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Serpent91 chapter 92 . 6/21
Very well written indeed!
Sigrun23 chapter 92 . 6/9
I can't believe I forgot to comment on this chapter! Another well-written chapter, with a mystery and a bad surprise when I learned what the Ministry was doing with Death Eater slaves. I know that sometimes death is better than a lifetime of servitude, especially when you are tortured and humiliated, but what the Ministry is doing is basically a death penalty and that's another violation of basic human rights. They are far behind Muggle world.
I like Severus and Teddy's relationship and that Severus understands that Teddy's fascination with the Mark is just an innocent child's curiosity. It really shows that Severus is better.
It's great that you don't forget about other characters and sometimes give us glimpses of their lives, like Hermione's doubts about her marriage to Ron in this chapter.
I don't think Harry's decision to not tell Severus about Death Eaters' fates was good but I can see his reasons. Nonetheless, Harry greatly matured throughout this story and it's wonderful to see how well he manages Severus' panic attacks and understands his feelings. Still, he makes mistakes which makes the whole situation and the story more believable.
I hope to read the next chapter soon.
Guest chapter 92 . 5/31
Hi! Thank you so much for this amazing fic. I can't wait to read the end of this story. Bon courage!
versatillite chapter 1 . 4/21
Hey. Just letting you know I came to this fic pretty late, after you'd picked it back up. I love it and hope you post again soon.
caro lamb chapter 92 . 4/9
Hi! *waves*

It's been a while :D

I haven't looked at HP fic for ages and completely forgotten about ff net but was reminded by a tumblr post and looked at my old stuff here, read a comment you left in 2011 or so and then remembered this wonderful fic! Awesome you continued with it (and from the looks of it you'll be finished soon? You must b excited! Your readers must be even more excited) Hope you're well!
Guest chapter 90 . 4/9
Thank you so much for coming back to the story! I'm glad I checked back up on it.
telamara chapter 1 . 3/16
I have to tell you this is one of the best written stories I've come across. I cried and laughed and hurt for the characters. Just like I did with the books. And for that I must say well done. There aren't many writers who can protray such feeling. I have enjoyed it so much and wish for you to continue it. Anyway. Well done!
ranoshi chapter 92 . 3/6
Your time and effort bringing this story to life is an amazing feat, I am immensely grateful you stuck through it for almost a decade. The physiology and dynamics and everything is amazing. I love being able to see from Severus and Harry's POV. I love how Teddy loves Severus. I am fond of your Arthur, Molly, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, their acceptance and support is much appreciated. Severus's new therapist is a good guy. Dumbledore and George underpaying Severus is sad as fuck. Was Severus able to confront George about it did George raise his wages? I hope you are well, take care and thank you for writing :-)
Queen Boadicea chapter 92 . 2/23
I'm excited that Snape and Harry are working together on breaking the Enslavement Curse. Now it seems that they have obvious test subjects as well. They can simply pick enslaved Death Eaters placed on death row and try the counter-curse on them. If they die, then they were going to die anyway. If not, then they've succeeded without hurting the general public. Win, win.
Queen Boadicea chapter 90 . 2/23
I had no idea this story was still being updated! I thought I'd posted it as one to follow (apparently not). While I also admire Snape's intelligence, I found myself annoyed at his constant internal hints that he thinks of Harry as being stupid. After all, which one of them is the slave? If Snape were as smart as he thinks he is, he would have scrapped together every single Galleon he ever had, quit his post as a Hogwarts teacher the moment the war ended, fled the country and changed his name. He's always hated teaching (talking as if his students might be the usual imbeciles on the first day of class is not reassuring) so what did he have to lose by quitting? He must have known there were any number of people gunning for him; he's stepped on a lot of toes during his years as a nasty person in general and a Death Eater in particular. Staying around was an idiotic move. So much for being intelligent.
Sigrun23 chapter 91 . 2/12
I'm so happy to see that Severus has gotten a responsible job and is receiving deserved respect from his co-workers. But I'm dissapointed that George offered him a smaller salary just because Severus is a slave.
I liked Harry's struggles in Occlumency and Severus' attempts to help him. It's good that Severus saw Harry's sexual fantasies and understands now that Harry will never hurt or use him. I see that their kisses are getting more bold and intimate. I think we can expect something more in the near future but I hope you won't make it too easy and thus unrealistic for Severus.
Thanks again for a wonderful reading.
Sigrun23 chapter 90 . 1/27
So Severus convinced Harry to stay in the Auror Training Programme. However, I still think it would be better if Harry quitted his training for the time being or found another job. But I'm glad Harry took Severus' opinion into account.

Yay, they kissed! It was so sweet. And as always the description of emotions and thoughts was excellent. I wish Severus knew by this time that Harry is never going to sell or give him away.

I'm very curious to see how Severus' idea for breaking an enslavement curse is going to work.
I hope you update soon (I've got only two chapters left).

Lyra23 chapter 89 . 1/20
I like this new therapist, he seems to be a nice guy and a good proffesional. I hope he will be able to help Severus.

In my opinion, Harry should quit his Auror training. He has people at home who need him and I think what Harry really wants is to spend more time with them, especially now when Teddy is young and needs a father and Severus is in a fragile condition. Harry should relax and enjoy his time at home. I know that he can't stay home forever, he needs something to do but he can return to Auror training in a few years or maybe think of a different career which gives him more time, freedom and independence.

As usual, Harry and Severus' conversation was brilliant and I lack words to describe how perfect and enjoyable your story is. This chapter shows how much Harry has grown up since he bought Severus. He reacts calmly and reasonably to the most shocking news which would have been impossible two years ago.

assez chapter 92 . 1/14
skeptic7 chapter 92 . 1/11
I just read the last 4 or 5 chapters. Good but overwhelming. I hope SPEW succeeds but I can see why SPEWs plan to test the countercurse is horrifying. Human experimentation should always be treated with care and respect and only if absolutely necessesary and the idea of killing some people deliberately to help others is and should be an act of desperation.
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