Reviews for Unwell
Guest chapter 86 . 12h
Great to have u back :)
Visitkarte chapter 86 . 14h
Very interesting shops. Indeed. And aww, Harry is jealous but wouldn't allow himself to feel jealous. Harry, you are a mess. Open your eyes!
yellow chapter 86 . 17h
Well, I don't really know what to think. This chapter gave me so strange feeling. There's something in it I can't put my finger on and it's nagging in my head... Well, we'll see how it turns out. Thanks!
badgerlady chapter 86 . 20h
Whoa. Interesting development!
Guest chapter 85 . 8/30
It was so great to have a new chapter!
It motivated me to read all the Harry/Severus chapters of this story once again. (Forgot to count how often I did so in total...)
I would love to read more.
Nina Sawdon chapter 85 . 8/27
Thank you for continuing on with this story! It is soooo good!
vonny25 chapter 85 . 8/27
Great stiry
yellow chapter 85 . 8/24
Wow, happy to see you're back. I was getting more and more worried that this story will be left unfinished.
cztelnik chapter 85 . 8/22
Gehh, I hate this chapter because it makes so much sense and is like an ice cube of reality into a hot soup of wallowing selfpity. "/ choices were made and they could have been different despite the thoughts and emotions that prompted.
Wow tho, you really described the deep aching desire for burnout time down to a T! Very talented writing...and thanks for the kick
Vine Verrine chapter 60 . 8/18
FJARHFIUEIAFUAN The cutest thing is Harry writing little notes to Severus ffakjdfhaiuewfniuahdjfhadfkafjh and then them hugging in a big pile of family ;;;;;;;;;;

I just like how open Severus is now. Still not so much but even then, much better.

And again, the notes just kill me. I had to restrain myself from squealing the sun dead.

I have to restrain myself from doing many embarrassing things when I read this story.
Vine Verrine chapter 59 . 8/18
I threw myself down on the floor and then did a somersault into the Andromeda when I read "I love you"
Vine Verrine chapter 57 . 8/18
When I first read this I had a suspicion, what with Ginny's determination and the Lucius thing. I kinda of understand Harry though, knowing the things he knows, even if not in their entirety.

I also notice how much Severus has improved. And that he is no longer shaking every second suspecting Harry will punish him. That was one of the biggest worries when reading the story. The uncertainty about being safe or not made me really worried. No one should live like that, and I'm glad Severus stopped thinking that way ;;;

Not to mention the "I love you part" it just breaks my heart, puts it back together and immerses it in a pool of nirvana.
Vine Verrine chapter 56 . 8/18
I always find it funny when people mistake Severus for Harry's father lol It's so cringe worthy but hilarious at the same time.

I liek that they went on a kinda maybe a little bit date. It's the cutest thing. And I also liked Severus' snarky comment it was like cool water after a good long run. I already know what happens, at least most of it. I don't know if you edited the chapters too much. It's been a while since I last read this.

I forgot to mention it but it was ironically and maybe even darkly funny when they went to the doctor and people murmured about BDSM lol It IS the furthest from that they would die if they knew they are actual master and slave (well as far as the magic recognises)
Vine Verrine chapter 55 . 8/18
God I was dreading this too. This was so painful to read the first time and it was just as painful now. I feel so bad for Severus. And guilty too.

The forehead thing though...

I shouldn't even speak *gulps*
Vine Verrine chapter 54 . 8/18
I'm wondering about this. Who caused it? Was it Christine/a Weston? It's such a random thing to happen.
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