Reviews for Invisible M
Shadowheart51 chapter 2 . 6/17
Please finish!
fireycloud chapter 19 . 5/27
love this chapter can't wait to see what happens next please update soon :)
Angel9Rouge chapter 1 . 5/17
I honestly am disappointed in this story. I was looking forward to reading this, especially with one of my favorite multi parings, but I find it very disgusting to anyone who think that torturing someone to near death who has done nothing wrong is funny. If it were a real situation, it wouldn't happen like this. I've known someone close to me who killed herself because a few of her friends thought it would be funny to the same shit in this story and she was so scared, she couldn't stand it anymore. This is the second story I had the displeasure of reading in a similar situation like this, the first being a Naruto fic. You may want to be careful and think about writing something like this. Not everyone shares this sick type of humor and can take it seriously.
Keimichi chapter 19 . 5/13
This story had me laughing all the way. Very awesome story here, hopefully you'll decide to pick it up again! It would be a shame for such a wonderful story to be abandoned.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/12
Love this story. Any chance that it'll get updated soon?
heredia chapter 5 . 4/19
sephiroth should rape zack
Bishie Huntress chapter 19 . 3/22
What a terrible place to end a story for two and a half years!
I really like this story! You had me cackling out loud on several occasions. (My two year old daughter came over to ask what was funny and laughed when I showed her a screen full of words. So cute! XD) Ahem!
Your writing style is engaging and the pacing and flow work quite well. Cloud is not nearly the self-sufficient emo guy I usually expect, but I understand why. I actually quite like the way you characterized him. And his nickname for Sephiroth was epic. XD
I do really hope you continue this! I'm anxious to see how the story resolves, and I'm really curious about when you'll come back to the syringe of mako in the first aid kit.
Until next time!
medleystrife chapter 19 . 12/29/2014
I know Im like 5 years late to the party

but this is great!

I hope you continue it!
picabone99 chapter 19 . 12/23/2014
so amazing! please, please continue onwards. such a great story, love how you've handled the characters! every chapter left me wanting more
shizukoyasu chapter 12 . 10/18/2014
I honestly have to stop here. Everything that Cloud went through was not funny at all. That being said, you really manage to convey the confusion, the terror, and paranoia that Cloud experienced. I cried at the peanut allergy incident. I felt that this was this was it. Cloud was finally going to die after enduring such abuse. Although the four had their reasons, even with the excuse of not being completely sane anymore after Hojo, I really couldn't see Cloud ever forgiving them. Any relationship between them would be distant at best, like a tolerable "let's ignore each other existence since we're going to be stuck in the same house" kind of thing.
ValentineNoir chapter 19 . 10/2/2014
I love this story please consider continuing it!
Ryu Master of Seals chapter 7 . 9/3/2014
Uh oh I knew Cloud was about to get angry.
Darkflower123 chapter 19 . 8/14/2014
Just...This thing is so beautiful. I felt like crying after the peanut allergy scene, and I was in hysterics laughing when Cloud got pissed after they ruined his motorcycle. I wish this would update soon, but I still like to re-read certain parts in it.
Shadowheart51 chapter 19 . 8/5/2014
Wish you could continue it.
Lady No Da 201 chapter 19 . 7/25/2014
I just wanted to say that I adore your work. I read this story many years ago (probably in 2008 or 2009) and loved it then. I was searching through the FFVII section and read one of your newer fics, loved it, and decided to come check out the rest of your work. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was the same author as one of my favorite works! I'd love to see this story finished some day, though I know it's a long shot. Either way, keep up the great work!
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