Reviews for A Month of Sundays
willandtheword chapter 25 . 11h
That was fantastic! Great story, I really loved it. Why is it always James that makes the huge public declaration though? I really want to read one where lily messes up so bad that she does something like this. Still loved this though :)
PrincessPotter chapter 25 . 7/26
Oh this hAs to be the best fanfic I have ever read I'm sitting her crying because it's over. You're such a great writer. You bring so much joy to my life. Thank you for that.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/25
Ha great ending
Guest chapter 18 . 7/25
This made me smile
bluefangirl chapter 25 . 7/25
this was amazing :)
you're a very talented writer. thank you for writing this
Guest chapter 1 . 7/21
This was a fantastic story! Unbelievable! If I didn't know any better, I'd have to say it was a professionally written novel! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Thank you so much for writing it! :D :D You're a wonderful writer!
amirine12 chapter 25 . 7/15
that was deffently one of the best jilly stories i ever read :D i absoltly LOVE it :D
Alena MacLean chapter 25 . 7/14
I can't review thoroughly now, mostly because I need to sleep, but that was INCREDIBLE. One of my favorite fanfics of all time, without a doubt. You are a wonderful writer and a gift to the Harry Potter fanfiction community. Bless you.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/1
Hour writing is simply amazing!
thefangirliam chapter 25 . 6/25
Guest chapter 25 . 6/15
i cri this whole story is so beautiful
Mouse chapter 25 . 6/14
I loved it. You did amazing. I had to stop reading several times so that I could just laugh like a crazy person. Thanks for your writing!
muffinscupcakesansfun chapter 18 . 6/10
This is about my 5th time re-reading your story and all I can say is that this is ah-may-zing. This is my first Lily and James fanfiction, and the moment I read your first chapter, I fell in love with your story and finished it within a day. This is exactly how I picture James and Lily's relationship, and you captured their personalities so beautifully I am absolutely amaZed. I love your Lily, she is fiery and strong, but I love how you portrayed that she never really hated James, but is merely waiting for him to tone down his bombastic behaviour. I love your James as well! And you wrote Sirius, Remus and Peter so perfectly and it is exactly how I imagine them to be in their schooldays. I especially adore Sirius ;)
I really liked your OCs, Libby and Jasper.
I really feel sad for Libby as she seemed genuinely in love with James but things didn't work out. She is also a funny and realistic character.
I like the way you Portray Snape because you made it clear that Snape was pretty cruel and cold and only wanted thingd for his own personal benefit. I felt like he wasnt really the hero, despite what he did for Harry, and he was always cruel and you displayed it nicely, showing how he didn't care if James died, but only stopped because of Lily. I also always found Snape creepy because he really seemed to enjoy stalking Lily, as displayed in the deathly hallows when Snape clearly follows Lily around secretly. I think you displayed that quite clearly as well. Thank god you didnt make him seem like a soft-spoken slytherin that so many other fanfictions made him to be. I'm sorry but I just really hate him.
I love your dumbledore!_
Really though, this story is so good and worthy of JKR.
I've never read another LJ fanfiction even half as good as yours.
Thank you so much for writing this fanfiction!
WeLiveAndBreathWords chapter 25 . 6/10
I absolutely loved this story. It is the best that I have read so far and it's what my life has been surrounding for the past few day. Thank you so much for writing it! I'm so sad I've read it all!
lol chapter 25 . 6/1
goddamnit this story is going to be the death of me
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