Reviews for A Champion's New Hope
Guest chapter 12 . 4/18
Oh darn! I was hoping Malfoy and Pansy would be kissed
Guest chapter 52 . 4/16
this was a thoroughly entertaining read. thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/13
I got to Ch 24 before i quit. ANY ritual involving the soul is messed up. I personally would have slapped her and left for being a complete idiot. Story was good up till that point. chapter 29 . 4/13
and it couldnt have been Ron INSTEAD?!
Pip117 chapter 52 . 4/13
this was amazing. well done
Afan chapter 52 . 4/10
It is now 2018, my love for the harry potter books still in me. A friend persuaded me to read fanfiction, needless to say, it was a good decision. This story was amazing and written wonderfully! Thank you so much.
PeaceReaper chapter 1 . 4/10
' ftn
PeaceReaper chapter 17 . 4/6
' ftn
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 51 . 3/16
Oh hell yeah!
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 50 . 3/16
Oh boy oh boy this is tense.

But don't Voldemort and Harry share blood? Voldemort's body is just a homunculus, so is the blood he used for the ritual actually his? Or (and this is wishful thinking) will Harry be able to kill him and take over the ritual, then immediately close the portal? They've shared a soul as well (sort of), and are prophesied to be equals, and if anyone has the magical strength to take over the ritual, it's Harry.

This might be the wildest theory I've ever come up with, but the situation just seems so hopeless and I'm grasping at straws here. I NEED to get to the end of this story. NOW
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 40 . 3/16
Oh, good. Nagini has overheard some important stuff, but nothing about the horcruxes or what Sirius and Daniel did.
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 39 . 3/16
Daniel Greengrass is a scary, scary man.

And Harry Potter obviously hasn't been listening to Moody; what part of "constant vigilance" doesn't he get? After Rita Skeeter eavesdropped on his (outdoor) conversation, AND he's used extendable ears before, he should know to take more precautions than a cursory glance at his map. Privacy or silencing spells, at least.

I really, really hope Nagini was curled up in a pipe somewhere, sleeping.
Mcc9901 chapter 52 . 3/15
Good story, the first two fights between riddle and Harry were too similar, in that the both had almost the same set of actions leading to Harry useing a cutting curse to cut riddle. Other than that interesting story. though I do wish there was a bit more to the epilogue that’s personal preference though.
Harry Ashworth Black chapter 52 . 3/6
Such an awesome, super-amazing story, from the beginning to the end
Truffalot chapter 24 . 2/26
Being brave and being foolhardy are entirely different things, and what she did was definitely just being foolhardy with nothing brave about it. This all feels so forced and stupid, just a way to randomly boost a character's powers with SO MANY things done wrong about it. Besides for what I said last review, there is a ton more. The ritual just opens a portal, nothing else, so she didn't need to make her decision then. She could have talked it over with her friends, family, etc before making her decision or even just waited and fought normally unless it was decided in the future that they absolutely needed it and just do the ritual again and make her decision. There are so many things I could say about this setup but I really just have no effort to put towards this all. I was enjoying the story up until now but like most stories I drop there is either: Nonessential drama created for the sake of drama with no true rhyme, reason or logic/I'm so dark and edgy characters/stupid plot progression that is either glossed over, unrealistic or OOC. Sadly 2/3 of those were fulfilled in just one chapter and with V's soul starting to affect Harry I'm sure that will be 3/3 soon enough. Like I said, it's a shame since I was enjoying this a lot. Sorry that I'm such a critic, I personally know how much work goes into things like this but I can't help myself
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