aurors guarding the children when there are going to be hundreds of them flooding the village? When there is a war going on it just doesn't make sense for such a soft target to have no trained guard. Other than that I enjoyed your chapter and great story thanks for sharing.
missgsmith51 chapter 52 . 6/30
Whew! I'm tired just reading about that battle! It was very exciting. I hope not too many kids were injured or killed. None would be even better.

It was nice of Snape not to insult Harry. I guess he figured he could be magnanimous, since I expect he will be leaving the teaching profession soon enough. (I can't imagine he would stay around a bunch of dunderheads he claims to hate.) Perhaps Dumbledore can hire someone good to teach potions, and a couple of year levels can be salvaged for careers like Aurors, Healers, Potioneers, etc.

One person I'm truly curious about is Hermione. I would love to see what happens when her time comes to pass into that next dimension. Will she try to start making changes in how other dimensions do things? Will she drive them crazy, too?

Good story. Thanks for sharing.
missgsmith51 chapter 51 . 6/30
Harry is really staying focused and THINKING logically, something we've really not seen him do with Voldemort. Usually he is just trying to stay alive long enough to escape. Here, he is really putting up a formidable fight and truly trying to put this rabid animal down. I wonder what petty remarks Snape (if he survives) will make about Harry's abilities. Surely we can't expect him to give credit where it's due ... can we?

Whoa! It looks like stealing Harry's blood has come back to bite Voldemort on the arse. We can only hope that blind anger at the revelation will cause him to lose focus. Go, Harry!
missgsmith51 chapter 50 . 6/30
I love the twins' magical grenades.

"The assembled dark wizards cheered in response. Voldemort could not help but enjoy the fact that they were cheering for their own deaths." I'm always surprised that his followers don't seem to use their brain cells. Anyone who has gone to such lengths to secure immortality and accrue such power as Voldemort has is obviously not someone who shares ... because he doesn't think he needs to share. He also has a history of getting rid of even followers who tick him off ... or disappoint him ... or want power. Logic says that when he gets what he wants, he will unload anyone he might "owe." After all, people to whom one is in debt eventually expect payment ... of one sort or another.

Go, Draco! It seems his head may finally be on straight after several rough years.

I hope Sirius and so many of the others don't wind up paying the price of Hermione's actions. I wonder if Voldemort would have so relentlessly pursued that ritual had he not seen Hermione in Hogsmeade that day.
missgsmith51 chapter 49 . 6/30
Why doesn't Harry send Dobby to watch over Daphne? (Well, I just started reading this chapter, so perhaps he will.)

One thing I've never understood is why the Muggleborns and those knowledgeable about Muggle warfare don't get some flame throwers and use them on Acromantulas ... and Inferi. Since the flame whip works on Inferi, a flame thrower should be even more effective. Just curious ...

Uh-oh ... what does Draco have planned? I hope, even if he means it for good, he doesn't throw a spanner into the works. He has a history of big screw-ups, and the Good Guys can't afford one today.
missgsmith51 chapter 48 . 6/30
Harry and Daniel make a good team. I'm glad the three of them are safe; but they aren't out of Malfoy Manor yet, and all of the spell fire and killing had to make some racket. Surely someone heard something. Let's get moving, guys!

If Draco was truly on their side, and there were no tricks, I think he may need to prepare for a big thank you from Harry, Daphne, and Daniel. I also suspect Daphne is going to register her own displeasure with Pansy VERY strongly. I don't think I'd want to be in Pansy's shoes.
missgsmith51 chapter 46 . 6/30
Hermione has healed Dumbledore, which is definitely a good thing ... I think. I'm still concerned about Neville. Weren't the kids told he would survive, but he would never be the same? I know he was pronounced healed by Poppy, but is he really? Is he truly "back to normal"? I can't help wondering. I also wonder why Hermione didn't have the woman at least check Neville. Oh, well ... maybe I'm missing something.

I have a feeling Hermione's "bill" is going to come due sooner rather than later. That reminds me ... where are her parents? I hope they are safe.
missgsmith51 chapter 44 . 6/30
Is Draco finally wising up to the fact that Voldemort doesn't really care about his followers? It shouldn't be hard to see that he is more than willing to sacrifice them and even their children to his temper or for any other frivolous reason. It must be a blow to Draco's ego to realize he is of no real importance to his Dark Lord. Then again, if he is suddenly needed to perform some "service," not realizing it is a suicide mission, would he do it? I can't really say if he has truly "seen the light" at this point or not. That makes him dangerous, doesn't it?

I'm also worried about Hermione. I wonder if she will attempt to use her "connections" to help Dumbledore and Neville. If so, she'd better move on it.
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