Reviews for Overindulgence
blacksand1 chapter 1 . 7/26/2009
XDD James Bond and Integra had a kid? Now I've seen everything. Oh Phillip, you have to stop getting high off of blood *shakes head* This was great, I loved it w
Azure Zangetsu chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
Father, SOn, and Holy Ghost...James Secret-Agent-Womanizing-Silver-Tongued-British-Sly-Dog Bond. How did Integra ever throw her cards in with that guy? Bond was my childhood superman because my dad and I watched all the Bond movies when I was six. He was literally THE secret angent, and still is.

Well, when you say 'rather disturbing behavior' this means different things to different people. I see blood...lots of blood, and a major biting fetish. Oh God...

And as for Phillip, good lord. A square web? You're Vlad the Impaler's son; make a spike-shaped web! Keep the tradition alive! Meh, I that a rectangular web I spy?

Wow, the one time Alucard is innocent, he's the one getting yelled at first. Poor him, probably got dragged away from some 'rather disturbing behavior' with Seras. Integra needs to be a bit more lenient with her 'pet' Draculae. One of these days she could end up with a naked Alucard coming to her office, purely an accident on his part of course. Hehe...

Bad Alucard! No teaching your son to run away with virgins! There will be no 'snag-n-shag' routine under Integra's roof...or her stars for that matter! (Yes, Integra owns the the stars above her mansion as well) Following tradition only applies to CERTAIN fields, Phillip. That does not include pillaging or impaling ten thousand people on stakes to ward off an army. Nor does it pertain to, more 'adult' accomplishments.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, this was a good fic. It was funny the whole way through. Katie should learn to listen to her mother every once in a while. But, I suppose it's in the family to be a natural leader. Take what you can, eh?

Especially Entertained - Azure Zangetsu
Alastor Vega chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
I started laughing once I read the summery. The child of Alucard and Seras together witht he child od Integra. Now vampires have new nightmares other then Twilight. Im so happy you wrote a child fic from Hellsing and its part of your MTB series. But now the real questionis how Alucard and Seras had the kid in the first place. And I was alittle surprise Integra had child normally. I mean no disrespect from her but I thoguth the only way she get a child was either adopting or doing a Virgin Mary. And I really like the kids already. I feel sorry for Phillip. Being force to take Kathy to a Jonas Brother concert. Dont she knows that Disney's way of selling sex to kids?(South Park joke so you wont get it). And I love that scene where they put got over zealous with their snacks. That funny. And Phil eating hot peppers. Feel sorry for him. I guess Seras said no to severing his arms. But can Vampires go to the bath room? And Seras and Alucard stil have an active sex life. I guess marriage didnt ruin that. And a blood drence Seras. Fetishy aint it. Oh and love the spider. Ad I thought it was nice of Seras and Alucard to name there son after Walter. I hope to see more of Katherin and Phil in the future. Awesome job and Have a nice day.
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