Reviews for Der Albtraum
Sachita chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
Definitely an interesting one and an unique perspective. Especially this sentence was very good: "War was black and white. There was only the good guys and the bad guys. " It was really good, because it's just not like that. There's not only white and black, there are also the shades of grey in between. The whole story was almost like a segment taken from a film. We don't know anything about your two main characters except what you told us about them, but that only serves to make it more interesting. Definitely a sensitive topic here: "Were all Germans condemned to death for the actions of the murderous Third Reich?" I'm German and I can tell you, that even so many decades after what happened it's not easy to tell black from white- when it even concerns members of your family, who were alive in those days. Really, really interesting. Thank you for this.