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JulieCS chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
God, I miss Dark Angel so much!
Ahh, these two! From the first moment I saw them, I was like: 'They're meant for each other!'

Great OS! :)
Lady Anthea chapter 1 . 12/29/2012
This is perfect. Love the whole setting, each one with a problem of their own, growing closer, then apart (that's so ML).
And those last lines (L)
Very enjoyable :)
BerryEbilBunny chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
I'm reviewing!

LOL this story is truly wonderful and I love it SO much. This almost feels like an actual episode and that's amazing.
XxTalented-x-CheesexX chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
this is adorable :) you got the characters perfect, and the style of writing was typical max, especially writing everything in the third person. it really works.

I like how you included the struggle Logan faces in the wheelchair, feeling emasculanated when he cant do something as simple as helping max into his apartment. i also like how you mentioned Logans 2 month stay in hospital, as it was never really showed in the series. he was back home at the end of the first episode. being paralyzed obviously comes with quite a lengthy rehibilitation period. I think its sweet that max looked out for him, and mentioning that his family never visited was a nice touch, because theyre not the type who would.

i loved the ending, that mutual understanding that something would happen eventually and the private moment that we see so often in the series.
Trinity Destler chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
This is really a beautiful and so true snapshot of these characters. It was so them and so sad, I teared up a little. :')
Ica44 chapter 1 . 11/13/2009
Lovely, angsty little fic. Poor Max. This line really got to me:

She thinks it's her fault he got shot, and she can't tell him that because she's deathly afraid he'll agree.

It made me want to cry, poor Max and her burdens of guilt. I thought you wrote her voice beautifully. Great job!
BlueAngel137 chapter 1 . 9/4/2009
Really, really love this story.

Great writing, great S1 feel and absolutely enjoyable to see the both of them dance around each other - first so close and back to their "we are not like that" at the end.

diana teo chapter 1 . 8/6/2009
I love how DA is alive and prospering through amazing writers such as yourself.I only got into it last year through NCIS and was flabbergasted that there wasn't a 3rd season! (After watching NCIS,MW is unreconiseable as Logan!)Thank God for fanfics! And thank you for this lovely and touching has an almost poetic feel to it and you capture the essence of M and L so well.I will be looking out for more of your fics...
AstridxLinnankivi chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
amazing. one of the best oneshots i've read in a while. breathtaking. you nailed the characters so well. oh my. *bookmarks* keep up the brilliant work!
Brian2008 chapter 1 . 7/28/2009
a very classic Dark Angel's fanfic. Reading it left me with a good feeling.
Mari83 chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
Thank you! Just what I wanted, only better than what I imagined possible with my boring prompts. I love how it’s both sweet and angsty and combines M/Lness with Logan’s issues with his family.

''Did someone attack you?'' Logan asks and the spell is broken, and Max looks away with immense relief. She tells herself it's all from the head injury, but a part of her knows it's just a catalyst.

Logan sitting vigil over Max in ‘Flushed’ is one of my favorite scenes and this is another of these sweet, caring moments. The simplicity of it, just sitting there for a while until she feels better is one of the best things about it, seems to be a part of their understanding of each other, the simple comfort.

''I thought you had a high tolerance for pain'', he says and she's sure he's just teasing, but she feels slightly offended.

''Maybe I spent too long outside of Manticore'', she tells him with a pointed look.

Another of Logan’s early comments about Manticore, saying something like that without meaning anything or thinking how it must sound too Max.

"She keeps telling herself that it's just the head injury, but every time she allows herself to look his way she sees colored kisses."

Oh, just love the wording.

''Almost good as new'', she says a bit dazedly, because it's hard to concentrate when you have Logan Cale's strong arms around you and his lips are about 4.67 inches away from your own.

''One culinary miracle and I bet you will be'', he says and she smiles, forgetting that she's not supposed to if she wants to avoid the pain.

He rolls them both inside and she thinks: what pain?

Ah, this is just perfect, sweet and romantic in just the right amounts

Max realizes for the first time that he's freaking out because the uncle who couldn't care less about him is probably gonna die."

This is just how I imagine Logan and makes me like him even more , the vulnerability in his one-sided caring. And Max just coming along is perfect, as if there was no question that they belong together

''You didn't even hear all of it'', she argues and wonders how did they get here, fighting over his family.

''What did they say?'' He asks softly, and Max can't bring herself to tell him.

Oh wow, wonder why this is picked up so rarely, so much fic-potential, Max among all the snoby people who never saw the real Logan, but always only as a potential good marriage deal that is now damaged but still acceptable because of his status and money.

''You throw the word 'family' at me every time there's a crisis with your siblings and I tell you to wait instead of going in without even considering the consequences'', he exclaims, clearly exasperated with her double standards.

Another great point and even better that it leads to Max unthinkingly reveiling her vigil over Logan. Love his reaction.

"She thinks it's her fault he got shot, and she can't tell him that because she's deathly afraid he'll agree."

So good and so telling of her perception of herself, the self-blame and vulnerability over what Logan might think of her.

"The silence gets to her and she finally looks at him, and there's a private half-smile on his face that breaks her heart."

Another moment making my shipper heart happy.

"And it's the absolute truth. She's not a fan of hospitals, but she doesn't hate them either. Compared to Manticore, they're heaven; a place where you can usually get better when there's something wrong with you, instead of getting worse for the sake of some bent experiment."

And more greatness, pointing out how Max would perceive standard places as hospitals in a different way.

''I'm gathering the strength to face Margo'', Marianne answers miserably, downing her coffee like a shot of whiskey and throwing the cup in the trash.

''Does Bennett even know you're here?''

''No'', Marianne says sheepishly and crosses her arms in front of her chest.

''Come on. I got your back'', Max starts back and Marianne follows, but Max is pretty sure she's holding her breath.

Just what I wanted. Marianne seemed sweet enough to be intimated of her mother in law… and Max is outside of the set enough to just not care. So really like to see the both connect despite their different backgrounds.

"Margo and Marianne are aslep, one on each of Bennett's shoulders, and Max catches Logan staring at them with strange longing written on his face."

Comic-sweet image and just fitting too.

Thanks so much, this was perfect!
nattylovesu chapter 1 . 7/26/2009
great s1 finish...i liked how you portrayed that marianne needed to psych up to deal with margot after the wedding...very believable follow up on this thread!

love the S1 interplay

Happy christmas in July
Beth Pryor chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
Totally forgot it was Christmas in July, but that explains the new stories.

This was such a great representation of what I think we all loved about S1 - all the things you've said so eloquently in the last section about being stuck.

Oh it is definitely worth the wait, especially since we get to write it how we think it should have gone.

Great job!
moms5thchild chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
Very good, very sweet.

I miss good M/L fics, this hits all the right notes. I just wish, sometimes, that fans like us could have made season 2. It would have been so much better.

Keep that sexual tension high.

anatolealice chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
Awesome! Can see it as perfectly as if it were a scene from the show. Their back and forth, getting closer but something happening to break t and as Max says, impossible to get back to it because Logan will pull away. I think I might have to put my DVDs on today. Thank you :-)
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